Friday, August 10, 2012


Identifying the problems:
1. Our current economic crisis, caused by a runaway financial system that allowed banks, brokers, rating agencies to create a problem throughout the world, so huge that it probably cannot be fixed.

2. Peak Everything: Oil , food, water, energy, money, credit and throw people into that mix.. 

3. Corporate control of the world governments included.  Giving all of the profits from this control to a very few rich folk at the top.

4.In the case of the US population :  the destruction of the industrial empire we had built up for decades and built a vibrant middle class thru well paying blue collar jobs.  Outsourcing 46000 factories and the jobs they provided with them..  Essentially falling wages since at least 1980 that have household income to plunge to $46000 (and that's counting two wage earners)  

5. Allowed bubble after bubble to be blown and starting a new one to hide the effect of the last bubble that blew up.  Dot Com and Housing being the best example although commodity bubble one after the other has been blown and busted one after the other.. 

6. A total lack of ethical , moral, or legal behavior surrounds us daily and few if any are ever brought to task for their actions.

7.  Two major political parties who essentially are the same with few minor differences . The differences being the bones they throw to their bases... GAGG (god, abortion, gays , and guns)for the right 
wing..   Social  programs and other programs that throw bones to the left wing base.. Gay rights, women rights, minority rights among some of the lefts gifts..

While the above are surely not all the problems .  It is a place to start. With your input we can identify other areas and begin to put forth ways to put things right.

I will guarantee you that at times you will really be pissed off at some of my suggestion of fixes.. because there is nothing in this world that I won't attack the current popular stand to provide what I think will fix the problem.. 

So stable your pet horses and be prepared for combat.. The more input you provide the more interesting this will get..



  1. That is a good list. One thing that would really help the deficit would be to elimintate the tax exemption for churches and all religious orders that preach and support the (not so right) Gops. According to the tax rules any non-profit exemption group that supports political individuals or parties, will lose their 501 non-profit exemption.
    And what about the old FCC rules about equal time for political candidates? Oh, I forgot that rule got thrown out too.
    Another thing would be to eliminate the tax incentives that the oil companies still get.
    Oops, how can I be so stupid, we all know they give piles of money for those subsidies and we sure wouldn't want them to lose any profits would we.

    1. Good suggestions and I will add them to the list..Since all scared cows will be considered with perhaps a guess if it would be possible..

  2. 10+ on this post. This puts the pieces together.

  3. I also agree completely with 'Shastaman's comment.