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Not that were going to get any from these guys.. I will publish lies from both sides when they become obvious.  Here are
Ryan's top ten

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


A comment on one of my posts the other day was"HATRED HAS NO POLITICAL CONNECTION" Oh really, I named a few of the right wing favorites who the poster admitted to listening too, (and there is nothing wrong with that)  but to say they do not speak hate says that you may agree with their rants.. they freely attack women, gays, democrats , liberal organizations, individuals whatever is in their periscopes that day... The famous Mr. Limbaugh went so far as to call a college girl a slut because she testified for the use of birth control pills .. 

Not only are these rants political they have religious connections too, the anti gay, abortion, the pill .. you know the rest.. 

Of course their are liberal hate talkers too, a few, and sometimes they cross the line but not on a daily basis... All I am asking is for those of you who listen admit that they sometime talk hate.. They do and sometimes it inspires some to action..

They know no shame is who they attack and drive religious groups to disgusting acts like picketing gay soldiers funerals.. 

They should be held responsible for the rabble they incite...  



Greed and Debt: The True Story of Mitt Romney and Bain Capital | Politics News | Rolling Stone

Matt Taibbi explains Equity Investors (which include Mitt) and I know some will say well hell it's just business and business's job is to make money for it's investors... Somewhere (at least in the old days) people , their lives and good fortune were apart of corporate concerns and the workers shared in the good fortune of the company.   All that has gone away in the last few decades and people have become a means to an end.. Get rid of people and you increase the end..

So as a result of the destruction of our middle class and our industrial base we are left with what?  Waiters, bartenders, and care givers and Venture Vultures and Fast Track Traders... Building nothing and destroying much...

Greed and Debt: The True Story of Mitt Romney and Bain Capital | Politics News | Rolling Stone:

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Top Economists: Iceland Did It Right … And Everyone Else Is Doing It Wrong - Washington's Blog

Readers of my blog know that I have been saying this for months..including examples of what they did and how it worked..They are now well along the way to recovery and we are still bailing out the crooks..

Top Economists: Iceland Did It Right … And Everyone Else Is Doing It Wrong - Washington's Blog:

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Republican Platform Will Feature End of Medicare as We Know It | FDL News Desk

There it is in black and white.  Deny all you want it's in your platform.

Republican Platform Will Feature End of Medicare as We Know It | FDL News Desk:

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White Terrorist Plot to Assassinate the 'Commander in Chief' | Informed Comment

The right wing mouthpieces(Limbaugh, Savage, Beck, O'reilly) think that the drivel they put out is harmless .  Day after day evidence surfaces that by inciting these crazies out there brings them to committing acts of violence.. It is not known as of this writing how many belonged to this militia . Hopefully they will get one more of the members to rat out the entire list of these nutjobs...

Meantime my right wing friends keep encouraging your raging media outlets to keep up the good work.. It 's truly harmless and a fine example of freedom of speech..
White Terrorist Plot to Assassinate the 'Commander in Chief' | Informed Comment:

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The presidency: So, Mitt, what do you really believe? | The Economist

One of the most conservative serious newspapers in the world can't figure out  where Mitt stands on anything...Since we all know he has been on both sides of damn near every issue..It's good to see even these guys flumxed as to where he stand,,

The presidency: So, Mitt, what do you really believe? | The Economist:

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Sunday, August 26, 2012


OK, I am a senior , but I have not went batshit crazy yet.. In some polls seniors favor Romney's Medicare plan over Obama's.  There is no other way to look at this crazy shit.. They believe they are still rugged individualists who must be thinking I got mine fuck You'all in the future...Granted this poll is only in three states but one of them is Florida home for lots and lots of seniors.. I am suspecting something in the water is rotting their brains..

I can hear the cries of Romney does not want to turn Medicare into a voucher plan  .. All I can suggest is that they turn their hearing aids up and don't take a nap during the news.. Yes they do want to turn Medicare into a voucher system. Here's the fact check

Here's the part where you pay attention.. The voucher starting in 2023 would be for $7500 for you to use to go buy a private plan that provides the same coverage as Medicare...good luck with that..My current plan and that of my teacher son's run to $16,000 bucks a year..what do you thing they will cost in 2023?  And provide basically 80% coverage..

