Thursday, July 31, 2014


Paul Craig Roberts formerly of Republican regimes, turned critic of the whole mess that is US policy today , lays out what our game plan is and has been for a very long time.  Needless to say administrations  of both camps have carried the ball and never  changed a line of the game plan.

In other blogs I have called to view some of the insane ideas floated by the bunch of crazies we call our government, the most egregious of those being the change of our nuclear strike force from retaliation to a first strike system.  A totally stupid and earth ending scheme.  With thousands of warheads on both sides some of which are deployed at see submerged and withing minutes of striking either country , the thought that either side can pull off a first strike is ridiculous.  One missile boat on either side can throw enough into the air to totally destroy either country taking the rest of the world with us.

Equally stupid is massing troops and materials for a ground attack on Russia.  Seems to me the Germans got their asses handed to them by these same Russians in WW2, didn't they?  Yet we can't kick scraggly armies like Iraq, or Afghanistan yet we think we can take Russia.

Some time somewhere common sense has to take hold and reign in these assholes or have destruction  of the whole world.  If we the people don't wake up and take charge of our own government then I guess you could say we deserve what we get.  But shit Oh Dear I would prefer to go of old age not as nuclear dust.      


As any good reader of my blogs it is your duty to call a post bullshit and research it on your own.  On 21 July I created a post stating that the whole gig was a US scheme to blame Russia for the shootdown and therefore get NATO nations to join a boycott of Russian business.  That didn't work out to good as news started filtering in from non us sources proving that it wasn't Russia and it wasn't pro Russian rebels but was actually shot down by Ukraine forces.

So having failed to pull that off over the weekend a State dept official Tweeted that he had Google Earth images showing Russian artillery was shooting into Ukraine,  once again another false flag operation.

Early research showed the whole gig was a US plot to stir the pot and put Russia on the defense .  Russia being a primary supplier of Natural gas to all of Europe.. An example they supply 40% of Germany's gas.  There are no alternate supplies to replace their gas so any sanctions we float will not be successful.

Although not mentioned anywhere in relation to the Ukraine mess I am convinced the driving forces behind this move are the fear that the BRIC agreements essentials bypassing the dollar in trade between these four countries with others considering joining has the US shitting in their pants.  Once the dollar ceases to be the primary trade currency we loose control of the world.  This has been predicted for a long time and perhaps this is the beginning of the end of the dollar dominance .

Day by day more evidence surfaces that this whole boondoggle is of US design.  So stay focused and stay ahead of the propaganda.

Thursday, July 24, 2014


Days after beating the drums that Russian forces were behind the downing of flight 17 the intelligence community is stepping forward and saying that the company line is basically bullshit.  HERE'S THE STORY .

In a previous post I put forth my idea that it was not the rebels or Russia that downed the plane but it was actually the Ukraine army that did it.

This  goes along with the other (evidence? ) that was total fiction so badly put together that anybody really taking a few minutes to consider it as evidence had to start laughing.  Geez, if you gonna tell lies hire somebody  good to do it.  Romney or GW Bush, or maybe even Dick Chaney are probably available for a fee.

What bothers me deeply is the attempt once again by our government to lie us into another confrontation to foster their own intent.  In my short lifetime we have been lied into the Viet Nam War, Iraq, Afghanistan being the major ones, not counting the hundreds of little incursions we have initiated.

Out brutish actions have caused Nations to start forming alliances for monetary action, military actions and severance of ties to the dollar.  Even German who has stood by our side forever is having second thoughts .  So taking stock we have pissed off every Muslim in the world, and turned many into actively trying to hurt us.  Half of Europe, Asia, Japan, Brazil, India are turning away from our hegemony goals as so they should.

Perhaps, this could be the start of really downsizing our military forces.  It is already happening with the Army announcement they were releasing 8000 officers from duty early.   Coupled with  expensive weapons systems that don't work and or not wanted, take for instance the F35, The Osprey , The Littoral ship and many other systems so expensive to boggle your mind.  Just eliminating the few mentioned would reduce the military budget by a bunch.


Another prisoner has had to suffer through another two hour prolonged execution.  Yet still keep trying these ineffective drugs. If you are one who just has to have a life to pay for a life then here's away to do the  job without it getting messy.

A shot of twilight sleep followed by hookup to a tank of nitrogen and 10 seconds it's over, no fuss, no mess, just over.

