Friday, January 15, 2016


In his State of the Union Speech the president said the economy was good  and all those that said it isn't is selling fiction.  Well log me into to that bunch because the economy isn't well and it isn't just the US that is hurting it's the whole world and the scary part of that is that often these kinds of financial times brings on a major war.

Hence as I have noted on this blog recently that our neocons have been beating the war drums egging us on to a confrontation with Russia.  Keep in mind we haven't won a war since WW2 and Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan didn't have armies as capable as the Russian forces today.  Most experts that I can find say we cannot win a land war with Russia and from our poor performance against lite weights as the three states mentioned.  That's why they start talking a limited nuclear war, trust me there is no such thing as  a limited war.  If the button was ever pushed and weapons actually launched what is you best guess as to the Russian response.

So Mr. President, how can our economy be strong when things like the Baltic shipping index is at or near all time lows, this measures the shipping volume from all producing nations.  Container ships to deal with the decreased volume have cut their transit speeds form 13 1/2 knots to 9 knows to save fuel.

Out put from China is way down and they are battling like mad to keep the bottom from falling out of their economy.  Economies of developing nations are tanking too do to the depressed commodity market from which a lot of their incomes originate.


The fact that most of our economic numbers are fiction it's  easy for the president to say all is well and flips a few false charts up to make his points.  Anybody who has studied the problem knows that the numbers used by most economist are just made up numbers created by jingling the formulas to give them the numbers they want.

Sitting here watching the Dow bounce around a -500 and down 2000 points from the top a  12% drop the question on all our minds is this THE BIG ONE.  My guess that it is.  If your in the market , get out where to put you money is the question of they day>

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Our military planners are once again planning a nuclear  strike on Russia using battlefield nukes.  They believe they can pull this off with limited nuclear response from Russia.  I think they need to be relieved of command as this is the stupidest idea in the past 50 years.

Give me the good ole day of MAD (mutual assured destruction) stood as the operational mode for all nuclear forces. We operated at the time under the premises that we would only fire if fired upon. Today that is not true.  When these maniacs believe they can use battlefield nukes on Russia and they won't retaliate in kind is perverted thinking of the highest level.

Both sides are upgrading their offensive weapons after the US started talking about being able to pull off a limited nuclear strike.  The fact that Russia has begun to upgrade all their systems which are getting recognition by the rest of the world as being of top notch design. bringing the weapons profits to an ailing Russian economy.

In a world that is getting more dangerous day by day the offensive stance of the US towards Russia and China is proving to be a dangerous model for world peace.  Facing a global economic meltdown now is not the time to be beating the war drums.  As war has been the major tool out of a depression now is not the time to be planning on war.  We need to step up now and stop this nonsense.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016


In a  one hour speech on Wall street Bernie offered what his plans are for the big banks.  It's like he was reading off my laundry list of what needs to be done to put those criminals in the block for their crimes.   If he can get the congress to pass even a little bit of his program would be a good thing. Keep in mind if the right wing hated Obama they might invent a new word hate for they will surely hate Bernie.

You owe it to yourself to listen to this podcast even if you have no interest  in voting for Bernie you need to understand what needs to be done.