Thursday, June 26, 2014


The attached link is a discussion by 6 leading thinkers talking about the immediate problems facing the planet   here

Three major crisis take center stage and should be known by everyone.  A financial crisis is due any time soon with almost nothing you and I can do to prevent it.  The second crisis we are already feeling the effects of is our water supply.  The third crisis is oil depletion.

So lets look at the financial problem.  We have a stock market at all time highs with lots of margin money in play, buying all kinds of junk, including the same deadly derivative packages still being created.  Some say the market is not in a bubble that P/E ratings are in a normal range and on the surface it looks ok, but when you dig deep in the garbage pit you find that a substantial portion of the supposed profit was gotten on the backs of laid off workers, buying back of their own stock, moving factories out of country and other underhanded stunts to make their bottom line look good.

With the whole world playing the austerity game, consumption is falling everywhere as the effects of firings, layoffs, and closings take effect.  Coupled to a new labor market that has supplied mostly low wage jobs to replace the blue collar jobs that have disappeared.  Household income in the US has been falling steadily for many years and inflation (held to be low by government numbers) is actually over 10% on the things every family consumes each month.

If that wasn't enough there is a concentrated movement out there to bust what few unions still exist, strip benefit packages from all workers including those already retired.  For an example look at what is going on in Detroit.  During their bankruptcy  they  have cut wages and benefits for all city workers including those already retired.  Detroit is being watched carefully as the PTB would like to bring it to more troubled cities and more that likely on to federal government workers at some point in time. And if that ain't enough the workers are being screwed by union management.

Another good deal in Detroit they are privatizing all city services, water, sewers, garbage pickup, museums etc. which always ends up costing the citizens more for these services .  The saying use to say "As go GM so goes the nation"   it now says, "  As goes Detroit so goes the nation"  Is the game that wants to be played.

For half the nations households 50K/yr is about as much as they can expect in the US today and many have to do with much less. 

Trade treaties  and government policies have eroded the economics of most families during the last 34 years.  The PTB are still not satisfied and are pushing more treaties such as the TPP to push us further into the ditch.

Meanwhile most of the citizenry seems to be able to ignore what is going on probably for lots of reasons.  Prime reason being they just don't know what to do about it.  While it does seem to be an impossible task sooner or later the people will have enough and find a way to get back to the game.  

Meanwhile new alliances are being formed and finalized to form new world currencies, some have already started trading in their own currencies and it seems to be spreading throughout Asia.  When enough counties trade without dollars involved the dollar as the one world currency is history and it's value will drop like a rock.  Putting further economic burden on us.

With the world getting tired of the US's hegemony plans, they are starting to take actions to isolate the US from a lot of the world.  Yet we still are messing with countries that we want to control, like Venezuela, Ukraine, Cuba and more.
Now we are starting the all adviser game in Iraq , remember Nam, that's how that started.  With Russia and Iran coming to the aid of the current Iraq government it will be interesting to see how this all plays out.