Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Friday, December 18, 2015


Globalism is lying in it's coffin with a stake poised above it's heart.  As  I suspected a long , long time ago globalism would end up being nothing but a clever "RACE TO THE BOTTOM" and it appears as the time to test that bottom is upon us.

No body is loaning money, and nobody is buying extra they are world wide into survival mode.  Hedge funds which have been the fad of late can't give investors wanting to withdraw their funds what they are owed.

Junk bonds are in terrible shape , stocks have resumed their plunge and perhaps this is the time they don't stop falling for awhile.

No matter where you look around the world problem after problem surfaces, either they are financially  in the poor house, or they are deep in a multi year drought, some are out of usable water.
Workers every where are being laid off with few prospects of new work.  Industries  that have been around for 100's of years are closing their doors , perhaps for good.

Global shipping is in the tank at levels not seen in a long time.  Trucking in the US is at a very low point with demand down across the board.  Commodities are tanking to levels not seen in ages.  As demand for raw material falls users of those materials are laying off people right and left and if trends follow when those industries start back up you can bet they will be using less people and paying them less.

Yet the FED thinks all is rosy and bumped up interest rates a tad and of course the markets started a multi day free fall..  Is this the time the fall doesn't stop , time will tell but I have a feeling the day of reckoning is at hand.

No matter where you look around the world they are either fighting wars or fighting to get their economies  going, looking for water sources, fighting raging fires, watching our oceans dying, and critters disappearing off the earth for ever.  A lot of these changes are being caused by greedy men looking for ever more loot.  All of this brought on us by companies ripping up roots and relocating to another country to take advantages of slave labor and when they start asking for more money they pull up roots once again.

So here we sit approaching a new year with nothing but question marks as to where all this will end. I believe this is going to be a tough year or two and with some kind of luck perhaps new leadership will put us back on a course to better economic health..Let's hope so!

Monday, December 14, 2015


The Federal Reserve Bank cannot figure out why inflation isn't rising, after all we are almost at full employment, Problem is we are not anywhere near full employment.  They claim an unemployment rate is at 5% when actually it is at 22% as counted by Shadow Stats and has been in that range for a very long time.  The Fed is targeting a 2% inflation rate but claims it is about 1%, once again siting number they have massaged to give them the answer the were looking for.

When you have been massaging the numbers for so long you can't expect to know where you are.  If you use Shadow Stats numbers it all starts to make sense to you , probably not them they are caught in the web of lies they have been buggering them for a very long time.

Unemployment is really 22% and has been there or above since 08, and GDP  is actually in the minus

My summary of the above is pretty simply.   You have  a nation where large numbers of people are out of work or working for low wages, GDP is down because people can't buy whey they don't have any extra to spend.  Things they have to have have risen at high rates led by food being the leading example. The only break we are getting is lower gasoline prices for now.
So we have large numbers of unemployed, large number of underpaid, loads of student debt eating up what spare money they have.  Housing in our major cities rents and sale price have placed large numbers out of the housing market and back to living with there parents.

A quick look around the world will tell you most of the rest of the world is even in worse shape than us with the EU is falling apart , China and Russia are rising as world powers while we bang around the world blowing shit up.

It time to refocus on our priorities on rebuilding our crumbling nation , pull back the troops from the stupid wars we have started , change our stance is relationships with  the other nations of the world .


Now you all know that we are in the election cycle and you certainly have heard of Donald Trump, but you have heard damn little about anybody else.  Even Hillary has not been seen all that much.  Comes as no surprise the three networks together decided not to cover Sanders because he might hurt their business profits.  You can also add the three cable news networks who have also presented a very unbalanced showing of candidates other than Trump.

I've harped on how bad news coverage has become but I have never in all my years seen censorship at such blatant levels.  Years ago this was illegal but now it is open warfare against us.  They control what we see and unfortunately it ends up as a belief.

It's no secret that I am supporting  Bernie Sanders who is getting next to no air time but even Hillary isn't getting the playtime Trump gets and Malloy gets nothing.  The rest of the republican field gets very little attention it Trump twenty four seven.

So I leave you with this thought  , if your going to be and informed voter your going to have to do the work on your own, your tv is not your friend.

Saturday, December 12, 2015


Yep , just what we need another warmongering crazy ass dude as president.  Never the less Cruz is climbing in the polls and they are banging the drums saying he will overtake Trump and become the nominee.  

I'm not worried at all because I know Bernie Sanders will be our next president.  How do I know that, it is pretty simple .  Hillary is the candidate of choice of the leadership in the democratic party and they started her coronation early on..  They were saying that in 04 too but Obama came on strong and whipped her bad.  I believe that Sanders will do the same thing as he is an even stronger candidate than Obama and has a much better plan for getting us on the right path.

At this stage of the game I am not believing there is a republican that can be elected for surely once the people start looking at their platforms they will not buy into there game.  Even the dumbest of voters shouldn't be able to vote for anyone who want to kill medicare, SS ,. food stamps and any other program that helps the less well to do.

Now I know that religious fundamental voters will vote for a republican over a few well worn words of combat rolled out every election.  The GAGG program (god, abortion, gays and guns) crowd will always vote republican , fortunately they are only about 30% of the vote.

 Almost all the republicans like to beat the war drums and almost all want to destroy our social programs converting them to vouchers or block grants all designed to destroy the programs.

If the republican hierarchy goes through it's plan to sabotage Trumps campaign he will no doubt run as a third party candidate.  A sure win for the last democrat standing who I believe will be Sanders...So run Donald run.


Maryland high school removes Huckleberry Finn from 11th grade reading list .  The reason for removal was  because parts of the novel made some uncomfortable.  That's the N word of course and how blacks were portrayed in the novel.  Never mind they depict the way things were at the time the book was written.

This is just another part of the current PC trend hitting the country.  To remove an iconic book like Huck Finn because it made some uncomfortable perhaps it's time for them to grow a thicker skin. If every little group of objectors what will be left to talk about.

Renaming sports teams like the Washington Redskins seems to me like not much of change in anybodies life.  It goes much , much deeper than the above mentioned , it is really becoming a problem in higher education and it is being used to destroy careers of those who think differently than the little groups.

Rather than concentrate on one word or the next wouldn't it make more sense to address the economic factors affecting the minority class.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015


The people that participated in  Times on line poll for Man of the Year choose Bernie Sanders who beat all 10 by at least double and he beat Merkel 10 to 1.  Interesting that no republican candidate made the list at all.

Compare the list the people made to the editors short list they are quite different, Sanders of course does not appear on the short list at all.  Just further proof that all our media is feeding us propaganda not news.  If they lie about things like this pole , one can only guess what else they spin us around.

Small wonder that the once great magazine has deteriorated to be nothing more that slick toilet paper.  Few actual story pages and those that are in there are short rather lame bits that add nothing to my world.

Just another reminder to all out there that if you want to be informed on current events you are going to have to work for it.

Friday, December 4, 2015


Irvine of the tv show Restaurant Impossible a show that goes to failing eatery's and coaches them back to profit needs to take on the school lunch  program and square the program away.

TAKE A LOOK AT THESE 10 MEALS   tell me if you would have your kid eat them.  They show the horrors served by people who obviously don't give a shit what they are turning out.

This link is just one of thousands showing a lack  of supervision in these programs and a definite lackluster performance of many cafeteria workers.

I'm sure Michele Obama had something else in mind with her healthy lunch program that has turned into a daily horror show in lots of school lunch rooms.

Gone are the days of my school years where actual cooks tuned out decent chow that lots of kids took part of ..I'll bet that 90 percentage  of stuff shown in the link goes into the garbage cans.

Some one in every school needs to take charge and get the program back to serving decent chow.. Lots of food ends up on the bad guy list but even those items would better serve the kids than the garbage shown.

