Sunday, August 30, 2015


Certain Washington State professors have lists of words that if you use them you will loose points or other punishments up to dismissal from the class.

The term Illegal Aliens is one that is verboten and must be replaced with the term "undocumented migrant"  .  Seems to me that by entering the country by less than legal methods doesn't entitle you to special treatment.

Other professors have other word lists .  You can clearly see a student preparing  an assignment , but first he breaks out the word list for that class before he begins.

Having been an opponent of PC speech from it's inception. Granted I have made some changes to words I use for example the N word.  It was never used very often and then one always felt uncomfortable after using it , so I canned that word.

Every culture has their lists  in their mind , words used to identify by race or any other identities .  Blacks call whites, honkies, cracker etc but I haven't seen a list identifying what words could be used.

Putting word blinders on our students is the last thing we want to do.  It is bad enough that our news today is just canned speech given over and over again .  Flip between most major news sources the same words , the same story, with the same spin (with the exception of Fox ) which will be exactly the opposite of all others.

There are many forms of censorship applied today speech, opinion, truth,  Putting better sounding words of a particular problem , doesn't change the problem. " Illegal alien" is a perfect example of what I speak ,  renaming they  UNDOCUMENTED ALIEN" doesn't  make them immune from arrest and deportation.

Purging the word lists in my opinion just dulls down the world allowing us to sleep through it all , happy in our little caves ,hearing nothing that lites our mind up.  No nothing that might rouse us from our sleepwalk of life.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Nothing else makes much sense.  Turn on the one eyed monster and what do you get the current murder and Doanld Trump.  Both are depressing as hell.  In Trumps case according to the TV Trump might be the only guy running , no other candidate gets a 1/10 of the coverage as he does.

If that were not bad enough , they allow Trump to put up the stupidest plans yet invented by man.  It sad to see how popular he is with the conservative crowd polling as high as 30% .  According to my theory 30 % is how many crazies there are in the conservative ranks.  They respond to  simpleminded jingles , good one liners , put together to plunk their strings. Immigration is a perfect example of this.

The time to be pissed about immigration was 10 years ago when the influx of legal and illegals came  into the country.  Instead of arresting management we just ignored the problem as our manufactures were offshoring jobs as fast as they could.  Some believe that the flow across the borders has slowed way down.  When there are no jobs, there are few coming on board.

So we are fed pablum  by the MSM giving us only Trump talk with little to no coverage of the other candidates in the race.  Even Hillary as the front runner for the dems gets little coverage.  Yesterday as Hillary was giving a major policy plan we got Trump proposing things that are clearly illegal, such as rounding up all the Mexicans legal and illegal and shipping them home.  Using the Anchor Babies as an example of how far he would go.  Now we got all pissed off when Obama droned an American in Yemen but coo to Trumps deporting legal citizens.  Then of course he will rush right out and take all of Iraq's oil.  He then says he will handle Putin , is that before or after Putin kills the weasel on his head.

Point of all this being , where are the other candidates in the race.  What is it now 20 , 22 , oh any way a bunch running but you would never know it by the coverage.  Come to think of it, I look at way too many sites each day and even there you get only brief glimpses of the others in the race. There are many in the race that are polling very , very low and maybe shouldn't get that much coverage but Hillary and Sanders are polling well but you wouldn't know it by the coverage.

I am a Bernie supporter and will be to the end.. whatever that may be, he is the only one who has laid out what he wants to do to the country and how he intends to do it.  While most of the conservatives can only talk tax cuts, and the destruction of the social safety net.

This household has just about quit watching the MSM for news about anything , I care not for the current murders, or cop killing blacks, I want to know how we are going to get back on a sustainable economic track.  I'm not holding my breath that things will change any time soon.

Friday, August 21, 2015



Well we have been waiting for a long time for the GREAT CRASH TO BEGIN.  We have had several false starts for years now, a 300 point down day here and there only to have it bounce back a day or two later.  Could this be one on those times.  Keep reading as I am predicting that this time is the real deal and here is why.

A quick look at the charts in this post show you a lot of what you need to know.

A check of this chart will show you the cause of a lot of the current downturns.
This graph is of the Bloomberg Commodity index and as you can easily see it's down a bunch just since December.  The down turn of commodities across the board means big trouble for resource supplying countries, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, Saudi Arabia. Russia , ok just throw anybody who digs anything out of the ground and you'll have the  big picture.

