Saturday, August 1, 2015


You are deluged with noise.

Finally someone else has spoken up on the subject of noise.
Enter a restaurant and you are immediately overwhelmed by background music that isn't so background.  People talking loud to each other to be heard over the combined din of noise in that place.  Makes trying to have a conversation with the person with you nigh to impossible.

My own personal peeve is the background music on some of today's movies.  In olden days the music tended to show the emotions connected with the current scene.  Today they appear to be noise for the sake of noise, the music has noting to do with the action on the screen.  Even if you have excellent actors on the screen you will be hard pressed to hear them. Many a good recent movie has been ruined by the mismatched noise.  The latest best example in the latest Jurassic Park movie, music so loud and so mismatched that it made the movie unbearable to watch.  If you watch an old movies , pick one of your own and check out the music in relation to the action, it will match.

Today's music , at least to me, seems bent on destroying your eardrums and I'll be damned if you can catch the words.  There will be no singing the song yourself in the future , all you will remember is the name of the band but can't recall any of the songs.  There will be no re singing songs like Mockingbird Hill, Or Momma , don't let them grow up to be cowboys.  Nope all you will remember is the great blaring noise that was made.  OK, sure, you got me , I am an old duffer, set in his ways but fair is fair, the stuff of today sucks.

If your not be blasted out by noise from all quarters , your are being ignored while in the company of others as they have their eyeballs plastered to their cell phones, or listening to their MP3.  Some truly ignorant behavior has developed around the use of cell phones.  Folks doing business across the counter while talking away on their cells, come to think of it I've seen both parties involved in a transaction gabbing away on their cells.  Ask any teacher what they think of their students and their cells phones in class.  It won't be pretty.

In my opinion we have  become a nation of isolated souls, wandering around with our faces plated in electronic devices, or having our hearing destroyed by loud music is our ears or blasting us from the mega speakers in our cars.  With all this going on their is no time to think on things or to have a conversation across a diner table.

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  1. I totally agree. Music is horrible these days and people wear those headphones all the time so they don't have to think.