All in an attempt to get slimmer kids.  When what they need to do is serve decent food along with a physical fitness program and school activities that burn calories.  You can't learn well when you are served stuff that would not qualify as pig slop.  We can do better than this we just need a few adults to give a shit and square away these flunkies.

Monday, November 23, 2015


Our government flat ass lies to us and our beloved MSM blindly repeats the lies over and over for weeks at a time. Leaving us poor ole citizens out here scrambling to find the truth.

Actually this is getting easier all the time,if the government is telling the story you can bet it is not the truth.  Here is a story that's a perfect example of what I am talking about.. Days ago Russia bombers blew up 500 oil tankers (film provided)  belonging to ISIS and a few days later PBS our great public broadcaster showing Russia planes doing the bombing and giving the credit to the US.

To cover up their lack of truthfulness they point the finger at any news source telling a different than the company line.  They site RT and Russian Insider as propaganda platforms when the pointer should be at  themselves .

What started out as 24 hour news channel with the launch of CNN and did actual news.  Along comes MSNBC and Fox and eventually they were forced to become propaganda unit a mere extension of government spin.  Is it no wonder so many people have turned  away from news and politics , when all you are fed by both is propaganda.  

There is a ray of hope out there and Bernie Sanders is that hope.  He tells it like it is and has fixes for most of what is wrong.  If he can wake up enough of you he can win but only if you wake up.

Thursday, November 19, 2015


BERNIE in an hour long speech explains what Democratic Socialist  means to him.  If you have ever been curious as to his intentions this  is the piece you need to watch.  What you will find if you can be honest he wants what most of us want.  If you can get past the Socialist label you will find most of it had been in place since FDR's time and worked just fine till the republicans took control and set out to eliminate a lot of his programs.  Just think back to 2008 when the economics hit the fan and the crash of 08 caused so much pain to  so many.

You have a choice so think deep.

Sunday, November 15, 2015


Virtually all the major network talking heads gave the 2nd debate to Hillary, the problem is these polls conducted by some major print news sources say Bernie on by huge margins.

The Royal factor of the democratic party have been planning Hillary's coronation for a very long time and just because the people don't seem to agree with them has them working overtime to shout over the real results.

I watched every minute of every debate for both sides and just one candidate has articulated his plans for the country in great detail on his websites while the others push ink around and say little.  Hillary to me is just uninspiring , no fire, no real new plans, a reluctance to batter the Wall Street punks who are pouring money into her campaign.  Only 17% of her donations come from small contributions not the 60% she sited in yesterday's debate.   Shaking her finger at Wall Street crooks I am sure has them quaking in their boots.

O'Malley did quite well last night but according to the good polls picked up very little support.  I suspect he will bow out before too long as the money isn't flowing in to keep him afloat.

Audience reactions to the candidates answers indicated to me that they were way more attuned to what Sanders was saying and seemed to be taken back by some of Hillary's answers.

So we just have to ignore the Pro Hillary talking heads and follow our hearts.  If you are as stupid as Trump thinks you are and you make Hillary your candidate you can count on not getting my vote. Simply take a look at Hillary's economic team and you'll see an OBAMA 3 PRESIDENCY.  WE DON'T NEED OBAMA 3.

Saturday, November 14, 2015


At least according to Stephen Hawkings the noted Astro Physicist  speaks out of his field but is absolutely correct.  For years I have been fretting over robots taking over most jobs leaving exactly what for humans.  A good question but not the right one to ask.  We should be asking how can we get Capitalist to share the wealth and could make the once promised loads of leisure time come to pass.   To that they thumb their noses at the masses and keep the money for theirselves and their shareholders.

This seems to be their master plan , as jobs once done by humans now are done by computers supposedly better , faster and most important cheaper.  We watch as jobs are shifted to ever lower wage countries and finally end up being made by robots.  

A quick look around the world shows the early effect of this plan..  The world is shutting down, the world of commodities is heading to the pricing bottom indicating not much is being made and not much is being bought.  Could that possible be the effect of all these low wage workers don't have excess money to buy all the gadgets these robots are throwing at us.

Institutions created 75 years ago and were solvent are presently said to be failing when simple fixes are out there but the rich folk of the world would rather sit on all the money while raking in more and more placing bets on vehicles of little real value is this world and shouldn't be in the market at all.

Much of the talk about this pension fund or social program is going broke is made possible by using twisted math to prove their point. One of the things I have discovered in my research is these wiz kids are using algorithms looking out 30 years or so when truth be told they can't even tell you when the next market crash is going to happen.  They have proved that their math is flawed when look at recent records of the hedge funds making wrong bets on the market movement   of all kinds of commodities from interest rates, to wheat, rice, oil, gold and just about every commodity out there.

It's not the robots we should be scared of it's the capitalists that build these machines  and keep all the profits in their and theirs pockets.


Tuesday, November 10, 2015


In 2008 we blew a big Commercial Real Estate bubble today we are blowing and even bigger bubble.
Fortunately a large part of this market has been bought by foreign investors as they did last time so I guess we shouldn't feel to sorry for them..  It will crash and it will be a big deal, perhaps the prices might actually fall to prices that common folk will be able to afford.  


Another fundamentalist preacher has gone off the deep end.  I don't know how much longer we can continue to allow these whack jobs to run around saying anything they damn well feel like saying.

The latest event a preacher says it would be better to drown you kid rather than let them read Harry Potter because of the gay influences in the books.  Pastor Kevin Swanson started this church in 2001 so it can be considered a new take on  an old religion.  Fundamentalists of all persuasions go off deep end on many subjects but going so far as to suggest that it would be better to drown your kid rather than let them read Harry Potter because his friend Dumbledore is gay.  Oh WOW he's gay and so will you  be if you read the books.

I often think you have flushed all the crazies out of the woodwork but there is always some new kook that surfaces proclaiming he speaks for Jesus.  Freedom of speech is one thing but shooting your mouth off proclaiming bad things will happen if you don't follow his words.

There are about 300 members of this church and I suggest we send them to Mars to establish their own country, of course they will die in the attempt making our world a better place.

Three nut job republican presidential candidates attended this forum and answered questions and answers from the crowd.  For my money these guys should not be allowed to run if this is the way they think their God wants them to be.  sick, sick. sick.

Monday, November 9, 2015


Everybody worries about inflation so the government is very careful to hide the real cost of doing business and of course the corporations never cease in finding ways to stick it to us.

This little gimmick has been around for a few years mostly unnoticed.  Till you pick up something with a known weight memory (like 5# of sugar) that now seems suspiciously lite, perhaps because it is only 4# now at the same ole price 20% inflation at best.  Bacon use to be 1  pound now it's twelve ounces.  Many other items have been reduced in size and have went mostly unnoticed.  

On top of that if you take a peak at commodity charts what you will find is damn near every commodity it at or approaching low  points on their graphs.  Then you might ask yourself why the hell the price you pay at the store for damn near everything is at all time highs.  The only exception in the stores I shop are the price of chicken..

While the producers are paying low bucks for their ingredients they are charging us at all time highs on most things,  while downsizing their containers and maintaining the prices where they were when you got a pound of thing.  I would guess that for food stuffs inflation is running somewhere in the neighborhood of 30%.  The two of us today spend more money for food while eating less.  That might be the one advantage of growing old , as you get older your appetite gets smaller.

One can only wonder how a young family with kids gets buy on the 30K half of the nation makes.  When we were a young family everything was made from scratch and a lot of hamburger was served, milk was purchased directly from the farm at a buck a gallon.

Today's corporations will not be happy till we all are reduced to peasant status with some already there.  Some corporation the other day actually said "We Americans have to share the pain of everybody else's suffering"  While their pocketbooks overflow with cash.  It will end some day soon and it will not be pretty.

