Friday, May 27, 2016


Hillary won't debate Sanders , now trump chickened out after he said he would debate Sanders , now he won't.

In case you haven't noticed Trump seems unable to stick to a plan of his own invention.  Many times during this campaign Trump will take a stand on a issue then change his stance in a day or two.

So it would appear that  we will end up with Lying Hillary, or a I changed my mind today Trump. .Basically with either one we have no idea what they would actually do  if elected.

In my 30 years of voting I have voted many times for the candidate  that was the  lessor of  two evils.
Sure I will vote , but I will probably vote for a Greene ,or maybe nobody for president.

The sad state of the political scene in the US I'm sure has the rest of the world shaking their heads at us as we ignore the candidate that actually has an idea of what we really need to do.  Most look at Sanders programs and say it can't be done, never mind parts of it have been in place in other developed nations and Bernie lays out a full program on how he would fund his big plans.  Of course not many of you have taken the time to read his plans.  If you did you could not vote for Hillary or Trump.  Neither of which has a plan to get us back  to normal.

So if either Hillary or Trump make it to the chair , don't blame me.  I warned you..

Friday, May 13, 2016


During this long primary election season you have heard Donald Trump say many things that he wanted to do if elected president.  From his ridiculous  round up all the Mexicans and send them back to Mexico, besides being next to impossible the cost would be huge (as Donald would say). His take on changing trade deals is the right thing I would need to see some plans on how he would accomplish this trick.  There are many other areas of concern that is on record his planned actions.

We weren't privileged to sit in on Trumps meeting with party big wigs but some of the leaks from that meeting are troubling.

I wish I could believe his words could be trusted but so far I have not seen much evidence of that.  And his lack of details on his plans makes one wonder what magic wand he has.

Too date he has been able to get by on free interviews and now that he is the projected nominee
he is changing his tune on campaign financing. Which he has said all along  that he was self funding
now that he is the likely republican candidate he has pulled a reversal of his announced policies.  His take on war and the deployment  of nukes to some friendly nations.

His name calling is getting pretty old by now and it troubles me deeply that his popularity is soaring on the back of insult after insult.  His campaign of one liners must be the way to campaign nowadays as he has been successful.

I been around this planet for a long time and each election I am filled with hope that the nominees
will actually attempt the changes proposed.  Think back to 08 and the Obama tidal wave , and all the flowery promises  he made but in the end failed to implement.  To be fair with the congress he had to work with not many of his proposals made it in to prime time.

The only thing riding is the outcome of the congressional races.
With no change little will be done by either candidate.

Stop and think about the programs Sanders has put forward and his plan to pay for those changes if elected with a congressional makeup unchanged  Bernie would be hamstrung by the republican congress.  Which is probably the most dangerous part of a trump candidacy that he  could make
the congress more republican.

Hang onto your socks , we will know in two month who we will be faced  in the General election. If it is Hillary and Trump if both of them are the top of the tickets leaves us with a very ugly choices.
I personally cannot vote for either. Which just points out the sad shape our political parties have attained.  There is no choice except to pull a major reform of our system and that ain't happening with a Trump of a Clinto.

Here are three stories that are related.

Saturday, May 7, 2016


I have previously said I think Trump is certifiable and these experts agree.



For the record I am a Bernie Sanders man and have been since the GitGo.  I stand with a mouth wide open watching our electorate fawn over this loud mouth bully TRUMP.  No matter what you believe , if your thinking of voting for trump, better think again.

I personally believe most of Trumps so called fixes to make American again will never become the law of the land.  He talks like he will be a king, he must remember that he needs congress  to make any of this happen.  Good luck Donald

From a field of 17 the public has chosen perhaps the most unqualified of the lot . Trump may be a rich man but that doesn't mean he is presidential.  If that 17 was the best and the brightest of the republican party then a breakup of that party that is being talked about behind closed doors and if that were to happen there will be a third party.

Now all we can hope is that the republican party falls apart and Hillary drops out {you pick the reason) but something is going to bring about the downfall of Hillary giving the nomination to Sanders.  One can always hope.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016


You have probably noticed that the MSM acted like there was just one candidate running with a small amount dedicated to Clinton.  Little mention of all the others,but particularly seldom mentioned Bernie Sanders.  Amazingly though Bernie has done quite well without them and if there were not super delegates he might be able to pass her.   He might be able to sway the super delegates but that probably is a long shot.

Even now when it was becoming clear that Trump was going to win the republican side but the news coverage remains 90%  Trump.  I was watching election returns the other night and as the votes came in most to the info was at the bottom of the screen in the scroll or a static block that out of 21 banners 20 were for Trump and 1 for Sanders.  Now this is just reporting returns as they came in but even in that they were  slanting the results to Trump.

The whole election cycle has been like that lots of Trump damn little about anybody else.  I doubt if our election was examined as close as we monitor others the election would be declared void because of media interference and media bias guiding the results to candidates they favored.

After this election is in the bag it might be time to reexamine our system and get rid of all the tools that some can use to impede the opposition.  Super delegates should go the way of other bad ideas along with rigging polling places, purging voters , harassing voters  at the polls.

It's time to bring back the equal time rule so the MSM can't favor one candidate over the other.  The bloody affair was so crooked it should be ruled invalid.  But us chumps just sit out here and give them enough eyeballs to encourage further manipulation.    It's time for a change but it won't happen till we stop watching.

Monday, May 2, 2016


I haven't written a blog in several months.  I've been waiting for the people to show which way they were going to flop.  I wrote a lot early on and said just about everything there was to say about Bernie and Hillary.  Bernie is drawing more people to his rallies than anybody and yet in states where closed voting asses out out but registered party folk.

In all the elections I have participated in I have never seen one like the Sanders campaign to draw so much interest.  The little coverage of Bernie paints you a good picture who the MSM is controlled by
and it's not us.  Donald  Trump wall to wall on the TV and barely a mention of others and very little of anybody else.  You would be hard pressed to even know Bernie was in the race.

So I have  been deliberately quite for awhile to see where the nation was.  Now I know that B a large part of our electorate is totally illiterate including so called experts.  Masses are swarming for Trump and all he has offered us is one liners that he knows are  popular with the masses .  Not one line on how he was going to pull off any of his so called programs.  Build a wall and make Mexico pay for it, yeah sure.

Old folks are flopping on Hillary's side and God knows why.  It pretty much has to be party loyalist, because they can't be looking at what she has in mind, half fixes at best no far reaching goals , just running on name recognition mostly with dam  few original ideas .

It's no secret I'm a Bernie man and have supported him throughout the campaign .  You owe to yourself to read his positions on his website and he lays out clearly how he will solve our current problems.  From the economy,, to taxes, to the military, to health care, student loans sound plans that have been in place in other industrialized nations. So all the talk from opposition candidates and so called experts that Bernie's plan can't be done are flat out Bullshit.  They will work and in the process
would free up lots of money to help boost the economy.
If you ever plan to retire your only choice is a vote for Bernie, any other choice will leave you with a dim outlook for  your older years.

So get off your ass and do your homework and then put your x next to Bernie for President.