The part of the Romney plan that does not get talked about is the changes in Medicaid.. Cutting the federal part and shifting the costs to the states that are already having trouble covering Medicaid..and are already making cuts in the system that have to cost more money overall.. When you cut home health care, and home hospice and other programs designed to keep seniors out of nursing homes these changes will force these folks into nursing homes (an undesirable move) that will cost Medicaid much much more..

So you seniors who think Romney's plan is better are dead wrong and need to do their homework..Seniors in the future deserve the same or better than we have now.. If you think not then you are part of the generation who thinks I've got mine, screw you..There is no other way to look at this..

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Tampa Area Republicans terrified of Tea Party, Ryan (Guzzo) | Informed Comment

Hot damn they are eating their own... Even republicans can't handle these craziesl.. So what the hell did the Koch brothers have in mind when they spawned the baggers... If this piece is even half correct the republican party is done as a party...

Perhaps my wish of a new third party will come to fruitation.. since we are about as fed up with our leadership as they are with theirs.. This could get interesting...

Tampa Area Republicans terrified of Tea Party, Ryan (Guzzo) | Informed Comment:

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Google Reader (1000+):

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THIS BAD.  If he is really ready to risk a one term Presidency to by killing Social Security, then you would have to say it is among his top priorities..

So if you will look at the economic plight of present day seniors and know that future seniors will have even less HOW COULD YOU VOTE FOR A GUY WHOSE PRIME  DIRECTIVE IS TO KILL A PROGRAM THAT KEEPS MOST OUT OF POVERTY AND A HORRIBLE DEATH . Oh, I suppose you could if you are some hard hearted ass that is well enough off that it doesn't affect you , you will vote for this promoter of  a terrifying old age..

Friday, August 24, 2012

Op-Ed: Texas judge wants to raise taxes to prepare for civil war

This whacko threatened the life of the President and is still on the street.. He should be in the slamer   for the threat.

Meantime  a veteran in VA. if committed for a post on Facebook saying there is a revolution coming and I will lead it

Seems like the dude in Texas and the sheriff who said he would back them should both be in jail for a death threat on the president .. The latter being a crime the former just bravado..

Op-Ed: Texas judge wants to raise taxes to prepare for civil war:

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012



The historical chart of the US deficit clearly shows where the current deficit problem came from and when it started.. Yep your right Regan/Bush started the climb with tax cuts and unfunded wars... Clinton came in and lowered it a bit..Then Bush 2 had a whack at in and once again tax cuts and unfunded wars led the charge up the ladder..and Yes Obama continued the rise and I will take credit for that with a caveat . The economic problems left by the housing bust had the economy on the brink of depression and Obama floated a package to try and save it.. but because a lot of it was tax cuts it was just enough to slow the fall...There may be lots more out there because of bank bailouts that are not on the books.

Now look at chart 2 wages,benefits and productivity.. Wages and benefits have remained virtually flat while productivity shot thru the roof.. normally with a rise in productivity  wages and benefits would rise but not for the last 40 years.   

Now look at chart 1 Corporate Productivity..except for a violent downturn during the housing crash the productivity has shot way up.. several factor contributed to this rise.. robots and laying off workers and outsourcing compete factories .   

In summary : here we sit at 22% unemployment, wages and benefits flat for almost 40 years, real inflation thru the roof, corporate profits at all time highs. 46000 factories closed.. A middle class well on the way to destruction.  Recent college grads without jobs.  Generations of workers out of work with a slim chance of ever working again... All time high folks on unemployment, food stamps and welfare. Half of homeowners underwater on their mortgages. Credit card debt and student loans thur the roof.. Suffering all around us..While corporations and the rich are wealthier than ever..Not a formula for future success.. 

While the candidates of both parties talk of austerity programs, large budget cuts mostly from social program and even two use to be sacred cows Medicare and Social Security on the chopping block...

Meantime we haggle for days on a definition of rape.  While meaningless adds full of lies , half truths, and name calling by both sides and we sit out here either lapping it up or switching it off...   

