Thursday, August 16, 2012


If you are already a senior or have parents facing long term care in a nursing home you had better think twice about voting republican this year..  The cuts to Medicaid alone would have to cut severely the managed care portion of Medicaid since it is 90 percent of the cost of the program...

Think about having your parents having to live with you when they need full time care.. if  you haven't tried it you don't know what your are missing... We did it for 9 years and it was really really hard duty, but in the end they still both had to go to nursing facilities... While they were with us home health aids would come in several times a week for baths etc and that helped..If you have noticed the budget cuts have already impacted the amount of this health that is available.

The right wing insists that they don't want government in their healthcare while Medicare takes care of most of their bills.. go figure.. Stupid is stupid... you can't draw Medicare and be against government care so I would suggest you change your tune or burn your Medicare ..(i won't plan on cooking hot dogs over the fire)

All Medical costs can be covered with single payer government run health care.. but truly to really bring costs down the government has to pay the bill directly to the doctors not thru some insurance company as Medigap does.

If they would just allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices as the VA does tons of money (billions ) could be saved.. One exapample ,When I buy a prescription from my corner drugstore (not a chain) their cost is $154 (that's making nothing on this one) where as if I bought the same drug mail order the cost is $57.  Those kind of savings would be possible with the government bargaining for price.

I have tested the knowledge about Medicaid around town and not many know what the program pays for..You and they should learn before you vote..

A little challenge for readers.  What is the amount of the voucher Romney/Ryan propose to give you.?   You will not I bet find one .   Here is as close as I could get 

Another challenge for you.. Can you show me any other thing in this world that costs of an item with a 30% overhead in manufacture than a product with only a 3% overhead.. Of course you can't   but that what Romney/Ryan are selling you a huge piece of bullshit...



  1. Thank God I did four years of military service and a service-connected disability, because I qualify for VA health care and it is the best I've ever had, and I've been on just about every major health plan you can name. It was especially nice when your company would buy a new brand of cheaper insurance every year, causing you to have get all new doctors, etc. Screw Romney/Ryan.

  2. As I have said before, Romney and the gops say they will immediately veto the Obama Health Care. I ask them, what is the gop going to replace it with.
    The "conservative" extremes, like the tea pottiers seem to be mainly white haired or bald. They want to cut the deficit so why don't they just cut up their SS and Medicare cards and go out and pay for private health care like their party wants. That would take a load off the system and cut part of the deficit, right.
    Sounds like a plan to me. Challenge the conservatives to do what their party supports, quit medicare and buy private insurance!!