The slow down has been edging toward us for awhile but seems to have escalated when the deal between the Saudis and the US to lower the price of oil in an attempt to destroy Russia.  It seems to have brought to the forefront   all the problems that have sitting out there to get noticed.  China one of  the bigger dogs on the block has been loosing exports for a long time, Couple with the lack of bucks from oil sales has caused exports to drop and import to also fall.  

With some EU nations on the verge of default with many more waiting in the wings this down turn would appear to not have and end is site. All raw material prices are in the tank with one exception and this exception is Gold.  Gold you know that's where the rich go when the game is over.  It's also a sure sign the trouble is in the wind.  The stock annalists last week pointed to the death cross of the Dow averages , that's where the 50 day moving average crossed the 200 day moving average as a major indicator of a large downturn in the making.  Here's the chart below.

The Death Cross last happened in 2011 and has most always signaled a down turn ahead.

What will probably make this fall worse is the positions held by a lot of Hedge Funds who have large holding of derivatives on all kinds of things including currencies,oil and interest rates in which they hold large holdings.  Just one example Oil, they have purchased large lots of oil they are storing in tankers at a price the are well below today, they were betting that oil would top 50 or 60 withing in a year, it looks now that it won't happen and they will be taken to the cleaners.  Their other largest holding are in interest rate swaps and national debt .  Several funds have taken huge losses on these bets (notice I didn't call them an investment) and are sill liable for a lot more they may loose.

Here's a list of the countries affected just by China's slow down.


The KA part is the deflationary trend we currently are watching where stocks and commodities had reached the stratosphere and then there is the POOM part where inflation takes off and of course followed by a new stock bubble.  The theory is that to avoid the fall governments will cranks up their high speed money making machines which of course ends up causing inflation.  There is I think another reason inflation will appear and an old economic saying comes to mine. Inflation is too many dollars chasing too few products.  With all the bankruptcies that will happen , companies will disappear and that will take time to up production .

This could go on for many more pages but I think the above is enough to give you the idea we are deep in the shits and may have to tread water for a long long time.   I would like to be able to tell you a safe haven for your money but there doesn't appear to be any safe haven in this  mess.

So strap yourself in and prepare for a rough ride.

Sunday, August 16, 2015


The past few weeks have been pig heaven for an economics freak and I plead guilty to being one.  For quite a long time I have said we have never came out of the 08 recession which may have actually been a depression.  Somehow we struggled through  7 years just hanging on by our teeth.  Forget about the stock market rise being anything real, it's now simply a playground for the big money players who coupled with government drive the market in whatever direction they choose.

In a year where the US pulled a coup in Ukraine that failed to suck Russia into a confrontation and installed a Nazi looking government in place of a pro Russian one.  Tried every trick in the book to sucker them into a conflict , none of it worked.

Then Russia and China joined forces to form new economic and business ventures which many other nations joined in to form a powerfull force in world economics.  Not saying the US is running scared but their next action might bring you to think so.

They and  Saudi Arabia dumped the price of oil by 50% in an attempt to bankrupt Russia.  That plus putting sanctions on Russia to put more hurt on them.  Russia replied with sanction against the EU putting the hurt on everyone.  Russia pulled a lot of tricks out of their hat and while the damage has been done it looks as of this writing they will be ok.

Meantime back in the world of economics the effect of all the shenanigans is starting to show thru.  China's stock market lost 25%.  In an attempt to increase their exports which has fallen to a multi year low they devalued their currency twice.  Making their exports cheaper and our exports more expensive.  Their exports haven't picked up and ours remains unchanged.

All commodities are down to their historic lows, most have fallen past the cost of their production.
Led by oil, all commodities are headed down with no bottom in sight.  Producers of some commodities will not make it through this mess.  Frackers are at the head of that line with  some due to fold within the month when their credit lines have to be redone.  With little to show that they are profitable they will probably have to go bankrupt. Keep your eye on the commodities market they will probably be the first indicator of a turnaround.  It won't be tomorrow and it could be another Great Depression, except it will probably be called after the fact as "THE GREATnionsEST DEPRESSION"

Every economic analyst of not has called this as another recession and some are calling it a coming depression.  Here are just a few of their comments.

With Greece on the ropes, and a bunch more of the Eu  in the same financial fix more and more will have to default.  Many other countries are in the same bind each and every one of them driven to destruction by damn derivatives issued by killer American banks.  We see American cities driven to bankruptcy, pension funds being stolen in an attempt to remain solvent.     Unions busted, wages cut, benefits cut, all in an attempt to fix their  books.

