Wednesday, February 23, 2011


It the republicans should be successful (I don't think they will) then we are going to need a totally new education system as there won't be enough (perhaps any) who stay in the profession.. Why should they , study after study shows they can make more money in the civilian world.. Most teachers today leave after 5 years behind the podium , why , because it is a very hard job, controlled by political whim which causes a change in direction every year or so..

They stay because of the benefits, yep , the very ones they are trying to strip along with their contracts.. If they take all that there will be a mass exodus from teaching and that might be just what the right wing wants, the destruction of unions and public education... Back the protesters in any way you can..

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Why Credit Card Debt is Through the Roof

A new chart explains it all to me.. Though some spent like there was no tomorrow this loss of wages using the real CPI instead of the one we are told about by the government . The average Joe used his card just trying to stay even.. The dashed line is the real CPI

PS. I intend to use this blog more often as it allows me to post charts instead of a link to them.. A lot of readers never click through to see what the blog is talking about...