Given the know state of the countries courts and their perverted attempts to create justice along with the proven mistakes they often make, it would be better to just do away with the death penalty.

But if you just have to do it, then do it as above, you will have your dignity left and allow the convict have some too.


Here's how your status is being determined.  HERE.  Within the article is  link to the actual handbook of rules.  It is quite astonishing how little info is required to get on the list, but how next to impossible it is to get off.  A kid could say I heard my mom say communism  isn't so bad to his teacher and bam dear old ma is on the list.  


Sure I am well aware my take on MH17 is 180 out from what your hearing from US news (propaganda ) sources.  That's the main reason for posting, after hour after hour of talking heads spouting what hour by hour to be totally wrong from facts independently  gathered I felt it necessary to post my take from my gathering of facts.  Below is just a few links used to from my decision.

Before listing the links I would like to point out that the national news this morning is waffling all over the place trying to get out of the bullshit they planted the past few days.

The National news have all bared their selves to us to show they truly are just a propaganda machine. Every one of them hacked the same tired old story over and over and over again, therefore by government definition becomes (THE TRUTH)

There are many other links if you want to find your own.

Monday, July 21, 2014


Take a deep breath, and throw away at least half of what you are hearing blaming it on the Pro Russian forces.

Just answer a few questions for me will you.
1. What could the rebels possibly have to gain by pulling this off?
   When at best it could bend world opinion against them.
2.  There is damn little evidence that the rebels had an operational missile unit.
3..  There is evidence that Kiev control rerouted the plane across a route taking them directly across a dangerous route. (the control tapes have been confiscated by Ukraine)( but wait that data will be on the black boxes)
4. The attempt to classify this as a terrorist act is plainly an attempt to align other nations to the idea that the rebels did it.
5.  Little mention of the 20 missile batteries that Ukraine has.
6. No discussion of what the rebels have to gain out of this act. and a better question what would Ukraine have to gain by doing it.  My thoughts are that Ukraine had a lot more to gain, painting the rebels as terrorists .

There are many events building up to this action.  Russia even made a better offer to Ukraine than the EU offer of more austerity and years of pain, this brought about the overthrow of the government and installed a US puppet to power.  Who incidentally their first acts after gaining control is to start a purge of Russian speaking Ukrainians , and other Nazi like tricks.

The fact that the US is once again caught with it's hands in somebody else's cookie jar and as usual screwing it up.  This all only makes sense when you consider the stated US shift to the Pacific area military wise gives you a sense of what this is all about.  The control of EU energy supplies is what they are after and at the same time limit Russian influence in the EU.

To think for one minute that , that part of the world is sitting on their hands letting us run away with the cookies.  Of course they are not.  You have probably heard that the BRIC nations have formed an economic pact to counter the horrible world of the IMF, and now rumors are flying that a lot of the rest of the G20 are interested in joining .  My what a change that would make if they could make the IMF go away.

My bottom line is and this is on the record"  I believe that Ukraine is responsible for this act, all of common sense dictates that they had the most to gain if they could blame this on the rebels, while the rebels had absolutely nothing to gain by this act.  The Ukrainian butchers are capable of this act  and had the motivation to do this deed.


As to if the dispersement of military grade hardware to police department would ever be used , well here is a very good example of it being used to disperse an orderly crowd protesting the shutting off of water to citizens in the Detroit area.

They were a peaceable assembly exercising what use to be our right to assembly and protest, that seems to be  thing of the past. We have heard about these ear shattering devices were being handled out to the police and had been used once before during an Occupy demo.  Now they have been used to quell an assembly protesting the shutting off of thousands of water users in Detroit.

Detroit seems to be the cutting edge of what they intend for the rest of us, one state at a time.  Water shut off, street lighting disabled, pensions cut, benefits cut, the sale of publicly  owned art work.  They are not finished yet, and others are eying the success of these operations, so stand for more of the same where you live.

Meantime the cities creditors are getting most of their loot back much of which was put in place by criminal action (according to me).   The city utilities are  being sold off to private companies who of course will raise the prices of these necessary utilities.  Living in Detroit in the summer without A/C or water has to be loads of fun.  Yeah sure 50 years ago most didn't have A/C and we survived but that was then and this is now.  Water is not a nicety it is a necessity and now they are shutting it off or pricing it out of the reach of the average citizen.

If you want to see the results of this kind of privatizing of utilities read this piece that points out the failures of privatizing of utilities world wide with examples of how the people took care of the problem .