When the farmers growing our food cannot meet the cost of production down she'll come.

Saturday, November 7, 2015


One thing the forum run by Rachel Maddow demonstrated that a forum is a much better way to learn about the candidates.  Instead of the 3 ring circus the republicans call debates which in fact are nothing more than gotcha sessions where we learn next to nothing of what the contestants have to offer us.

As  with all things political winners and losers must be chosen and I have come to the conclusion you just can't leave that up to the  political talking heads as they can't seem to get past choosing the one they have predetermined the winner.

Such is the case weighing this forum.  I was surprised how few folks commented on the event.  Those that did say Hillary was the clear winner with O'Malley second and Bernie last .  I can only think they watched a different event than I.   Sanders was the clear winner (wait dammit , sure Bernie is my man) but I tried hard to not let that influence my pick.

O'Malley did well and does have a decent track record as Mayor of Baltimore and Governor of Maryland. He showed he knows we are heading down the wrong track but didn't present a full package of how to fix it.

Hillary, I thought , didn't do a good job in outlining her programs and didn't come across as strong.  She did little to dispel the doubts of her honesty or trustworthiness.  In an answer to her Wall Street ties all she could offer was she went down to Wall Street and told them to square away, well we know how much good that did.  With all the big money flowing her way  from the street folk one can easily guess who she will take care of.

Sanders on the other hand answered question after question with a well though out solution to the problems presented to him.  In depth programs that have left most  talking heads simply ignoring his offerings.  Overall at the end of the day only Sanders laid out his plans to right America.  To a man the talking heads have come to the conclusion that Bernie cannot be elected.  Perhaps they should look at and listen to the crowds the man is drawing at every event.

To justify my pick of Sanders as the winner I simply ask you to listen to the forum and listen to the response from the audience.  Hillary and O'Malley got applause some luke warm others somewhat better.  Sanders on the other hand turned the crowd on and they responded enthusiastically to the programs he outlined.  If audience reaction is any indicator of who was the winner , clearly it was Bernie.  He has a long hard pull to win the South and he knows that and will work hard to win them over.  The early primaries in the South will probably end up telling the tale on his candidacy .  The problem with that is the South and the middle of the country have shown many times in recent elections they will vote against their own self interests.  Perhaps this time will be different.


Friday, November 6, 2015


Let me get this straight unemployment rate is 5% indicating full employment.   In the same news cycle labor force participation rate is at an all time high.  Now I admit to being pretty dumb , but I will not claim to be stupid.

Here is one story they sing the praises of full employment when a quick look at Shadow Stats  shows you the real unemployment rate is 22.5% so obviously the number you should believe is the  Labor Participation Rate.

The MSM just isn't doing the public justice they blatantly publish this shit that is obviously false.  They even have the balls to publish the two links above on the same news cycle.  I have to assume that they believe we can't even add two + two.

Of course there  are many stories that are patently false and yet the masses gobble it down like bacon and cheese hamburgers.  One can only assume that the public is just buying into the propaganda when they should know in their hearts the news is just untrue.

Meantime we are fed the fight with Ben Carson over his padding of his resume and flat out lying about parts of his life.  Once you get caught in a lie the public should run you off the stage.

Thursday, October 29, 2015


President Obama and his Sec. of Education Arnie Duncan have decided that the testing  programs they foisted on our kids as been a total failure.. Gee and it only took them 8 years to figure this out.  Their answer might surprise you  They now want to limit testing taking to 2% of school time.

Couple that with their Common Core nationwide program has shown to be a hindrance to education.  Not only have test scores fallen in recent years they thoroughly complicate a teachers job.

The truth of the matter is that their programs have nothing to do with the knowledge departed to our kids but to the destruction of the public school system.  Replacing public schools with Charter that was supposed to solve all our school problems.  It was evident from the inception of this program during Duncan's reign of the Chicago school system..I clearly remember the first act in Chicago was the firing of the entire staff at an under performing school .  They rehired a few of the old teachers and lots of the labor crew  cooks , janitors and other blue collar workers as they could find no one to do the job with the wages they were offering.

The proof is in the pudding , Charter schools didn't solve a thing except to aid in the destruction of teacher unions.  Testing has proven to be ineffective in raising scores (no surprise to me) so their answer is to limit the time spent on testing. Why can't these folks admit they don't have a clue as to what they are doing.  Their stand on education hasn't worked why not just give it up and put control back to the teacher in the classroom.  They know how to do their jobs and they have enough to contend with classroom of kids many of whom don't give a ship about learning.

The many changes in education over the years has turned out a generation of kids who are not well trained. The basic skills of reading and math have seemed to disappear from their abilities .  That generation is now a lost cause but we can sure bring the system back to usefulness with a few simple changes. Ask any teacher and they will tell you what has to be done..


Story after story of late has shown union leadership betraying their membership by pushing the ratification of contracts distasteful to the membership.  In most cases the contracts commit the workers to less benefits and lower  wages for all in the end.

On top of that you have union leadership endorsing political candidates that are not the choice of the membership.  While a large number of the members favor Bernie Sanders because of his stand on labor issues the leadership goes with Hillary (just another part of the corporate takeover of our country) causing an uneasy membership..One wonders just how long the troops are going to put up with this nonsense.

In case after case union leadership has sold out to management and their membership gets shafted.  Teachers unions are a prime example many of them have destroyed the teachers in contracts that ripped benefits from the troops.

Another show of just how corrupt our current system is Trumpka head of the AFL/CIO warnp;uuyed local leaders they have no right to endorse a presidential candidate , and they call this democracy?

Many locals have ignored the leadership and are endorsing Bernie and a large majority of the membership are backing Bernie do to a simple analysis of Hillary's labor policy.  Turmoil of this sort along with bargaining contracts that are detrimental to the membership cannot go on much longer till the membership revolts and throws the bums out.  None to soon for my money..

Sunday, October 25, 2015


To hear the republicans scream about his plan bankrupting America anybody who can do simple math should look at the numbers laid out in this piece.  THE HEALTH CARE MATH THAT NO BODY CAN SEEM TO DO. 

The republicans seem unable to do even simple math but the article linked above is pretty straight forward and lays out exactly how it will be paid for.  If you have had any major surgery lately you know how much it costs and you also know if you are on Medicare that they pay about 80% or most bills and the providers almost all except the Medicare payment as full payment .  Which of course means that private insurance pays the full boat.  Although that isn't true is some cases.

To honestly evaluate this program you have to isolate it by itself not throw in other costs from Bernie's other plans.  Most critics simply add on these non medical costs to confuse you and cause you to believe it won't work.

Never mentioned till now a major part of paying for this scheme is the money your employers pays toward your health care (which is really part of your total compensation package) added to the savings his plan contains every red cent of cost is covered with some left over to boot.

So to simply say that his plan would give everybody full coverage for life takes one big burden  off an individual as he knows he is covered for life.

The economic burden taken off the back of the average citizen is so huge (stolen from Mr. Trump)
it would cause a giant stimuli to our economy exactly what we need .

Friday, October 23, 2015


Ben Carson wins my prize for the lousiest campaign web site.  It says dam little and what it does say is down right scary.

1.For this one idea alone you should throw him in the waste can.  He proposes eliminating  Medicare and Medical and replacing them with Health Savings plans.  Anybody who has had to use an Emergency room lately will tell you that for even something simple it would take two years of Carson's plan to cover just that simple procedure. He proposes for the federal government to give everybody $2000 each year to establish a plan.  With half the workers in the country making 33K or less this idea would put millions at risk if they couldn't afford to buy other health insurance. Here's a story detailing his plan  .  This plan even has conservative thinkers worried as this along with SS are the third rail of politics.

