Friday, May 13, 2016


During this long primary election season you have heard Donald Trump say many things that he wanted to do if elected president.  From his ridiculous  round up all the Mexicans and send them back to Mexico, besides being next to impossible the cost would be huge (as Donald would say). His take on changing trade deals is the right thing I would need to see some plans on how he would accomplish this trick.  There are many other areas of concern that is on record his planned actions.

We weren't privileged to sit in on Trumps meeting with party big wigs but some of the leaks from that meeting are troubling.

I wish I could believe his words could be trusted but so far I have not seen much evidence of that.  And his lack of details on his plans makes one wonder what magic wand he has.

Too date he has been able to get by on free interviews and now that he is the projected nominee
he is changing his tune on campaign financing. Which he has said all along  that he was self funding
now that he is the likely republican candidate he has pulled a reversal of his announced policies.  His take on war and the deployment  of nukes to some friendly nations.

His name calling is getting pretty old by now and it troubles me deeply that his popularity is soaring on the back of insult after insult.  His campaign of one liners must be the way to campaign nowadays as he has been successful.

I been around this planet for a long time and each election I am filled with hope that the nominees
will actually attempt the changes proposed.  Think back to 08 and the Obama tidal wave , and all the flowery promises  he made but in the end failed to implement.  To be fair with the congress he had to work with not many of his proposals made it in to prime time.

The only thing riding is the outcome of the congressional races.
With no change little will be done by either candidate.

Stop and think about the programs Sanders has put forward and his plan to pay for those changes if elected with a congressional makeup unchanged  Bernie would be hamstrung by the republican congress.  Which is probably the most dangerous part of a trump candidacy that he  could make
the congress more republican.

Hang onto your socks , we will know in two month who we will be faced  in the General election. If it is Hillary and Trump if both of them are the top of the tickets leaves us with a very ugly choices.
I personally cannot vote for either. Which just points out the sad shape our political parties have attained.  There is no choice except to pull a major reform of our system and that ain't happening with a Trump of a Clinto.

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