Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Ole Brownie hasn't got any brighter in the 7 years since his big fuckup responding to Katrina .  Today he said that Obama responded too quickly to hurricane Sandy.  Obama's FEMA director responded saying "better to be too fast and competent than too slow and incompetent "

For my money this is just a sample of what you would get with a Romney  presidency.  Privatize everything including outfits like FEMA and any good businessman knows they wouldn't gear up before the fact and then you get a Brownie response to everything..

Bumbling , incompetent shitheads will destroy this country , they already have a head start on this destruction///


The response to Sandy versus the response to Katrina.   You can have the Obama response or pick Romney and you get the Bush approach to response.. Romney after all would privatize FEMA and you would get the same thing the troops got out of contractor companies in Iraq.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Economic Realities of Social Security » Counterpunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names

As I have said repeatedly that no matter who is elected we face the prospects of Social Security being destroyed , yet it was not in the debates and is seldom if ever defended in the MSM .. We had  better all stay awake a be prepared to go on the offensive soon after the election. We are being set up to getting screwed and they own all the lube.
The Economic Realities of Social Security » Counterpunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names:

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Voting for Obliteration » Counterpunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names


Voting for Obliteration » Counterpunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names:

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Their was a very good reason the Prez didn't pick Elizabeth Warren to head the Consumer Protection Board, and here's the first clue why she wasn't .  They are about to give the banks protection against making false loans , junk one's as before.. In an attempt to blow another bubble.  At 40 billion a month going into the banks and then giving them absolution for the bad loans they make , guaranteeing them they can't get sued for their criminal acts looks like a good RICOH charge to me. Conspiracy to fuck the people ?  looks like it too me.


Or are they calling during dope smoking hours. Or do they simply have an arithmetic problem...Or are they shilling for Romney. Or was it just a slow news day.

Having watched all four debates their is no way that Romney/Ryan came out the winners- added together or viewed separately their is no way that Romney/Ryan came out on top.

Comparing the Prez and Romney 3 , Obama won two out of 3 clearly ..two out of 3 wins in rock, paper , scissors. or in a 3 round fight.. Two out of 3 is clearly the winner in every engagement..

Even giving Romney the first one had only  to do with style, Lies shouldn't count in a debate and he told more lies than truth in that debate..

Something is really fishy in Poll land this election..



Yep folks , it cures the deficit problem add in the wars and take back of the rich folk tax breaks and we are in the pink.  Anything else is just a gift to big business.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012




Once again Greece is in the lead showing us the proper way to create a depression.  Even though the IMF has publicly stated their formula on deficit reduction plan formula was wrong by a factor of 3 or 4..yet they continue to enforce the same formula to cure the economy of the EU countries.

I would study what is happening over there to get ahead of the curve how to deal during those times.  You'll need them to survive our coming Great Depression,, My personal name for our coming event is"THE GREATEST DEPRESSION"
Why will it be different ?  Our manufacturing base has been destroyed (50,000 factories gone) and with a true 23% unemployment rate , and damn near 0 demand from the consumers ,when either side imposes austerity measures as both sides plan to do, we will cycle toward  depression size numbers.. According to data calculated by Shadow Stats we are actually have been with a couple of % of depression size numbers for years.. any further deterioration of the labor market will push us over into depression numbers..

The Shadow Stats also shows us with a real GNP of +2% and as they show in the 2008 can dip far into  negative territory as their graph shows.. along with an inflation number you will find easier to believe than the government numbers shows.. 10% to 2% as you pocketbook has shown every payday.

If Obama wins the big question is "What will the republican congress do.. Will they continue to block any legislation favorable to the president and for us.. I they make the across the board cut in place to happen or will they work to save us.. You can guess which route they will take.. Not increasing the debit limit while forcing the budget cuts will without a doubt push us off the cliff.

So the bottom line I believe is "WE ARE IN FOR IT" no matter who wins. Cheerful fellow aren't I?

Saturday, October 20, 2012


The Japanese have identified a new class of depression caused by a classic case of overworking and over demanding output exceeding the capability of an individual.. They respond by being unable to face going to work yet function normally in their social lives..

The Japanese are about 20 years ahead of us in the economic cycle and have been in downturn mode much longer than us.. We now see in our workforce increasing demands of workout output and time at work.. You can only push people so far till they crack.. The easy way to cope is the Japanese way , just don't go to work.. The uptick in workforce violence in the US might be another symptom .. It seems to be getting common practice in the US to demand 60 and even 80 hour workweek with ever increasing demand of more output from fewer and fewer workers.. With ever increasing women in the dominant wage earner along with normal chores of family life , sooner or later will break.