2.  He would monitor all Liberal Colleges for teaching things he doesn't believe in and remove funding to those who hold opposite views.  I don't know what to call this line of thinking , either think like I want you to teach or loose your funding. Notice please he is only going to monitor Liveral institutions never mind the mind boggling bullshit put out by conservative institutions.  Not sure where he draws the line but surely he would be all for religious colleges putting out their religious propaganda.

3. Perhaps scariest of all he believes God wanted him to run.  Well shit this could get interesting I wonder how God thinks about keeping Gitmo open, or blowing up this country or that,, or using drones to kill folks without trial , For my money keep God in his churches and out of our govenment and keep folks like Carson in his pulpit on Saturday as he goes to church.

These are just three things that jump out at you when you look at his positions.  You can go to his web site and pretend your reading his plan but you get nothing but little (damned little) bits and dabs of where he is but no real plans to consider.

In fact you can lump all the republican candidates together in their views on programs of great concern for most Americans.  They (Trump is an exception) to wanting to privatize SS, and Medicare and Medical , privatize all retirement plans , blow the crap out of anybody that looks cross eyed
 at us.

Friday, October 16, 2015


I pay a small fortune for the media I get and I think I am getting screwed royally.  With 200+ satellite channels it never ceases to amaze me that on most night the past few months we are lucky to get one show we actually watch.  On top of that I have two internet services one a DSL line that delivers just 1 meg download speed which a lot of the time won't stream  a standard resolution film, and just forget High DEF. So to stream movies I went to Hughes Satellite service and even then to be able to watch essentially a movie a night you have to go to their highest service which rips $100 bucks/month .  On top of that we have two Kindles that we burn up bucks every month to  read at night that replaces somewhat the TV shows we don't get.

You may think we are just too picky on what we will watch and that may be true .  If I liked reality shows I might do better but I don't.  Often we resort to watching what an old dear friend calls the Chipmunk channels..Man I know everything I ever wanted to know about ALASKA STATE TROOPERS.  Enough vet shows to pass the veterinarian boards.

With 100 or so movie channels you would think even if by accident there would be at least one movie a night that we could watch, but no, hardly ever.  To counter there lack of shows to watch we also subscribe to Netflix , Acorn and Amazon movies , most times we come up with something to watch.

The latest Democratic debate clearly shows we are being led by the nose by our news media.  Even though all the polls showed Sanders clearly the winner all MSM declared Clinton the winner. Anybody who actually watched the debate knows Sanders clearly won.  Clinton did OK but she paled in comparison with Sanders. In most case Bernie was ahead by a ton in all of them except for a rigged CNN poll days after show Hillary ahead in NH , but don't believe them he is still clearly in the lead.

I wish I could say that the debate is the only thing they misled us on but that just isn't so.  For instance they are still blaming Russia for the downing of MH17 while the US still won't let loose of their intelligence, gee I wonder why that is?  The builder of the missile BUK ( a Russian co.) acknowledges that it was one of their earlier missiles that has been out of the Russian list of weapons for a very long time.  All existing evidence from unbiased sources say that the Ukraine forces were responsible.  The latest Dutch report doesn't name a culprit but identifies the missile as Russian.  When  you read that the Ukraine's had control of what info was included in the report shows me that you can't believe a word in it.

Before that it is common knowledge that the US engineered the coup in Ukraine and installed puppets in line with our policies.  We blamed it all on  Russia , over and over again, but once again available evidence indicates we were behind the whole deal.

When none of the above would stick to Russia we conned the EU into applying sanctions on Russia and at the same time engineered with Saudi a wild drop in oil prices intended to bring Russia to the economic edge.  In a set of brilliant move Putin along with the Chinese set out to build a whole new economic system cutting out the IMF completely.  At the same time made deals with China  and other Bric nations to build huge projects that will bring all kinds of benefits to those involved , essentially cutting us off from a large chunk of trade.

Considering all the above it would appear it is time to collectively hurt those that are lying to us and the only way to do that is to change the channel which I have done.  If enough of us would do just that they would change their game.

Thursday, October 15, 2015


For my money it is way past propaganda , if it had been propaganda at least some would have had a different take on the debates. In yesterday's post the links showed polls showing that Sanders clearly won the debate by huge margins. The very next day almost every news source proclaimed loudly that Clinton won by wide margins.  If you were ever in doubt you are being fed bullshit by the press today you should have no doubt that you are being lied too by our press.

Sure I'm a Sanders supporter but I can still be objective analyzing a debate.  It was clear that Sanders offered the voter the most of programs they want.  While Hillary did OK , she didn't wow anybody.
The second tier did not do anything that should move them up  in the voters minds.  So it will boil down to Sanders and Clinton.  One good thing about MSM propaganda it will help keep Biden out of the race. If the Biden camp believes the press they will see no reason to jump in.

What does all this mean to you?  You will have to develop other news sources (I have for a very long time) and there are lots of choices you just have to pick and choose who you will believe .  This is complicated because not all sights will think the same on different subject.

There is so much evidence out there that we are being led by a nose ring by our media.  They lied to us about the whole mess in Ukraine blaming it on Russia when in fact it started with a Coup of the elected government which turned out to be a disaster.  Story after story told the tale of Russian aggression in Ukraine which remains today uproven. On top of that add the fairy tale that it was Russia that shot down MH17 when in fact it was Ukraine itself that did the deed.

The end result of our actions are being seen today and they are not to our benefit.  Russia and China and other have formed a whole new economic system that will replace the IMF crooks by their own systems.  They have also signed pacts for economic development that are huge and if completed will make the countries involved become more powerful.

Meantime our press tells us lie after lie in such big doses that you may find it difficult to believe the stuff I write.  So if that is the case I simply plead you go look for yourself.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Call it what you may but you have to admit something unusual is going on.  Last night I think Bernie Sanders showed why he is leading a movement or maybe call it a revolution .  It doesn't matter what you call it the size of his crowds tell you all you need to know.  Sanders at ever  event spends about an hour laying out his program and it has set fire the young voters of this country..  He strokes their justifiable concern about their future and offers solutions that are paid for through his programs.  That tells me all I need to know , Bernie's followers are here to stay no matter who enters the race.

Most polls after the debate show Sanders with a commanding lead in every poll some by 50% the only surprise in the polls were the few who had Webb coming in in second place which to me throws their polling to suspect something not as real as the truth.


The margin of  Sanders victory is in the words of TRUMP is HUGE!  In short Bernie kicked Hillary's ass on the issues.   Clinton is her very annoying performance  (according to me) reminds me of a Bobble Head Doll.  Watch her in the next debate as she stands there listening to somebody else's comments bobbing her head in the affirmative to every point.  Many of which she has discounted in other venues.  Her reluctance to take on the bankers and even suggested that during the housing crisis she went as Senator of New York  she went to Wall Street and asked them to stop their criminal actions which of course we know they ignored.  If that is the kind of action she will take against a crooked banking system what good could she possible do?

So for me the stage is set for a huge Sanders victory leading to the nomination.  Can he win the election in November?  My money says he can.  It will be interesting to see who ends up with the Republican nomination , my belief is that Sanders can beat any one of the 16 prospective candidates.

For my money a Sanders win is the only chance this country has of returning to a middle class recovery all others will just make it worse.

My take on the debate has Sanders widely in the lead, with Hillary a distant second with O'Malloy
in third.  Chafee and Webb are out of the game as far as I am concerned.  A Bernie Hillary duel will be  interesting when Hillary realizes she is loosing big time she will turn to her natural style NASTY, which will be the end of her.

Sanders for President , YOU BET!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Not the religious end times , I speak of the financial end times.  You would never know it if the MSM is your only source of news, according to them everything is A OK.  Well it's not and there seems to be no way out of this mess.