All the American talking heads keep saying we are in a recovery, never mention the factors that say we aren't.  A consumer who has lost significant reduction of income cannot support a system based on consumers spending , they just don't have the clout they use to and their credit is limited out.  There is nothing to drive the economy.

It is a very troubling time, one would like to think all will be well, but when say that to my mirror  "IT SCREAMS BACK BULLSHIT' In a more honest moment , I know things are not all right, you don't have to be very smart to know all is not well.

Then you take a look at our current crop of presidential candidates and with the exception of Bernie
Sanders not one of them to date has given us anyhope.  It will take a Sanders to turn this country around , any of the others will just put further hurt on us. I hope after reading this you have a better idea of what you have to do.


Thursday, August 13, 2015


If you listened to any of this long speeches you know a lot of them but this new site
Every issue of the campaign is laid out in simplex format and a click on any of the boxes takes to his position on the heading of that block..  No bullshit , just straight forward explanations of where Bernie stands and what he intends to do about it.

If you have any interest on Bernie a visit to this site will firm your support.  Next step dig into your wallet.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015


While not coming right out and calling it a conspiracy he did ask the question "Why hasn't Black Lives Matter interrupted other campaigns"?  The only thing that makes sense I stated in a blog of a few days that Black Lives Matter could be a conspiracy because they didn't bother any other candidate . Lord knows all 18 of the other candidates are better targets.

I doubt it  is a republican responsible as they have their own problem in Trump. That leaves Hillary or O'Malley but I believe this is more Clinton style.

Here is the link to Ed's daily podcast 28 minutes or so each day.  Watch the last two podcasts and see his comments on Black Lives Matter's attack of only Bernie, suggesting as I did that is might actually be a conspiracy.  Of course they could rectify that by attacking other candidates..

Ed even suggested that this movement has no leaders making it similar to the Occupy Movement I can hardly wait for the finger wiggling of Occupy comes to this movement.

What ever they hope to achieve they lost the support of this progressive and most likely can't get me back on board.  Disrupting the only candidate that might do them some good is not the way to mend their problems.


Netanhau hiding his own intelligence departments take on the nuclear agreement with Iran.  They think it is a good deal, but Bibi and our congress want a war and will lie their asses off to get one.
We cannot allow this to happen, it would be the worse decision since the invasion of Iraq.


If you ever had any doubt on the Jewish control of our congress this story should set you straight on that.  It time to to pull the plug on the blanket support of Israel.


Yep that's our congress.  If they vote down the Iran nuclear deal they believe the only alternative is to go to war with Iran.  At this point I have to remind you how our last attempts of war have ended in failure, Vietnam, Iraq,Afghanistan,Libya , Syria along with alienating half the world with our failed coup attempts, all falling into the failure column.

Now the  children of congress are beating the war drums to attack Iran, never mind that Russia and China are on Iran's side and could come to their defense.  What an attack would bring about in the ME certainty would not bring peace to the region.

How would such an attack rearrange the alignments  in the ME is left to one's imagination , you have Iran backing the govt. of Iraq and Syria supported by Russia and China.  They stand against Saudi Arabia  and the Sunni ISIS and of course Israel.

The kids of congress are not talking boots on the ground they believe that they can take care of the problem from the air which every expert in the worlds says won't do the trick.  They won't rule out using nukes not realizing their allies have lots of nukes.

Pure folly, we have to stop these nut jobs before it's too late.


Monday, August 10, 2015


It will cost you 68 minutes of your life to watch this interview with an organization you might think would be hostile to Bernie you will be pleasantly surprised. Bernie covers just about every important subject  affecting America.


Sunday, August 9, 2015


Do black live matter of course they do as do brown, red, white, all lives matter.  However does it make sense to attack the one candidate that could actually do something for their community.  No is the simple answer which leads one to ask a critical question  "Could this group now serve as a Hillary hit squad designed to take down her one viable opponent.

Oh , I hear the cries out there now "NO not another conspiracy theory. Sadly , nothing else make sense to me.  Stop and consider just for a moment , What was the goal of the interruption?  To shut down the only real progressive voice in the race, to whose benefit does the destruction of Bernie help.
Why Hillary of course!

Do I have any evidence of this, of course not, it's just a gut feeling , will I ever be vindicated , probably not.   I just want you to consider that this is possible.

Born and raised in Baltimore and saw the plight of blacks in Baltimore in the late 1950's.  Then the hit show the Wire aired depicting life in inner city Baltimore, not a pretty site.  It existed in the 50's the Wire aired in 2002 condition the same or worse.  Jump forward to 2015, have conditions improved , hell no , if fact do to increased fire power of the gangs it has gotten worse.