Even after increasing performance we see weekly whole factories being shipped to China and our workers thrown out of work, with in some cases their retirement funds stolen and they are left to fend for themselves. Our wannabe president's ole firm is still outsourcing as they did this week in Fremont Illinois (a company Romney held 51% of) and held only two years.. Dismantled and shipped equipment to China (minus the safety limit equipment).

Now we have to consider those who have been thrown away in our workforce, people they are telling may never work again..What do we call their depression , is it something new or does the brain just run out of chemistry. Whatever it is we better be prepared to deal with it.. Our reaction to PTSD from our wars is a pretty bad example of what we are willing to do about this..

 Economists from the beginning of the trade have known that you cannot have a successful economy without a manufacturing  base but we allowed the Bain's of the world to destroy ours on the theory that high paying financial jobs would replace them.

During the same period the idiots of the world have destroyed our education system year by year and have not done their job to train a workforce for the changing times. Sending every one to college might sound like a good idea but if their are no jobs what good did it do.. We are going to have to rebuild our manufacturing base and to man that schools will have to change radically..

Meantime the 25% out of work wonder if they will ever work again ,the rest of us worry daily about our children and their children being raped (economicllay)
by these greedy pricks making billions.. Things will change it is yet to be seen how.  This coming election will tell you a lot.  A Romney win will spell the final throws of a once great country...

Thursday, October 18, 2012


While I have picked on Obama and his lack of leadership in accomplishing the tasks he promised , I have to consider that there was a planned disruption of his presidency starting on the day he was sworn in.   Surely he must have know this which makes his attempts at compromising with the right wing a pretty bad idea.  True it would have not gotten any more accomplished and the fact he got anything done was a minor miracle..

Let's for the sake of argument give everybody a clean slate and judge them only on what they have displayed in their quest to fill the number 1 chair..I consider not only what they do personally but also what their affiliate groups do too. After all that's where most of the money is. 

Both  of the money pools slings all kinds of misinformation repeatedly at the voters a good bit of it flat out lies.. What is troublesome about that is it works.. In arguments with the right the one liners surface all the time and when  you ask did you actually check the fact you are keying on I have never gotten a yes.. If Rush says it it is held as gospel...The left don't have a all powerful representative in this department.. We have some very good talkers but none are held on the pedestal like Limbaugh.

So I am applying a more simple rule to judge leadership ability.. and will use just the debates for this argument... round 1 , Romney won and the right went nutso.  Obama admitted almost right away "I screwed up".   

Round 2, the VP debate.  Biden wiped the floor with the little viper and the left said well done Joe, the right went apeshit accusing Biden of being a bully and Oh my god he was laughing  and actually called Mr. Shark Eyes on his falsehoods.. It just wasn't gentlemanly..and then attacked the moderator, who actually did  a pretty good job.. Blame the questioner yeah that's leadership.

Round 3.  The second presidential debate.. Obama clearly won (he was back on his game) and the left said just that , "The President was on his game"  The right whined that he lied (they should talk) and that once again the moderator did them in. when actually Candy did a good job trying to control the bullying of Romney and Obama's attempt to get equal time.. supposedly the clock had Obama doing 4 more minutes but it didn't seem like that.. On the Embassy attack Obama once again showed leadership in saying the fault lies with me not Hillary... I'm the Prez and the buck stops here.

So for my money the facts and leadership quality of the two still have me voting for Obama, perhaps his second term will garner a little more cooperation from the right , it better or we will all experience a Greater Depression.   If things don't improve soon on cooperation we will have to start the march to a third party option..


As you have seen in the debates we get canned bullshit and peanut butter sandwiches and almost no jelly on either.. Both sides skip and dance, one side lies their asses off and the other side puts no hard plans on the tables to get jobs back or puts to the economy to get it going..

The cold eyed duo from the republican side offer programs that any sane person knows would further destroy the country big time.. The Dems offer nothing substantial to boost the economy ..

So here we sit in desperate need of some leadership and we get show business. The networks and talk shows line up on their predetermined sides and feed more manure into the fire.. Economists both world and national spout bullshit that totally ignores the real fixes for a world in depression..