Large injections of fed money supposedly to cover derivative trades gone wrong.  The  major institutions are in hock for trillions of dollars of derivative bets that market swings of late has wrecked havoc with hedge funds, pension funds and other who use derivatives to cover their commodity holdings.  No body actually seems to know how big that time bomb actually is some claim it could be as high as a quadrillion bucks a number I can't comprehend.

Everywhere you look everything is headed for the bottom all commodities are tanking causing huge economic problems for all exporters of commodities who depend on high prices to finance their budgets.  Many of them are in serious trouble as their incomes fall from Saudi Arabia to Russia , Venezuela, Brazil and many others are scrambling to cover their bills.  Even cash laden Saudi is having to liquidate holding to cover their debts, therefore causing large movements of monies to cover which of course causes others holding debt to suffer too.

In every corner of the globe governments, businesses, institutions and people are all hurting.  Yet the financial press most of us see claim otherwise.  A simple fact remains 'YOU CAN'T BLOW BUBBLES FOREVER" Yet they try. We have watched the past few decades to bubbles being blown in tech stocks, real estate, and now the general market is ready to explode.  Some hot shots are saying the market is oversold and now is the time to buy, bullshit, it will blow up and soon.

Some analysts believe their is no way out the collapse this time. is unstoppable.  The EU is in shambles and running at depression levels of everything from unemployment , bankrupt banks and governments , people out of work with little prospects of finding work anytime soon.  With most countries implementing austerity programs to bolster their economies what in fact they are doing is making things much worse.

A  quick look at SHADOW STATS shows you unemployment steady at about 23% since 2009 ,GDP instead of a plus is actually running at a minus a couple of %.  Most perplexing of all inflation is running between 8 to 10% not a minus for sure.  You of course know this is you are the grocery shopper in your house .  While commodity prices are taking the stuff we require on a daily basis have been going up and up for years.

With commodity prices in the tank across thew board , company after company is shutting down because with commodity prices beneath the cost of production they are left with little choice.  As these companies shut down thousands of workers are on the street adding to the employment woes.

Without a doubt we are in a Global Depression , never mind calling it a recession, it is much, much worse than the MSM is  portraying .  Until the nations of the world take a clue from the last recovery from depression which involved huge inflows into infrastructure remake we will continue to go down, and down.

Monday, October 5, 2015


After five long years of negotiations in a secret closet the still mostly secret agreement is now waiting for congress to give it a simple up or down vote.  We know very little about it and supposedly neither does congress they are being asked to vote for this black sheep of a deal.  12 nations haggled back and forth for a long 5 years and finally came just recently to a signed deal,

Because we know little of what is being given away in this deal we only have to look at how the last few trade deals turned out.  Starting with NAFTA , then Gatt with the WTO on top of all that, with a few other trade deals on the side have resulted in 100's if thousands of good blue collar jobs leaving the country some of them being replaced by low wage service jobs. One just has to look a declining middle class too understand the impact of these deals.

Even our remaining industries are being devastated by countries like China dumping goods on our markets to steal manufacturers share of the product to close shop because of the below cost of production of our products.

We have to wait and see what we are being asked to give up and by the time we find out it will be too late to stop the deal from being approved.

We will have to depend on folks like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren to shed light on this horrible agreement.  It's simple enough for you to figure out by asking a simple question,  "How have the recent trade agreements worked out for American workers?"  Because this one has been negotiated in secret should tell how it will affect us.  Demand your congressman votes NO on this piece of crap.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015


And he is a big mean son of a bitch.   The economic meltdown is about to begin (or has begun) depending who what you watch for indicators.  I have been saying the meltdown is coming but have never put a time frame on it as I believe timing is not as important as knowing it is going to happen and start positioning your self to survive.

Now many prominent stock analysts are saying now is the time for the crash to begin.  Watching event in the markets for the past few months should give you a clue.  Up down ,up down day to day the long term trend is down world wide.See this list of analysts saying the jig is up.

Here's another analyst that has never issued an all out warning but he is now.  The last time he felt this bad about where we are headed was in 2008 but then he only  told his parents.  This time he is telling us all to hang on we are going down. He furnishes lots of charts to back up his case , look them over and decide for yourself.

Take a look at commodity prices worldwide.  Every thing is is free fall and I mean everything.
This analyst uses Glencore (the largest commodity on the planet)and he predicts this company is toast and it's downfall will start a cascade of failures across all sections of the economy.

It's always good to have company when calling for a major downturn and the links above do just that.
A long time ago I attempted to under stand at least some of the theories out there.  I got some idea how they worked but I was limited by my math ability.   But never fear common sense may work better than math.  Gut feeling are powerful things and my gut been boiling for a long time and have been expecting a huge downturn at the end of this cycle.  Today I am at the point where I think the end has begun and there is no  place to hide your funds (if you are lucky enough to have some).  I'm to the point where you start digging holes in your backyard to hide your loot.  Or you could just stock up stuff to tide you thru this mess.

This is going to get ugly and fast.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.  I can barely tolerate backward baseball caps, bodies that read like a book, 3 day beards that look like you to lazy to shave, body piercing on every body part imaginable, pants hanging below your butts, way pregnant ladies with too short t shirts and their obviously more, but you get the point.

Now  futurist are predicting that by 2050 people will be having more sex with robots than other humans.  Now a question , Why does sex with a robot feel much worse than sex with a blow up doll. I can't explain why it is, it just is.

Japan seem to be the leader in developing these things and polls seem to say they don't relish sex with other humans.  Porn is everywhere and polls say half of all internet searches are porn related. So I guess it makes sense to go this route.

Research seems to say that here in the US many married fold get bored with bedroom activity after just a few years of marriage.  The success of on line dating sites, and even sites for cheaters gain in popularity every day.

So I guess if you plan on being around in 2050 you better start saving your coin now , the robots are coming (maybe) and they will be expensive.  Now here is a business tip for free.  Starting now develop a sex robot rental store, like lease to own or perhaps a Red Box for robot rental.  Thankfully I won't be around to see it.

Sunday, September 27, 2015


So a large percentage of our republican candidates are certifiable is not up for debate.  Across the board with an exception here and there they are  all hawks who would rather bomb Iran, put troops in
Syria and start a war with Russia.  I think they better rethink all of those.

Bernie Sanders says it might get worse with Boehner not around and he might just be right.

Most of the republican candidates are avid bible thumpers and I'm ok with that till they start claiming that the earth was created in six days and religion can be used to determine if you can spy on them without a warrant. One of the current leaders in the polls (Ben Carson) actually said in a speech that Darwin's theory and the Big Bang were inspired by Satan. Yeah sure.

Across the board they have not much to offer us.  Thinly veiled attempts to repeal Obama care are still happening and their platforms have nothing to offer the common folk.


It's the teachers they scream and their goddamn unions that are causing so much trouble in our underachieving schools.  Now I have knowN what the problem is for a very long time but somehow the MSM  school adminstrator's don't get it.

It all started in Chicago by our current Secretary of Education Arnie Duncan brought forth his magic wand to fix Chicago's schools.  His target of course was teachers and their Unions.  His first act was to pick a school fire the entire staff, from teachers to janitors and replace a majority of them with privately (trained?) teachers who of course are paid less have no unions and very few rights.

They did a lot of bragging of how great this was going to make our schools.  Closing many schools creating dangerous treks to schools no longer in their neighborhood.  Today they are still tinkering with the system with huge budget cuts to further complicate the problem.