After the 68 riots , during which a lot of the inner city was destroyed.  The destruction of the  Mom and Pop stores that served their neighborhood were burnt down leaving the inner city without service. Did the riots improve conditions , apparently not.

So will this "BLACK LIVES MATTER GROUP' be effective in bringing change?  My  guess is no, they are shutting down the only voice who if elected could bring about the change required .

To the BLACK LIVES MATTER GROUP I ask a simple question JUST WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU GOING TO PROVE ATTACKING ONLY BERNIE.  Just makes me loose respect for your group.  

Friday, August 7, 2015



anthropogenic climate disruption (ACD) Climate change caused by man.

This is the most inckusiveI have ever read.  Trust me you won't feel better but you need to read this, understand report , and take whatever actions you can do.  All of us can't go out to raise hell , but we all can type and email and phone our supposed leaders to take action.

The statistics and data accompanying  this report point out all the troubling events currently happening around the world.  The new normal regarding climate disruption is that, for the planet, today is better than tomorrow.

Deniers obviously have their collective heads up their asses or up the oil kings asses to not be able to see the changes happening before their lying eyes.  To see for yourself one example of glacier melt 


Glacier ARE just one example of melt going on and glaciers aren't the only thing melting,  The Artic and Antarctic are melting at ever increasing rates.  The ice melt is so bad that predictions that polar bears numbers will be greatly reduced by the absence of ice to hunt from.  Glaciers all over the world are melted or melting.  Greenland glaciers are shedding ice bergs big enough to cause 5.0 earth quakes and is sliding towards the sea at the rate of 17 miles per year, which is twice the rate of a few years ago.

The changes occurring as we speak are so serious and so wide spread that it is difficult to put it all down in one post.  I will try to hit on ones particularly of interest to me.

First :THE SEAS..  Many problems are underway.  The PH of the ocean is becoming more acidic do to the accumulation of co2 which it absorbs.    As the co2 concentration builds, reefs die, hard shelled critters loose shell, plankton dies, fish species disappear or survive in greatly reduced numbers.
Sea life is moving with the rising temps in attempts to stay alive.  The food chain in the ocean is a complicated network of interrelated species dependent on one another for survival. Kill off of just one species can trigger results up and down the food chain.  A lot of the world is dependent on the sea for their food supply , if it disappears they disappear.

Perhaps the most serious effect of climate change  is the killing off of some plankton , while allowing other forms to thrive... Plankton supplies half the earths oxygen, something a little hard to do without.

One other big seaborne event is the slowing of the Great Conveyor which has in the past brought a nuclear winter to Europe.  The slowing is caused by fresh water from ice melt weighing more that salt water  causes the conveyor to slow and perhaps stop.

No matter where you look the oceans are changing everywhere.  One of the most serious consequences is the killing off of plankton the bottom of the food change , kill the bottom of the food change you know what happens up the chain.

Strange die offs  of all kinds are happening throughout the oceans of the world.  On the West Coast we have lost entire runs of anchovies, and other small food fishes. The salmon runs are either not happening or are showing small numbers in the return from sea.  Up north they are trucking salmon for to northern hatcheries that have  colder waters.  Seals, sea birds and a few whales have been found.  Large algae bloom span the whole west coast from San Diego to British Columbia causing fisheries in the effected areas to be closed.

The one effect no one wants to talk about is the rise in sea level.  The immediate goal is to limit warming to 2 degrees and if we achieve that will still put some low lying cities under water.  Most claim we have less than 10 years to bring the climate in bounds but as of now there is no indication that the US is doing anything but impede others from making the change.

The above are just some of the changes now taking place in our oceans.  There are many many more events occurring , some we haven't caught on to yet.  If we allow the fisheries to collapse a lot of society will be hard pressed for food.  We seem unable to bring our selves and fellow humans to do anything about any of the problems our seas are experiencing.  90% of the major species of the sea have been reduced to 10% of their historic numbers.

Wherever you look you see air that is not clear and clean.  Depending on where you are , determines just how bad you air is.  The worst can been seen on almost every day in China where there are days when the people are advised to stay indoors.  The burning of fossil fuels is the culprit behind all this pollution.  China is putting a new coal fired power plant on the line each week. So the worst air in the world is getting worse each day.  They talk about reducing their pollution output but nothing ever seems to happen.

