Monday, July 21, 2014


As to if the dispersement of military grade hardware to police department would ever be used , well here is a very good example of it being used to disperse an orderly crowd protesting the shutting off of water to citizens in the Detroit area.

They were a peaceable assembly exercising what use to be our right to assembly and protest, that seems to be  thing of the past. We have heard about these ear shattering devices were being handled out to the police and had been used once before during an Occupy demo.  Now they have been used to quell an assembly protesting the shutting off of thousands of water users in Detroit.

Detroit seems to be the cutting edge of what they intend for the rest of us, one state at a time.  Water shut off, street lighting disabled, pensions cut, benefits cut, the sale of publicly  owned art work.  They are not finished yet, and others are eying the success of these operations, so stand for more of the same where you live.

Meantime the cities creditors are getting most of their loot back much of which was put in place by criminal action (according to me).   The city utilities are  being sold off to private companies who of course will raise the prices of these necessary utilities.  Living in Detroit in the summer without A/C or water has to be loads of fun.  Yeah sure 50 years ago most didn't have A/C and we survived but that was then and this is now.  Water is not a nicety it is a necessity and now they are shutting it off or pricing it out of the reach of the average citizen.

If you want to see the results of this kind of privatizing of utilities read this piece that points out the failures of privatizing of utilities world wide with examples of how the people took care of the problem .

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  1. You are correct, Detroit is ground zero, and these tactics will spread until the population is under total control.