Finally there is a study that says they were full of it and performance is more a function of the economic status of children.  Poverty stricken neighborhoods are the cause of poor performance , gee what a surprise.  There have been many pilot programs but the one I will now site was done in Baltimore where they rehabbed 5 schools fixed them up bought lots of computers.   At the time I thought gee this might actually work.  Sadly after a period they proved to be no more effective than the old schools what was obvious is that what did not change was the economic status of the neighborhood.

Now I'm sure there were some shinning stars that the system produce but nothing like they were promising.

Parents nationwide are in open rebellion they don't like what this is doing to their children and believe it causes teaching the test in stead of teaching the subject.  At a hefty cost of 1.7 billion they are not producing the desired result.  Under the threat of loosing their federal money if there is not 95%  participation  in the tests some school districts are not meeting the standard , none have lost their funding.

For my money this is a lightly veiled attach on teachers pay and benefits and against their unions who fight for them.  Who will be next in this attack, nurses , government workers .  They have destroyed and made ineffective a lot of unions and I'm sure they are not done.

The testing in the  schools is trying to be used to evaluate teachers just from  their test scores.  Trouble is they don't have any idea how to do that.  Using test scores as the primary tool for evaluation just don't cut it in my book.

The fury of trying all kinds of crazy stuff to fix the schools when the real problem is poverty have destroyed a few generation of kids.  I believe this all started in the 70's with the introduction of the new math and the new reading program. My kids were in the system in those days and some of us fought valiantly to stall the implementation of both of those.  Reducing math to 1's and 0's  didn't make sense to me as I didn't see how that would apply to the average lifestyle unless you were a computer geek.  Checkbooks aren't digital and neither are the prices in the grocery store.

It got worse from there, four hours a night of homework was torture plain and simple and deprived the kids of sleep, causing them to sleep in class or at least not pay attention.  On top of that they forced the kids to pack all their stuff in backpacks and lug them to school in the guise of making the schools safer. These programs effectively destroyed childhood as they left them with no time for play.

Needless to say none of this worked because they didn't fix the main cause POVERTY.  Until they address that nothing will change.  I would like to suggest that a good course in COMMON SENSE is in order to bring some sanity back into the system.


SAUDI ARABIA  has been chosen to head the UN Human Right council. The nation that practices inhuman treatment of it's own citizens.  From beheading to crucifixions to severe lashings far in excess of the severity of the crimes.  How can they possibly sit in judgement on anyone else when
they  practice such severe treatment of their own.

It's just another sign that the world is going totally nuts. This one for now takes the cake.

Saturday, September 26, 2015


Supposedly the low oil prices were brought on by a deal between the US and Saudi Arabia designed to bankrupt the Soviet Union, unintended  consequences was the destruction of the US fracking operations. The fracker's have a very high cost of production approaching 70 to 80 dollars a barrel so at 40+ they are going broke very fast.  Unable to gain financing to keep on going they have to fold.

The original story of a deal with Saudi smells a little as would the US prompt the Saudi knowing that prices that low would destroy US fracking.  The thought crossing my mind is perhaps they knew that and actually wanted to destroy them to limit the negative effects of fracking.

If the game was to destroy Russian oil operation they blew it big time as Russia's cost of production is only $4/barrel.  Although it crimps their budget they are just pumping more to make up the difference.

Now the news if filtering out that Saudi and are making a compact to control the oil markets even suggesting that Russia might join OPEC.

What ever the reason it happened the end result was hugely mistaken.

Applying sanctions did not achieve the desired effect they thought it would bring.  Russian response was to apply  sanctions of their own causing havoc in the EU.  Agricultural products from the EU were cut off and guess what the Russian response was.  They began funding small farmers backed by large chunks of money.  Along with banning GMO crops the program has caused 100's of new small farming operations mostly organic farms.

So with one desired effect of the sanctions not happening one would have to count this another foreign policy mistake one of many during the Obama administration.

Thursday, September 24, 2015


More and more older Americans find they have to stay in the work force do to lack of a retirement plan other than SS.  I'm sure you have noticed who is doing the greeting and running the cash registers at your favorite shopping designation.

It ain't by choice they are working it's because they have to since most retirement systems have gone by the wayside.  It doesn't look much better for those coming up behind us old folks. Work till you drop is what today and the future look like.

College education or not a large chunk of today's young are facing the impossible task of working low paying jobs and saving for retirement.  Something like 30% of recent college grads are back living with their parents , looking with sadness when their monthly student loan bill shows and all hopes of eating that month disappear.  Saving for retirement is not a consideration when you don't make enough money to do anything but the bare essentials.

In the big cities like New York and San Francisco a large chunk of the worker bees can't afford an apartment , they ban together in groups and rent a house that is divided into mainly sleeping rooms and a kitchen.  Most jobs in these cities don't pay enough to even think of buying a house.

Looking into the future if the predictors are right , there will be less and less jobs as  robots take over up to half of today's jobs.

Which leaves me with several  questions.  What will these unemployable folks do?  Who will provide them with the necessities of life?   Today's unemployed and homeless struggle through each day while politicians haggle over the few scraps they will give them. What when a majority are not working who will these greedy corporations have left to buy their junk.  Seems to me they aren't even thinking about that . their only concern is the next quarters profits and how big their bonus will be.

Looking at the world today a large chunk is at war, millions are being uprooted and trying to find a country that will let them in.  Once their in what will they do?  The Eu is mired in a depression and even China is slowing way down. Every chart on everything is headed to the basement.  It looks day by day the Next Great Depression is upon us.

How did we get out of the last one.  FDR's New Deal pumped money to the people , created jobs where there were no jobs. Some of those jobs gave up most of out large dams and other public works that a stingy conservatives wouldn't even consider.  In the beginning the economy picked up and then conservative pressure forced him to ease up and renew the down turn.  It took a war to get us completely out of the ditch, hardly a good choice.

With the drums of war sounding in many spots in the world ,where most of the trouble was caused by us or our bankers it would appear they are ginning up a big war with Russia or China is what they have in mind to fix the depression .

There is a fix standing in the wings, Bernie Sanders and his massive programs are just the ticket out of this train wreck. If you haven't checked him now is the time to do it. He can win he only needs your support to win,

Wednesday, September 23, 2015


TTP and TTIP are as good as dead. Many of the intended partners in the deal are backing out or are getting ready to bail on this god awful deal.

If passed it would give corporations almighty power over all those countries that signed on .  Designed to impede the rise of China and Russia on the world stage all it has really done is provide the incentive to a group of nations that have banned together with Russia and China to form a whole new economic system to counter the IMF and to form new trading deals that pump billions into action to support their systems.  It is gathering steam while our terrible trade deals are getting killed all by itself.

I believe this deal  will fail but remain observant and don't depend on MSM to keep you informed. If you think things are bad now let these two bills pass and prepare for servitude.

Sunday, September 20, 2015


Once again one of our MSM is spouting lies to defeat the only honest candidate on the stump and he has both sides running scared.

THIS ARTICLE shows the dishonesty of their story against Medicare for all.  Other  Analyse of Bernie's plan by honest folk show that his plan would save us so much money that is now being pissed down the drain to fatten the wallets of insurance companies.  There is no doubt that Medicare for All would save trillions and you can prove that with a few simple exercises of known facts.

Medicare on average pays only 25% of hospital bills where insurance pays much more and god help you if you uninsured , you pay the full boat.  The analysis of his program says it would save enough money to pay for all of his other programs.  Free education thru college, saving SS, Medicare for all and last but not least is a big spending on infrastructure renewal.   Now how can you not back a  plan such as that . It  would free up the average worker to live without the burden of  living against overwhelming odds of providing care for your family .

To get a feel for how important this program is look at other countries .  Most of the EU runs on electric trains , large wind farms and other alternate energy equipment to allow them to start shutting down forever nuclear power plants . The plus for the environment is  a plan we should follow.