Providing me with the only good reason to be 75, I have lived in the best of times, times that will not be seen for quite awhile if ever.

Economists Risk Labeling as Political Hacks - Bloomberg

It's fairly common knowledge that economists say whatever it takes to maintain their grants... So these guys are greasing the skids just in case there is a Romney win.

A  simple question to ask this bunch is show me one country that fiscal austerity has worked for in this downturn.. Europe is falling apart due to the fiscal austerity programs being put in place.. 

Austerity has never worked and they damn well know it or they would be slinging examples ..they don't , because their aren't any..

So go ahead and vote Romney , but beware I am going to terrorize you with story after story of his failure...I will admit that even Obama is talking austerity too.. If he carries thru with those fixes the same failure will apply to him...  

Economists Risk Labeling as Political Hacks - Bloomberg:

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012


You'll love the source of this video and think I have gone bananas to use it,  However the theory here is correct  We are entering a Great Depression the down turn started a long time ago and is different that the last Great Depression In that it has taken longer to hit bottom..

The truth is that all the major nations will end of defaulting on their debt..Making everything come to a halt.. everything.. This piece says all that all that will be left of value is Gold and the dollar..I am not so sure about the dollar.

The country is no different than a family... A family can go bankrupt and be shed of their debt burden and continue on a pay as you go routine until your credit is restored .. Countries are no different.. Even though their will be  world wide crash their will always be rich folk out there who want to get richer and will fund a currency to get a return on their investment.. Think Germany between the great wars... Germany went bankrupt so Hitler created a new currency , paid off the old debt with inflated currency and built The WW2 war machinery with the new currency.. So that's how it can be done.

Either way for us common folk their will be a period of great pain, will we survive it ?  Not unless we are willing to give up some silly ideas of what an American is.. We are not rugged individualists (although we have been told that is our difference with the rest of humankind) ,  We will only survive as communities working together to survive and rebuild.. We will have to take our religions back within our churches and be satisfied that being saved is the persons own problem .. We will have to relearn that race does not make a difference , nor does your religion, nor your sexual preference , not is what you do with our own body my business.  Above all else we will have to give up our fear , since 911 the country has turned into a large whimpering mass.

I am fearful that we cannot.. In these troubled times we are left with political parties that resort each election cycle to return to their old tried and true schemes....For the Right its "GAGG" god, abortion, gays and guns.  For the left it is attack the rich, save the social net , equalize the monetary  rewards, and spend to promote growth.  However neither side offers any real programs to carry out their separate agendas.  We get broad paint brushes of what they will do , no specifics , no numbers, no real idea of what they will do..We do know by example they will say one thing and then do something  else.. If we are to survive it will be up to you and me pulling together not from the rich fold suddenly throwing money at the problem.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Va. Veteran Detained After Strident Facebook Posts - ABC News

Free speech my ass... This vet did not say anything that I haven't said and simply said if there is a revolution count him in.  It was a Facebook post and we all know that anything posted of Facebook is absolutely fact.. I doubt they can prove he actually posted it.. and even if he did they had no right to detain him.. Just one more benefit of modifying laws to fit the scared as shit American hoards..

Save you dimes and nickles kiddies.. I may need help hiring lawyer..

Va. Veteran Detained After Strident Facebook Posts - ABC News:

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President considers tapping oil reserves

The current crisis is not caused by a lack of oil,, it is simply a small bunch of speculators controlling 80%  of the oil futures market. They run the prices up and down at will with their huge piles of money..They are making a killing and we are getting killed.

The President has two solutions at hand.  Both easy choices..There is already on the books laws that empower the Commodity Exchange to put severe limits on futures , they can be forced to do this by Presidential  order...Happens to be  republican that was second in command that congress has blocked the appointment of the new chief.. There are job opening in Alaska , a transfer is easy to do..

Or the President controls the Plunge Protection Team and they have unlimited supplies of money they could plunge into the futures market and drive the prices the wrong way in a minute .. Busting all the hedge funds playing in the oil game..

Simple choices , but don't hold your breath..