Read the stories from the EU  about formerly middle class scrounging in dumpsters for food. While all the bail out moneys go to fix bank balance sheets.  Here the same in happening ,we use different names like QE3. Sounds like a ship to me, wish it was I would put a spread of 6 torpedoes in its guts and sink.. Putting 40 billion a month into bank balance sheets will not create on job.. while the banks claim record profits .  Lot's of things wrong with this picture and I don't see one sign of anybody out there to fix it..

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


If Romney is the best the republicans got their party is in more trouble than even I believe.. But you have to remember the stages full of republican wannabes that they had to choose from.. Only one sane one I could see Huntsman got no traction at all... So sure we end up with a Romney... hopefully who will remain a has been once again.

Troublesome though is recent conservations I have had with some republicans I know.. and they aren't concerned they know that Obama is either a Socialist or a Communist and maybe not a citizen.. although they won't admit it he is still the wrong color.  They believe this nonsense because some nut job Congressman or perhaps even a Limbaugh say so..

If Romney gets one woman vote it's more than I would expect him to get.. So girls , check your x marks carefully.. you can't stand 8 years of this idiot,  One more idiot would make 3 in my generation and a couple more are on my suspect list.. So vote,  and now you know where to put your x..

Social Security Keeps 21 Million Americans Out of Poverty: A State-by-State Analysis — Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

With all this talk of messing with SS we all should keep this in mind, if in the future SS was not available as some parties want almost 50% of the elderly will live in poverty and about the same single women would be living in poverty..Don't believe these numbers !  Crank up your Google machine and look up elderly poverty before SS,,

Social Security Keeps 21 Million Americans Out of Poverty: A State-by-State Analysis — Center on Budget and Policy Priorities:

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Social Security Keeps 21 Million Americans Out of Poverty: A State-by-State Analysis — Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

With all this talk of messing with SS we all should keep this in mind, if in the future SS was not available as some parties want almost 50% of the elderly will live in poverty and about the same single women would be living in poverty..Don't believe these numbers !  Crank up your Google machine and look up elderly poverty before SS,,

Social Security Keeps 21 Million Americans Out of Poverty: A State-by-State Analysis — Center on Budget and Policy Priorities:

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012


A clear win for the President ..He came out punching and was a winner in every round...He  danced around some of the questions and eventually answered them, but he could have been more direct if he wanted too.. He may have been just eating up time as Romney was tending to hog the stage.. While never (ever) answering the question..  

The president did a great job tonight , nothing like round 1 which I gave to Romney(had to discount the lies) to give it to him but I did.. Tonight Romney was arrogant and I believe once again showed his bullying style in trying to push Candy around.. She was a lot nicer than I would have been.. I still think the moderator should have a giant air horn and when they  use up their time start to blow the horn till they shut up..and yes the prez would have gotten honked a few times himself..

So round 2 to the President and I do believe it will have more effect that Romney's first round win.. It should , but time will tell.. 

I do wonder what Romney's rich friends think about the $25000 DOLLAR CAP on deductions..?


I waited all day yesterday , which was world food day for someone to mention the biggest aid to world food supply , but alas , no mention.. What did I think they should have mentioned .. It's the portion size of restaurant meals served in this country.  From fast food joints to almost every place serving food.. Don't know about the high end joints , they might not. but the stuff you and I get served is ridiculous.  On average it's twice what any normal human should eat at one sitting .. and 4 times what most seniors can eat.. and we wonder where all the obesity in the US comes from.. check it out and you will soon find the answer..

I have tried several journalists I know to make a pictorial of the crazy portions but they don't think it would ever be published..

Saturday, October 13, 2012


They have  come out and admitted that their austerity program being applied to the EU is the wrong thing to do..They have discovered finally that their prediction of a 1% reduction in spending would only reduce GDP by .5%. Well OH golly gee we were wrong it is really as much as a 1.9% reduction for every 1% in spending.. Do you think that all those pitchforks in the streets or was it the increased sale of guillotines that caught their eye.

If you took time to notice how they were cutting the budgets , they were concentrated in social services area of government,,wages, retirements, health care, welfare, etc.. And they wonder why their assumptions were so far wrong... Any damn fool who has read some economics knows that the most stimuli from government spending is through social programs.. gains of 1.5 to 2% are the average, versus military spending which comes in at 1%.

Then you look at what they have been doing, bailing out banks , both in the EU and the US too. How much bang do they get for those bucks..0 zip nadda .. the banks sat on the money and put nothing into the production factors they were supposed to fund.. they even lent it back to the FED and got paid 3% interest on money the got for next to nothing..