Of the 228 house republicans only five believe in Climate Change that's a whopping 5% who believe.  Does that mean the other 95% are brain dead or  just stupid. The evidence is overwhelming that bad stuff is happening and getting worse every day.

But our beloved congressman are even planning a boycott of the Pope's speech to the house because he is going to address climate change and they won't even listen. What are they afraid of?  The truth obviously.

When folks won't even listen to information how on earth could you vote for them.  From their presidential candidates down thru a majority of their ranks they are brain dead with out a single plan to pull us out of the mess we are in .

Friday, September 18, 2015


This is the republican response to listening anyone talk about climate change.  One republican has even stated plans to boycott the Pope's address to congress.  The evidence out there is overwhelming that something wild is going on around the world yet the opponents either deny it altogether of want to doubt man is in any way responsible.

Insisting that the Pope should stay within the bounds of religion only and keep his nose out of the fantasy world most republicans live in.shows to me at least what limited intelligence held on the far right.

Sure it's the Pope and you may not believe in any religion , but you need to step up and support him for addressing the most important problem of our time.  

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Find out where the front runners for both parties stand.  I will add anyone who can reach 10% in these comparisons.





Comparing the 4 is pretty easy since the two republican have next to nothing listed on them.  Trump is a one horse pony at this point as immigration is the only topic.  Carson has a little more but you will not find much new there, same ole republican lines.  Hillary has a lot more but once again it is devoid of much new, same ole retreaded policies.  Now Sanders on the other hand has a vast web site just loaded with new ideas .

If  you depend on MSM to provide you with information you will not know very much.  Blow hard
trump has domineered the TV news the others may as well not exist.  Few if any commentators have spoken on lack of coverage.  They run away from Bernie as most of his ideas are deemed too radical for prime but if you choose to actually put away your labels and look at what these folks are proposing you might actually pick a candidate that can pull this country out of of doldrums.

Sunday, September 13, 2015


Some would say God, but that would only scare a few.  Others would say Abortion and that would scare a few on each side of the aisle.  Some would say Guns this would be split with those who want more guns and others wanting severe limits.  There are those out there would say Gays this scares most right wing folks.

But the most powerful word in politics is SOCIALIST.  Hand down this scares most on of both parties.  I'm betting that 99 out of `100 can't define the difference between a Socialist and a Democratic Socialist, they see the word Socialist in a candidates beliefs and they  run screaming into the  woods.  I ain't voting for some damn Socialist.

Hence Bernie Sanders big problem.  When you mention Sanders you get slammed with I don't want no socialist president .

Let's take a look at what you would get under a Sanders presidency.(assuming congress would pass his legislation)
1. Medicare for all with prescription drugs, dental and eye coverage.
2. A beefed up Social Security providing a livable wage.
3. Address income inequality.
4. Reign in the big banks.
5. Make war the last possible choice.
6. Bring back good paying jobs.
7. Climate Change is real and is partly man made
8.Believes in environmental protection.
9. Free State colleges.
10.  Transaction Taxes to help fund the above.
11. On veterans , if we send them to war we need to care for them in the aftermath.
12. An immigration policy that gives dignity to all .  Would limit severely H1B visas .
13.Reign in corporations , repeal Citizens United, end subsidies to big busienss.
14. Reinstate Glass Stegall.
15. Break up  big banks.
16.  Tax Wall Street speculators .
17. Public funding of elections.
18.  Forgive all student loan debt.
19. A large infrastructure repair fund to fix our crumbling roads and bridges.

There's more and you can investigate on your own by going HERE

This is a very serious agenda which would be very difficult to pass most of this , but if given a congress that had the intention to move his agenda.  The corporate money would be dropped from helicopters into DC to grease the skids against Bernie's proposal.

If only two of his proposals were adopted Medicare for all and removing student loan debt , and providing free college to all would free up our young to pursue a once proud middle class, with living wage jobs , a good medical plan, and a retirement plan out of the hands of corporations.

Now I know some of you will never look at Bernie as a candidate because you can't get passed the most powerful word in politics SOCIALIST.


Friday, September 11, 2015

Thursday, September 10, 2015


Across the country in state after state teachers are under attack.  Some have been outright fired, some have had all their benefits cut.  They are  often accused of not doing their job.  No argument that performance has suffered as year to year a new  idea of education is thrown out there to teachers with little or no training.

In Chicago the latest trend in education was brought into being by Arnie Duncan , now our secretary of Education.  In Chicago they fired whole school employees from janitor to principal.  Some were rehired but in the end they were left to find employment where ever they could.  The program relied on standardized testing and the test scores were used in teacher evaluations. There is so much more involved to education then how did you do on a test.

They spend billions on testing with little sign that they improve the quality of education. While the attack on teachers continue.  Some teachers have had enough and have gone on strike and I'm asking you to support them.




Our dear republican members are pushing a bill that details who will get paid in what order if we go into default.  Titled Default Prevention ACT is anything but that.  It does detail in what order creditors will be paid if we go into default.


Who might not get paid under the Republican plan:
American troops in harm’s way
Retired and disabled veterans
Doctors and hospitals that treat Medicare patients
American small businesses who provided goods and services
School lunch programs
Universities doing medical research
College students who earned Pell Grants
Taxpayers due refunds from the IRS
Other Americans due payment or benefits from the federal government
Other federal trust funds holding Treasury bonds (Medicare trust funds, FDIC, highway and airport trust funds, the Federal Housing Administration, etc.)
Who would get paid under the Republican plan:
Treasury bond holders from China, Japan, Iran, Iraq, and the Cayman Islands Banks, mutual funds, and hedge funds
Social Security Trust Fund (Social Security would be allowed to continue spending contributions American workers have made
Everybody foreign gets paid first the rest of us get fucked.  Now I'm here to tell you if you ever vote republican again you deserve what you get..They are traitors to the country and should be tried and punished for their dirty deeds.
You saw this kind of cruelty being dished out in Detroit when they defaulted.  All civil servants had their benefits cut or eliminated, services privatized , wages cut and all kinds of dirty deeds all upheld in court... Criminals servicing criminals. 
Hell they have even put all the trust funds you and I have been paying into for years on the block.  They would not honor the bonds held in those funds, but graciously they would allow SS to continue to pay benefits with the money now being paid into it.  That's trillions of dollars of our money they want to send the same places our jobs went.
I say enough of this bullshit, it's time to rise up and throw all those that vote for this nonsense out and elect people who have our interest at heart, not their rich friends across the world.


Here we sit years after the VA,s problems were brought to light and yet we see this.
According to the Inspector General 307,000 vets have died waiting for service.  They point out that shoddy record keeping is so bad they can't be sure how many have been served or even how many have died waiting for service.  This is nothing new , the problems have been noted for years but apparently they intend to do nothing about it.

This servicemen gave there all for a country that sent them to war on a lie and now will not properly fund or police the administration that is charged with vets care.  It makes me furious that the VA can't be properly funded because congress would rather spend money bombing ISIS than fund the VA.  This is totally unsatisfactory.

If I were in charge being an old retired sailor I know where I would start.  I would take a quick look at  the various VA districts pick a couple that appear to be doing their jobs.  Send a team made up of admin types, doctors and nurses and to insure honesty send in a few retired CPO,s to monitor their efforts.  This mistreatment cannot continue.  Heads should roll.  Verify that an individual has falsified records, shit canned records, filled false data or any other dead that kept vets from getting service should be immediately fired with no severance pay at all.  I would suspend civil service firing rules as these crimes are so severe they don't deserve the benefit of doubt.  They are guilty of crimes that are punishable by law.

In closing I will say that those I know of in California in Northern CA have been getting good, timely care and say they are satisfied with the service. If it can be done here it can be done anywhere.  Some  bad ass needs to be put in charge with all the power he needs to get the job done.  They should be able to  report directly to the President  from  which his authority his given.

