Monday, November 28, 2011


The REAL STORY None of the classic institutions the right wing like to blame for the mortgage collapse are shown to be the problem in this piece, yes ,with numbers and graphs that make it clear. It's a long article and it's known that most won'r read it thru, but you should if your going to place blame on the people, Congress, democrats, Fannie and Freddie at least read and find out the real culprits were private lenders subject to no government regulations...

Friday, November 11, 2011


Every other day it seems, I see a story decrying the lack of skilled labor in the US today siting the lack of skills such as machinists, electrician, operators, all the old blue collar trades that existed just a few decades ago. It could not possibly be that the icons of industry shipped a huge amount of the blue collar jobs overseas and forced the closing of 50,000 factories in the states.. Throwing millions of middle class jobs out the window with no replacement even considered. So of course when all those jobs disappeared the strength of the unions that had made them good paying jobs lost a lot of their political power. 7% of the work force , down from the high point of 35%. Ole Ross Perot had it just right the sucking sound continues today as even this late in the game, factories are closing, jobs are disappearing and we have a 22% unemployment rate.. With things in the job market looking so bleak employers have the ability to drive wages forever downward..Then a few states pass laws that drives the illegal work force they have been exploiting for 30 out of site overnight.. The employers cry their crops are rotting in the fields, nobody will stand 10 hours a day for minimum wage gutting catfish. I haven't heard a peep out of the slaughter houses but you can bet they are scrambling for workers too.. Once shitty but good paying jobs disappeared when the illegals were put in these jobs and would work for little (which was still better than their home countries) . Now that they have destroyed the work force from both ends , they cry and cry. I would guess the thought never crossed their minds that if they upped their pay the workers would come... Why should they probaly have a CDS to cover that happeing.. So instead of paying a decent wage they let it rot and collect the insurance.. A recent poll of 18 to 25 year olds found that manufacturing jobs was dead last in fields of work to train for... They act surprised. Jesus Christ they spent the last 30 years destroying the blue collar jobs that their fathers used to give them a good middle class life style and maybe in the end years of their life riding the unemployment rolls.. and gaze in wonder that no one wants to train for these now nonexistent jobs. Gee what a shocker.. Let's not even consider that if they did want to train for a manufacturing job just where in the hell they would get their training.. The school system won't even consider vocational training as part of their curriculum, the unions have down sized their apprentice programs and the very folks who need the help think they can go to a labor tree and just pick exactly what they need.. What spend money on a training program , are you kidding me , there goes their bonus or their stockholders rise in return.. In the same article linked above the opening sentence says "All economists know that a strong manufacturing base is essential for a strong economy" just where the hell these smart asses been the last 30 years as our manufacturing base was destroyed. We all sat by and watched because we were told the Walmart would sell us the junk from China cheap, they sold it but I don't see the cheap now except in quality.. In the end the old saying "What goes around comes around" is going to happen in manufacturing business. China and India have had their day in the sun.. Power and water and pollution will bring their success to a screeching halt. Their own internal financial problems will force them to concentrate on their own country as they join the now "OCCUPY THE WORLD" movement.. The movement will become a political force in time but I doubt it will bear the name Democrat or Republican in any thing other than name... It will bring about a change in how things are done, what we the people want will once again come into play.. At the bottom of despair you have to keep your eyes focused on up..Hard to do I know.. Just do it and get involved..

Thursday, November 10, 2011


This video will make you a Cain fan and will surely make you vote for him.. A must view

Sunday, November 6, 2011


The recent Supreme Court decision that made corporations people seems to me to be a two edged sword. If corporations are people , then people must be corporations, and therefore should be treated the same under the law , tax law, civil and criminal law.. On the positive side for us people we should gain the right to deduct the cost of doing our family, that's right we should be able to write off food, clothes, transportation and every other cost of running our business (our family) When you stop and think about your own finances if like most of us there is nothing left in the old checkbook at the end of the month, it cost us all we make just to live.. so we would owe no taxes just like a majority of corporations . On the legal side if we were treated the same as present day corporations , we could lie, cheat, steal with no penalties just like the big boys.. We could invent products that were unsafe , don't work more than once, print our own money, make our own rules.. and escape without penalty Oh yeah, and we could go bankrupt with ease, reincorporate, shine our creditors, steal our house ,cars, and boats by moving them to a foreign flag registrations making them untouchable by our laws. Sounds like a totally democratic idea to me.. Liberty for ALL!


This morning I fast forwarded thru most of each talk show (all the biggees) to see if they would even mention the OCCUPY MOVEMENT. I was not surprised to see not one mention of it , not even in passing.. The Cain story was featured in every show. Basically if not for the fast forward I would have wasted 4 hours of my time looking for actual news... Awhile back I quit watching these shows altogether as they are so obviously controlled media that is not worth your time to watch... Is it any wonder that so many of us know so little of what goes on even in this country and almost nothing about what goes on in the world.. Even a news/political hound such as I have reached a point of disgust where you quit looking... It takes some serious time to scan the net for stories with meaning, with the help of News readers you can narrow the time down some, but you still have to be dedicated enough to look.. The Occupy Movement sparked a new interest in me in that finally the masses are in the street and raising hell. With the help of the cops in places like New York and Oakland the movement has grown a lot in the little time it has been out there..The MSM ignoring them is a sure sign the PTB are worried they don't want you to know about Occupy. So we are steered toward Social Media and Foreign news sources to keep up with what is going on in our own country...


Throughout this financial crisis banks and other financial institutions have shown they are too big to exist but the glaring truth is they are too incompetent to exist .. This postshows they cannot track a single dollar transaction and threatened this coupe with foreclosure and ruined their credit rating while they were at it. From Ponzi schemes to flat out gambling a huge chunk of the financial world adds nothing of material value to the economy. In fact you can see clearly in the manipulation of the stock market with fast track trading transactions lasting on average 30 seconds do nothing but run prices up and down at will.. This means little to the average American as they own little stock personally. When they start playing in the commodity markets it does affect us on a daily basis.. Check you supermarket stubs over the last few years and you will be shocked at the increase of prices... Of course you already pooped your pants when you stopped at the gas station first. Quite simply these institutions need to be eliminated and or regulated stiffly to get them back to doing business as they were originally chartered to do..

Friday, November 4, 2011


During a speech to volunteers in Mass. Elizabeth Warren was verbally attacked by a rude and crude "TEABAGGER" who called her a SOCIALIST WHOREsuch class I haven't seen since my school yard days. This is all the right wing has to do is to be an asshole at a meeting of a candidate addressing her volunteers.. Surprisingly he got out in one piece.. If Scot Brown is resorting to these tactics this early in the race you can count on it getting real ugly when he sees just how bad his ass is going to get beat. Mr Brown himself has said some nasty things about Elizabeth on his own.. The right wing are a class act ,you be sure to vote them right out of office.. If you can watch the Hardball version of this clip , they cleaned it up somehow and took all the noise out so you can clearly hear this assholes words... I think MSNBC and been watching a little to much CI. I looked and looked trying to find the cleaned up version.. but couldn't find it..