Production of oil is at an all time high and consumption is at a 20 year low , prices should be below two buck'

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Former special forces officers slam Obama over leaks on bin Laden killing -

Here comes the ole Swift Boat crowd attacking Obama for taking too much credit for killing Bin Laden and for leaking secrets of the operation... So I'm sure all you righties out there will jump on this as being absolutely true.

Before I call completely  batshit crazy I would like you to remember who got blamed for the failed rescue of embassy personnel in Iran.. Carter got crucified for that operation when it was equipment failure, never the less the right wing blamed him,

Now if you bought into Carter being a failure of a mission then you are bound to give Obama credit for this op.  If not get yourself a" I'M BATSHIT CRAZY" for your bumper.

Former special forces officers slam Obama over leaks on bin Laden killing -

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OK, there seems to be little argument that our school systems are in trouble.  But the rush to Charter schools is not the answer, and here's the evidence that proves it.

Any time you think you can deliver a product (be it education or healthcare) better and cheaper with a for profit outfit than you can is a non-profit organization ,you gotta be smoking dope , else you would challenge me every time I bring this up.  So far no takers.

The evidence given in this piece shows clearly the intent of the Charter School  drive is just another poorly hidden scheme to bust the teachers unions (one of the last powerful unions) and demote teacher status to that of a Walmart worker... low pay, long hours  and no benefits...

Other great examples of privatizing lay close at hand, the privatizing of parts of the military where operators make 3 and 4 or more times than than their military equals.. We all know that is cheaper (if we could only find out how much more) .

Privatizing roads and bridges and even lowly parking meters become huge money makers for the buyers and more expense for us.. Have you ever considered that if the buyers make money from something they bought dirt cheap, could have been more money in the city coffers every year instead one time income.. 

Folks we are being taken for a ride on the death train and we sit in the club car swilling beer, with Obama and champagne with romney while the frigging train runs off the track.  Time to sober up gang..

Saturday, August 18, 2012

TVWho: Gen. Wesley Clark Shocker on 9/11 “Policy Coup” -

A short 6 minute video where Gen Wesley Clark explains to us simpletons what we are up too in the Middle East...He found out in 91 from our old friend Paul and now 20 years later we see the deeds almost done.. We certainly have turned the ME upside down but what of it do we control?  So to sum up our country is being driven by a small band of lunatics sacrificing our boys and treasury to satisfy their wet dream.   

TVWho: Gen. Wesley Clark Shocker on 9/11 “Policy Coup” - WhoWhatWhy:

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Paul Ryan’s Vicious Budget

Like I said a Angel of death....

Paul Ryan’s Vicious Budget » Counterpunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names:

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Meet Barack Obama-As I posted the other day the only difference is different colored scoks

This Counterpunch piece spells it out quite well.

Meet Barack Obama » Counterpunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names:

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Stumbling Towards Nuclear War?

Paul Craig Roberts in this piece paints a picture of the US stand in the world most likely the views of most of the world.. I can't argue aginst the points he makes on our essentially unilateral actions against anyone we damn well choose.. Anyone who thinks our stance is right should march down today and sign up for the military... OH wait , none of them have served and probably don't have the mental capacity to be trained.  

We could all get along but we have to start.

Stumbling Towards Nuclear War? » Counterpunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names:

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Friday, August 17, 2012


The auto industry that Obama kept from bankruptcy and now provides the need for parts made by the company in this story is being dismantled and moved to (where else) China..

You get only one guess who is the culprit... Yep , you got it Bain Capital (spawn of Romney)  Don't matter to me that he is not there anymore it was supposedly his at startup and is where he made his loot doing the nasty deed to a lots of factories , jobs, pensions, and insurance for thousands..

Give him the country you'all and just watch...

The original story came from where else?  The Guardian

They are just lucky I am not working there , I would train my Chinese replacement , OH , how I would train them...


We all have been expecting the big crash of the world economy and true enough we have been waffling around the edges waiting..waiting for the next country to go down that will break the camels back..

This The big boys are selling stocks, banks and big funds are buying gold , the stock market has been signaling a top and the evidence in this link is proof that the hot shots of the world are preparing for just that...