The only money out of all the Trillions spent to turn things around only around 400 billion got put into infrastructure and hence we got a little bounce in GDP and a slight drop in unemployment..

It should have been no surprise to the IMF that their Austerity programs didn't work ,,THEY NEVER HAVE WORKED...They destroyed most of the Latin American economies in the 80's and 90,s and we can logically assume that it is now the  EU and the US's turn in the barrel.

The problem facing us is that either party that wins the coming election is going to play the Austerity game.. even though the evidence from time immortal that it doesn't work is out there.. Obama may cut some less than republicans but SS and Medicare are in danger.

For sure if this nation is stupid enough to put Romney in office kiss the future of Social Secutiry , Medicare, Medicaid and pensions goodbye..


Thursday, October 11, 2012


Smiling all the while , while sticking the knife in Ryan's belly , won him the night hands down.. While some pundits criticized the  VP for smiling during Ryan's comments , I thought it was a lot better than saying out loud what the smile was saying "YOU LYING SON OF A BITCH".

It's always a hoot to watch the talking heads critique the debate and depending on which channel you choose it's always a mixed bag.. I watched CNN sorta kinda giving the debate to Ryan I guess for lying the most., it sure as hell wasn't on answering the questions Martha put forth which were well thought although not answered.. I could have done without the religion question on the end because you know the canned answer you are going to get.. the response means nothing..

When Martha tried to pin Ryan down on how they were going to pay for the 5 trillion dollar tax cuts you got no answers except for the usual play on words that said nothing..

The pundits were amusing for saying that Ryan looked more Presidential than Biden, really the little frowny little puppet who seldom  if ever cracked a grin but can certainly lie with a straight face..

The bottom line is simply this, vote for Romney/Ryan but be prepared to live a very painful old age after the decimate SS and Medicare.. Anybody who believes they can beat Medicare with a voucher had better have at least $6000 to add to the voucher and then get less coverage than you get with Medicare.. A lot of people who have Medicare Advantage are finding out just how much less they get for their bucks.. and anyone who thinks they can do better with an IRA than on SS obviously not tried it..Both programs can be fixed forever with some minor adjustments..

Clearly I give the night to Joe Biden..

The Shameful Politicization of the Benghazi Consulate Attack | Informed Comment

Leave it to Juan Cole the most knowledgeable professor I know on the Middle East and the religions of that territory to ask the question What the Hell are the Republicans winning about the Embassy attack and as always are working on incomplete data. Juan lays out the events as they happened and were reported..

The Shameful Politicization of the Benghazi Consulate Attack | Informed Comment:

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I have heard of out of touch, but Romney and his statement "Nobody dies from lack of health care" indicates he is out of his mind and so far out of touch with our world that life under him could be a real bitch




Tonight , like every night the politicians will scream about the budget deficits and claim it's the entitlements that are driving them.. Would it surprise you that they are lying on both sides... Here's one little graph using CBO data that clearly shows what is responsible..

Saturday, October 6, 2012


Was suggested in 1776 and was used in the first design of the US seal.. It was first used on a coin in 1786.   The Latin phrase means "ONE FROM MANY" which has been the standard of this nation since inception

 "RUGGED INDIVIDUALISM"  IS not the idea the nation was founded on.. This phrase was first used by Herbert Hoover during the The Great Depression.. Which meant that the government shouldn't help those that were down and out.. Obviously the man never read the Constitution or the Bill of Rights.  Where it   states the duty of the government is to  provide for the general welfare of the people.

The term Rugged Individualism has always jerked my chain up short since it has been the Republican motto since the days of the great depression.. and you would think to hear them talk that they all made it all my their selves.. From birth your life has been guided by others, starting with your parents, your teachers, your friends, and your safety provided by various government agencies.  You did not do it on your own , face up to it , you depend on others every day..

Throughout my life ,at times my very life depended on others , from backup in a street fight, to survival on my submarine, to my wife who saved me during a heart attack at age 50.  My troops in the Navy depended on me to back them to the hilt when they were in trouble, right or wrong I was there for them .  Guided them back to good standing when they were found to be wrong in a deed.

Ask any man who has been on the battlefield if he depended on his brothers to always watch his back and to never leave him on the battlefield.. They know that their lives depended on others.

So would these republican blowhards if they ever engaged their brain on something besides Limbaugh chants.. The fact that conservatives a lot of them claim to be very religious and yet they hate giving anybody a helping hand boggles my mind.. Yet damn near every republican I know keyed on Romney's 47 percent remark and screamed "FUCKING EH" enough to make a caring man puke ..AND I DID!