It seems to have slipped from the active American memory that just a few years ago the air in LA was very bad , not quite as bad as China but bad non the less. The few times I was in LA during that time , you had to wait till noon to see if the sun was shinning.  LA stands today as an example of what can be done to fix a problem if you can find the political will to fix it.  They issued new laws that limited power plant pollution to clean the air and limit acid rain.. It worked.  But enough has not been done to limit the heating of the planet.  As demonstrated of late their is no political will  to sequester carbon from plant emissions, if fact if the republicans had their way they would remove all EPA laws and let industry have their way with us.


All over the globe species are migrating north to find more suitable environment , sometimes this leave the critters in territory they cannot adapt too.  There are so many variables to the health of earths creatures it is hard to know how far to take ones examples.  The bees in the US are in terrible trouble from multiple sources, warming temps, GMO crops,  removal of natural habitat such as milkweed which is the food source for Monarch  butterfly's which are dying off a little more each year .  Bees are being killed by pesticides embedded in seed stock  or sprayed directly on to plants that bees , butterfly's and hummingbirds sup.

Glaciers all over the world are melting at ever increasing rates.  In Turkey half of all their ice cover has melted, 5 areas have lost 100% of their glaciers and 3 have lost half.  These glaciers are the prime water supply for the region and they are not the only place experiencing huge changes in their glaciers.

Alaska is loosing enough ice each year making it the biggest contributor to sea level change. Add up just the big glaciers we know are involved, Greenland, the Arctics, Alaska. Turkey and more non of which will stop melting if we cannot make the changes required.

In closing I do not hold much hope for this planet driven by the greed of corporations for ever more profit.  I can't see an existing force to bring them to heal.  So we will plod along till it is too late to change.  Big question I'll leave you with is this:  Where do the 1% think they will live after they have successfully destroyed the planet.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015


No matter how fucked up their actions are.  Today this story of a school officer handcuffing an 8 year old with ADD.  It is less than amusing to watch the talking heads trying to justify actions like this. They spew all kinds of outlandish excuses to say the action was right and proper.

I will say just one thing about this because scenes like this have been appearing more and more across our lands, from our streets to our school the rogue cops are on the hunt.  White ,Black,Brown or Red all citizens are in danger of being accosted by cops.

I feel things are right on the edge of another 1968 , an event triggered by another stupid cop action.  For those cops to be acquitted ignited the folks to riot and who could blame them..  Several incidents of late could have triggered the same kind of response from the people,,  It didn't blow up as big but it had potential .  If the police are not brought back to do their job as it should be done it is only a matter of time for the country to blow up once again.

Saturday, August 1, 2015


You are deluged with noise.

Finally someone else has spoken up on the subject of noise.
Enter a restaurant and you are immediately overwhelmed by background music that isn't so background.  People talking loud to each other to be heard over the combined din of noise in that place.  Makes trying to have a conversation with the person with you nigh to impossible.

My own personal peeve is the background music on some of today's movies.  In olden days the music tended to show the emotions connected with the current scene.  Today they appear to be noise for the sake of noise, the music has noting to do with the action on the screen.  Even if you have excellent actors on the screen you will be hard pressed to hear them. Many a good recent movie has been ruined by the mismatched noise.  The latest best example in the latest Jurassic Park movie, music so loud and so mismatched that it made the movie unbearable to watch.  If you watch an old movies , pick one of your own and check out the music in relation to the action, it will match.

Today's music , at least to me, seems bent on destroying your eardrums and I'll be damned if you can catch the words.  There will be no singing the song yourself in the future , all you will remember is the name of the band but can't recall any of the songs.  There will be no re singing songs like Mockingbird Hill, Or Momma , don't let them grow up to be cowboys.  Nope all you will remember is the great blaring noise that was made.  OK, sure, you got me , I am an old duffer, set in his ways but fair is fair, the stuff of today sucks.

If your not be blasted out by noise from all quarters , your are being ignored while in the company of others as they have their eyeballs plastered to their cell phones, or listening to their MP3.  Some truly ignorant behavior has developed around the use of cell phones.  Folks doing business across the counter while talking away on their cells, come to think of it I've seen both parties involved in a transaction gabbing away on their cells.  Ask any teacher what they think of their students and their cells phones in class.  It won't be pretty.

In my opinion we have  become a nation of isolated souls, wandering around with our faces plated in electronic devices, or having our hearing destroyed by loud music is our ears or blasting us from the mega speakers in our cars.  With all this going on their is no time to think on things or to have a conversation across a diner table.