Sunday, August 30, 2015


Certain Washington State professors have lists of words that if you use them you will loose points or other punishments up to dismissal from the class.

The term Illegal Aliens is one that is verboten and must be replaced with the term "undocumented migrant"  .  Seems to me that by entering the country by less than legal methods doesn't entitle you to special treatment.

Other professors have other word lists .  You can clearly see a student preparing  an assignment , but first he breaks out the word list for that class before he begins.

Having been an opponent of PC speech from it's inception. Granted I have made some changes to words I use for example the N word.  It was never used very often and then one always felt uncomfortable after using it , so I canned that word.

Every culture has their lists  in their mind , words used to identify by race or any other identities .  Blacks call whites, honkies, cracker etc but I haven't seen a list identifying what words could be used.

Putting word blinders on our students is the last thing we want to do.  It is bad enough that our news today is just canned speech given over and over again .  Flip between most major news sources the same words , the same story, with the same spin (with the exception of Fox ) which will be exactly the opposite of all others.

There are many forms of censorship applied today speech, opinion, truth,  Putting better sounding words of a particular problem , doesn't change the problem. " Illegal alien" is a perfect example of what I speak ,  renaming they  UNDOCUMENTED ALIEN" doesn't  make them immune from arrest and deportation.

Purging the word lists in my opinion just dulls down the world allowing us to sleep through it all , happy in our little caves ,hearing nothing that lites our mind up.  No nothing that might rouse us from our sleepwalk of life.

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