The time to fix the system is now..GET IT DONE!


The hierarchy of the democratic party are running scared.  Bernie is gathering strength moving into a position of power and they believe he would be a disaster for the party .  They are out candidate shopping with names such as Biden, Kerry, and even Al Gore, they even mention Senator Warren which proves just how desperate they are.  Warren would attack the same  people that Bernie will.

The DNC is running scared, they will only sanction 6 debates and threaten to bar any candidate that participate in other debates from participation in DNC debates.  Simple reasoning behind this tactic   they can't compete with the likes of Sanders,  he will destroy Hillary in a one on one.  Bernie on the other hand will debate anybody anytime including republican which is exactly what I want in a president.  

The popularity of  out of the stream politicians Trump ,Carson and Sanders should wake up the DNC that the people are not in their camp.  Why should they be, the DNC is a function of big money and therefore not happy with a Sanders as the democratic party nominee.  We don't care who they want we know who we want , Its Bernie!

Friday, September 4, 2015


If you do as I suggest you will have a good leg up on where Bernie Sanders stands of most of the pressing issues of out time.  I ask that you watch this interview with Bernie by Vox where you will see straight answers to tough questions , with details on how he would tackle the problems we face.  It would be a great way to learn what each candidate stands on the issues of our times.  We all know that we have big problems, we see everyday our infrastructure crumbling around us.  We see good jobs disappearing overseas , being replaced with minimum wage, no benefits  Leaving a lot of Americans with little or no future, facing conditions that existed before the Great Depression.  A lifetime of labor with only death to look forward too.

So give me 36 minutes of your time and then you can decide if you will join me in supporting Bernie for president.  If you have a mind too you are encouraged to leave a comment good or bad and of course leave your opinion of what you see in this presentation.



We may as well have only one news channel as the cable news channel is like a bunch of trained parrots.  If the lead story is some murder or other blood thirsty story you can bet it will be on the news shows (all of them ) for a least a week.  It doesn't do any good to change channels as the same story and follow ups will all be the same, for the whole damn week.

While we are at it lets take a look at the coverage of the presidential races.  From watching the news day after day you would get the impression that there are two people running , Trump and Hillary one interesting at best the other duller than dull.  Hillary has so many trust issues that I deem her unelectable.    Trump while interesting is proving to be not up to speed on world issues. For instance when asked"Who do you seek out to for military issues/" His answer "I watch TV news" .  Anybody got a clue as how reliable they are?  Once again you get the party line from just about every talking parrot that is merely a spouting the talking points given by the administration.  In other words pure bullshit.  When asked about his thoughts on terrorist leaders (which probably is a lead pipe question) he flared up and said he won't bother with knowing them till he is elected, because they will have changed by then.  There must have been a better answer , somewhere.

Bernie WHO? seems to be the standard view for all those networks. He seldom is interviewed  and his platform remains a mystery to them.  They deem him unelectable (which they say over and over again)  telling us Bernie supporters that he can't possible win.  Fortunately for us we know their game , they want to play Hillary vs Trump, both losers in my book.

While were talking about TV I may as well throw in my favorite gripe. This whole summer has been a big bust as far as what is on television.  For weeks on end , night after night my record list tells me there is nothing new to watch, now that fall is here perhaps it will get better, but don't hold your breath.

If it wasn't for Netflix, Amazon, Acorn and a few other movie channels the TV would have remained off ( probably not a bad idea) except for the increase in my Kindle account buying books.

The cable news channels with very few exceptions run the same bits , sometimes for weeks on end , especially if it's juicy murder event.  Take for example the downing of MH370 , they ran that story for weeks saying the same crap , day after day. Then these same channels wonder why their viewership is in a steep decline.  All except Fox the other channels seem to be searching for a theme but so far they have not improved on little bit.

I close with a question"Do you think it would be possible for another Turner like guy to start up a real news channel like the old CNN?  the experts say it's not profitable, no it's the news assholes . It should be what's happening in the world not about profit.

Sunday, August 30, 2015


Certain Washington State professors have lists of words that if you use them you will loose points or other punishments up to dismissal from the class.

The term Illegal Aliens is one that is verboten and must be replaced with the term "undocumented migrant"  .  Seems to me that by entering the country by less than legal methods doesn't entitle you to special treatment.

Other professors have other word lists .  You can clearly see a student preparing  an assignment , but first he breaks out the word list for that class before he begins.

Having been an opponent of PC speech from it's inception. Granted I have made some changes to words I use for example the N word.  It was never used very often and then one always felt uncomfortable after using it , so I canned that word.

Every culture has their lists  in their mind , words used to identify by race or any other identities .  Blacks call whites, honkies, cracker etc but I haven't seen a list identifying what words could be used.

Putting word blinders on our students is the last thing we want to do.  It is bad enough that our news today is just canned speech given over and over again .  Flip between most major news sources the same words , the same story, with the same spin (with the exception of Fox ) which will be exactly the opposite of all others.

There are many forms of censorship applied today speech, opinion, truth,  Putting better sounding words of a particular problem , doesn't change the problem. " Illegal alien" is a perfect example of what I speak ,  renaming they  UNDOCUMENTED ALIEN" doesn't  make them immune from arrest and deportation.

Purging the word lists in my opinion just dulls down the world allowing us to sleep through it all , happy in our little caves ,hearing nothing that lites our mind up.  No nothing that might rouse us from our sleepwalk of life.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Nothing else makes much sense.  Turn on the one eyed monster and what do you get the current murder and Doanld Trump.  Both are depressing as hell.  In Trumps case according to the TV Trump might be the only guy running , no other candidate gets a 1/10 of the coverage as he does.

If that were not bad enough , they allow Trump to put up the stupidest plans yet invented by man.  It sad to see how popular he is with the conservative crowd polling as high as 30% .  According to my theory 30 % is how many crazies there are in the conservative ranks.  They respond to  simpleminded jingles , good one liners , put together to plunk their strings. Immigration is a perfect example of this.

The time to be pissed about immigration was 10 years ago when the influx of legal and illegals came  into the country.  Instead of arresting management we just ignored the problem as our manufactures were offshoring jobs as fast as they could.  Some believe that the flow across the borders has slowed way down.  When there are no jobs, there are few coming on board.

So we are fed pablum  by the MSM giving us only Trump talk with little to no coverage of the other candidates in the race.  Even Hillary as the front runner for the dems gets little coverage.  Yesterday as Hillary was giving a major policy plan we got Trump proposing things that are clearly illegal, such as rounding up all the Mexicans legal and illegal and shipping them home.  Using the Anchor Babies as an example of how far he would go.  Now we got all pissed off when Obama droned an American in Yemen but coo to Trumps deporting legal citizens.  Then of course he will rush right out and take all of Iraq's oil.  He then says he will handle Putin , is that before or after Putin kills the weasel on his head.

Point of all this being , where are the other candidates in the race.  What is it now 20 , 22 , oh any way a bunch running but you would never know it by the coverage.  Come to think of it, I look at way too many sites each day and even there you get only brief glimpses of the others in the race. There are many in the race that are polling very , very low and maybe shouldn't get that much coverage but Hillary and Sanders are polling well but you wouldn't know it by the coverage.

I am a Bernie supporter and will be to the end.. whatever that may be, he is the only one who has laid out what he wants to do to the country and how he intends to do it.  While most of the conservatives can only talk tax cuts, and the destruction of the social safety net.

This household has just about quit watching the MSM for news about anything , I care not for the current murders, or cop killing blacks, I want to know how we are going to get back on a sustainable economic track.  I'm not holding my breath that things will change any time soon.