Friday, October 5, 2012


Yep everybody is right, Obama did a shitty job at the debate .  All kinds of things can be said about who did what right and wrong..

In thinking through the debate and while listening to Randi Rhodes she dropped this jewel .. "IT'S HARD TO DEBATE A SHAPESHIFTER"  When you think about that , Romney had 180 degree shift on damn near all topics.. So Obama might have realized no matter what he said about Romney's plan he would deny it or take a totally different tack.


Neither of these two candidates is truthful all the time but one of them seems to lie about everything.. During the debate Romney said 50% of the doctors don't take Medicare ..Well that is just flat out bullshit .. the real number is 17% won't accept new Medicare patients , and to boot 18% will not take any insurance ..

Now when you get to Medicaid that's a different story.. a high percentage of doctors won't take Medicaid because they really do not pay well something like 10% of Medicare.. any really really low payments that doc's can't run their business on..

Now if you take a look at Medicare Advantage programs (some ) doctors won't take because of overbearing limits on the specialist they can use.. The very same thing republicans are worried about the Medical boards doing is already being done by Advantage insurance companies right now.. (the Obama board does not do this)  and to beat all the Advantage providers get paid 17% over Medicare costs.



Thursday, October 4, 2012


I have said it all before and have provided evidence that what I was saying was in fact what he said... Now I am called a bloviator for saying stuff that is absolutely true.  But as always here's more proof that I am just using the facts..won't mean much to some but nontheless here's evidence.

Some might back plans that do not specify how they will carry out a particular plan but I want to know how before I bless  anything.

The attempt to say Romney's Medicare plan won't affect current seniors is absolutely a lie.. and what it would do those under 55 is going back 80 years to the day when seniors lived in poverty and had no health care..Nobody on retirement income can afford the difference between voucher amounts and the real cost of even identical Medicare coverage.. In fact for a current sample Medicare Advantage cost the government 17% more than providing Medicare all by it self.. And The Advantage program does limit doctors and services Medicare doesn't.

Why the Pundits Are Wrong About the Debate | Alternet

Romney carried the night, no doubt... It looked like the president showed up to take a nap.  The moderator let both candidates walk all over the rules and neither would shut up when asked..Romney I thought acted like the school yard bully we have heard about.. Obama acted like he didn't want to play.

All is all what did we learn about the details of their intentions for the most critical thing we face jobs.. I'm betting none of us will like how either one handles the budget problems.. 

I do know this , Romney's plans/plans for Medicare/Medicaid will be devastating to people 55 and over today... It will be and you know it, for anybody to deny that it will certifies they are crazy..

Neither stated how they would fix SS probably because both ideas are terrible.

Please tell me what the hell Romney needs to spend 200 billion a year more on military than they have asked for.. Shows you at least the military knows how to be embarrassed..   

So all in all this debate was a waste of time information wise, and definitely not entertainment.ZZZZZZZZZZ

The link is farfetched

Why the Pundits Are Wrong About the Debate | Alternet:

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012


The claim that their are not enough qualified workers to fill their positions is most likely untrue.  Look at the difference in unemployed to jobs available.  The differences are huge. There are many out there ready willing and able to work .  The truth is their is no demand so no jobs are really needed.


That the debates will make at least a little more aware of how each candidate will address the real problems of this country.. They seldom do, what with all the prep each side goes through and their dissecting of each speech with their cute little machines to weed out words that don't turn it on.. The fact that it seems to work on most bothers me... If your speech is full of only pleasant buzz words and zingers what have we learned..

As usual both sides are downplaying their candidate so both will probably do better than expected..  I do think if the advice Romney is getting from whack jobs like Trump (the birther issue) on top of Romney using zingers which he is not good at..It will be interesting to see if months of practicing zingers will make them effective..

In my opinion Romney has to turn into something he is not .. Obama will be as un  affective on his feet which I don't think he can do..

So break out the beer and the popcorn , settle back and enjoy.. not sure I can use that word enjoy,, although it does work for us junkies.


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hundreds of thousands of war vets still waiting for health benefits -

There is an instant fix for this problem.. When a Vet files for a disability claim they most likely are backed up by a private physician , so the chances of them not being screwed up are small..Upon filing they should be handed day one a Gold Medicare card good for 100% coverage .This will accomplish a few things it will allow them to get coverage from local help right away (which is critical) and it would surely speed up the disability claim.