Many will have different takes on this info and that makes it your job to figure if it is right or not, or better yet make the argument here of why you think it isn't true..

Health care is crowding out everything. Social Security isn’t.

As I have been saying  switch to a single payer health care system and the problem goes away according to CBO

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Drought and the Second Ethanol Crash

Ethanol never was a good idea in my book.. Using valuable farm land for production of fuel never made sense to me in  a world starving in lots of places... It was  the major cause of small engine problem that you had to use additives to overcome.. It ate rubber components in carbs 

Drought and the Second Ethanol Crash:

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Thursday, August 16, 2012


If you are already a senior or have parents facing long term care in a nursing home you had better think twice about voting republican this year..  The cuts to Medicaid alone would have to cut severely the managed care portion of Medicaid since it is 90 percent of the cost of the program...

Think about having your parents having to live with you when they need full time care.. if  you haven't tried it you don't know what your are missing... We did it for 9 years and it was really really hard duty, but in the end they still both had to go to nursing facilities... While they were with us home health aids would come in several times a week for baths etc and that helped..If you have noticed the budget cuts have already impacted the amount of this health that is available.

The right wing insists that they don't want government in their healthcare while Medicare takes care of most of their bills.. go figure.. Stupid is stupid... you can't draw Medicare and be against government care so I would suggest you change your tune or burn your Medicare ..(i won't plan on cooking hot dogs over the fire)

All Medical costs can be covered with single payer government run health care.. but truly to really bring costs down the government has to pay the bill directly to the doctors not thru some insurance company as Medigap does.

If they would just allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices as the VA does tons of money (billions ) could be saved.. One exapample ,When I buy a prescription from my corner drugstore (not a chain) their cost is $154 (that's making nothing on this one) where as if I bought the same drug mail order the cost is $57.  Those kind of savings would be possible with the government bargaining for price.

I have tested the knowledge about Medicaid around town and not many know what the program pays for..You and they should learn before you vote..

A little challenge for readers.  What is the amount of the voucher Romney/Ryan propose to give you.?   You will not I bet find one .   Here is as close as I could get 

Another challenge for you.. Can you show me any other thing in this world that costs of an item with a 30% overhead in manufacture than a product with only a 3% overhead.. Of course you can't   but that what Romney/Ryan are selling you a huge piece of bullshit...


Monday, August 13, 2012


Disclaimer: I fully realize that most of the fixes coming up are probably next to impossible given the current politics of the country, but these are just items that would fix our economic woes for a long time to come... It's your job to figure out how to get this done..

Budget deficits are all the rage at present and both parties start swinging  the ax at the social programs that keep the bottom from completely falling from under as many as 100 million of us which their cuts to these programs will not fix..

Going to a single payer heath care program all alone fixes the long term deficit spending problem.  See this link for proof.

Fixing Social Security for the long term requires a raise in payroll taxes by 2% (1% for employee and employer) .  See this link.  There are many ways(12 listed in the link) to fix this problem and as employer based retirement programs are disappearing many people will rely on Social Security being there and the simple tax increase does that . If you throw in a few other of the taxing ideas there would be no problems in the future.  Reducing benefits starting now is not the answer and does not fix long term problems..   Making part of your contribution part of your IRA is one of the worse ideas of all,most don't have the time or knowledge to do that successfully.

1.Restore the Bush tax cuts.
2.Tax Fast Track Trading profits as regular income..
3.Tax all offshore money at same rates as income parked here.
4. Put in place Import Tariffs industry by industry to protect and bring home manufacturing that we deem necessary for security and good paying jobs..

RESETTING THE BANKS: Return Glass-Stegall law into effect-break up the big banks as they were before .  Return marging requirements as they were before deregulation.

Bank Credit Card interest rate limited to 10%

INFRASTRUCTURE REBUILD .. provide sufficient funds to rebuild all are crumbling infrastructure and build new industries.
 1. Fund training programs to upgrade job skills needed by manufacturing and new skills as required.

Commence a massive rebuild of the National Electrical Grid.
Commence build out of a new National Rail System with the intent of moving most freight by train instead of trucks..

