Tuesday, August 4, 2015


No matter how fucked up their actions are.  Today this story of a school officer handcuffing an 8 year old with ADD.  It is less than amusing to watch the talking heads trying to justify actions like this. They spew all kinds of outlandish excuses to say the action was right and proper.

I will say just one thing about this because scenes like this have been appearing more and more across our lands, from our streets to our school the rogue cops are on the hunt.  White ,Black,Brown or Red all citizens are in danger of being accosted by cops.

I feel things are right on the edge of another 1968 , an event triggered by another stupid cop action.  For those cops to be acquitted ignited the folks to riot and who could blame them..  Several incidents of late could have triggered the same kind of response from the people,,  It didn't blow up as big but it had potential .  If the police are not brought back to do their job as it should be done it is only a matter of time for the country to blow up once again.

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  1. There is real rage out there. I agree with you it is close to overflowing.