Fund startup technologies , such as solar, wind, and yes nuclear energy.. transition away from fossil fuels , particularly ethanol.

I can hear the screams now , that's Socialism your suggesting, nope it's Survialism .  Call it what you will , but whatever it is it won't be the further slide into third world status for all.

The Trickle Down Theory , Globalism, Free Trade and the lot of conservative economic theories have proven they are wrong , once again.. Why do we keep expecting different results from the same medicine.. As crazy as you might have thought about ole Ross Perot "His Great Sucking Sound Theory" was right on and now you are living with the results.. Suck it up and back the changes above and the change will come...Or not, welcome to Greece USA!


Saturday, August 11, 2012


A Mormon and an Atheist now there is a great choice for you right wing types... If  you work for a living or are planning on retiring , better look long and hard before voting for this ticket..

US Politics | AMERICAblog News: Who is Paul Ryan? Romney's VP choice is follower of militant atheist activist.:

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Romney /Ryan a sure prescription for the final death of the American Dream..Check out both of their budget plans and what do you see.  More tax cuts, a lot less regulation, reduction of the safety net programs, privatization of everything, more free trade.. Simplified , MORE OF THE SAME SHIT THAT GOT US HERE... Elect these twits and Greece will look like a high class resort in comparison.

Friday, August 10, 2012


Identifying the problems:
1. Our current economic crisis, caused by a runaway financial system that allowed banks, brokers, rating agencies to create a problem throughout the world, so huge that it probably cannot be fixed.

2. Peak Everything: Oil , food, water, energy, money, credit and throw people into that mix.. 

3. Corporate control of the world governments included.  Giving all of the profits from this control to a very few rich folk at the top.

4.In the case of the US population :  the destruction of the industrial empire we had built up for decades and built a vibrant middle class thru well paying blue collar jobs.  Outsourcing 46000 factories and the jobs they provided with them..  Essentially falling wages since at least 1980 that have household income to plunge to $46000 (and that's counting two wage earners)  

5. Allowed bubble after bubble to be blown and starting a new one to hide the effect of the last bubble that blew up.  Dot Com and Housing being the best example although commodity bubble one after the other has been blown and busted one after the other.. 

6. A total lack of ethical , moral, or legal behavior surrounds us daily and few if any are ever brought to task for their actions.

7.  Two major political parties who essentially are the same with few minor differences . The differences being the bones they throw to their bases... GAGG (god, abortion, gays , and guns)for the right 
wing..   Social  programs and other programs that throw bones to the left wing base.. Gay rights, women rights, minority rights among some of the lefts gifts..

While the above are surely not all the problems .  It is a place to start. With your input we can identify other areas and begin to put forth ways to put things right.

I will guarantee you that at times you will really be pissed off at some of my suggestion of fixes.. because there is nothing in this world that I won't attack the current popular stand to provide what I think will fix the problem.. 

So stable your pet horses and be prepared for combat.. The more input you provide the more interesting this will get..


Tuesday, August 7, 2012


But first a disclaimer -the video that is linked here is a neatly concealed investment pitch... However the first 70 minutes is pretty much parallel with the results of many years of research on my part..that point out that peak everything is approaching..
Taken from this piece which the link is part of

The basis of the report is that exponential growth will lead to the destruction of civilization... a distinct possibility... as the major factors of this report are easily found on your own , item by item.

In the future I will explore more deeply the results of my research into each topic..The difference in my finding are solutions will be offered to avoid the final outcome...

The simple fact that the average American's net worth (minus the value of his house is $5000) will divert your attention away from their investment choices..

Direct investment into the products they mention are not accesible to us average dudes... They are talking of stocks and we don't have any and don't have the money to buy some.. So they have wasted their times, but thanks for compiling the info into a good simple presentation ..

I hope you take the time to watch this and I invite you to comment on your take on the evidence presented... as I have said I will pursue each topic one at a time in the near future..


Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Benefits of Deflation: Inflation Be Damned! | Financial Samurai


The Benefits of Deflation: Inflation Be Damned! | Financial Samurai:

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