The problem with PTSD and other brain disorders the VA is short 50% of the shirnks they need for these cases so perhaps paying for local help would be the best route especially where care is not available
Hundreds of thousands of war vets still waiting for health benefits -

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My wife and I are both working but we don't have health care , we just can't afford it for us and our 2 kids.. We make the national average pf 46K.  With all our other modest expenses we don't have a $1000 for health care .. and probably couldn't get it because of some preexisting condition of one of our children.. Before Obamacare of course.

My wife goes to the doctor with breathing problems and chest pains. He thinks it's walking pneumonia and sends her home with some antibiotics . The following evening shortly after nightfall she really has trouble breathing so I measure her CO2 and it is 88 the danger level for tissue damage..So off to the emergency room we go and they admit her..

Five days later she is some better but very weak but we go home..3 weeks later the bill arrives $35000 .  We can't pay it and the hospital won't agree to payments (admittedly they weren't very high).  2 month later the calls start coming in .. The hospital has sold our debt to a collection agency the cold hearted bastards that they are hound us to death.. Yeah it's supposed to be illegal but you know how that works..

So after months of this terror we file for bankruptcy and it is granted the only way out for 50% of the bankruptcies in the country..

This is a way of life for way too many folks.  But their is a fix... we have to make tea a controlled substance the use of same a felony.We could put the whole Tea Party bunch in jail and vote in Medicare for all.  End of the problem.. I can hear the screams from the right loudly in the night. All I can say to them is mail your Medicare card to me. go get your parents out of the nursing home and bring them to live with you..

This story has  a happy ending for me,, We have 3 insurances that cover our medical expenses 100% .  All I might add earned with blood , sweat and tears.. Everybody should be that well covered and they could..

I have been on Medicare for 10 years , and they have never questioned or turned down a treatment or ever told my docs who they could send me too.. You can't say that about some Medicare Advantage plans they get paid 17% extra by Medicare and control who your doc can send you too and what drugs you can take..

We need to deal with this National disgrace , now..

U.S. Tracking Killers in Attack on Libya Mission -

What do you need to know and when do you need to know it.. The right wing has went ape shit over information from the administration on the raid on our Libyan embassy.. True they didn't jump out and yell terrorism as the right wing wanted to them to do.. I don't think they knew for awhile what it really was.. There was a lot of commotion over that stupid film and it's the  first time Muslims went berserk over supposed insults to their prophet.. 

So the administration was slow to call it terrorism.. meantime as this article states they are at work tracking the culprits.. most likely drone attacks on the suspected bunch.. 

Mounting attack in a foreign country is a violation of so many rules it probably is not a good practice to do it routinely.  I think we already do it more than we should and plan to do much more in the future..

One of the main reasons I am scared of a Romney presidency is the fact that he is surrounded by crazy hawks whose first answer is to bomb somebody and lots of time they are talking about the big bomb..
It's simple we were lied into war by one republican president, and are still involved in both wars started on the Bush watch.. It's time to start obeying international law.. The days of the quick draw gun shooter  are over.. 

U.S. Tracking Killers in Attack on Libya Mission -

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6 Awful Pieces of Advice the Right Is Giving Mitt Romney on the Eve of Debates | Alternet

Boy I hope he follows this advice. He will get creamed.. Every hot point here is only good  for his hard core base..If he mentions Birther it will cost him votes.. Romney a comic I will pay to see that.The Embassy thing a non started... They have played this up like a big deal when any fool knows we did't get access to the sight for quite awhile...Running around shouting terrorists  might be good for the base .. Those that have a memory remember Iran guns for hostages...

Please take their advice Mitt.

6 Awful Pieces of Advice the Right Is Giving Mitt Romney on the Eve of Debates | Alternet:

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Monday, October 1, 2012


Like most of his other ideas they are all backward looking.. Same solutions for systems that have not worked.. You know like tax cuts, cut social services, cut regulations .. All started by super star Regan in 1980l.

Well the same can be said for his defense budgets.. Increases of 100,000 troops , increase ship building from 9 to 15 ships per year with defense spending doubling within 20 years.. It is obvious why this is his strategy.  Actually you don't have to look much past manic Bolton.. (the walrus as he is known). Cold war crappola .Picking Russia as our main opponents.. when our own intelligence for years has put that thought off the table.. 

Here's Romney's strategy  

Here's the latest of on going strategy 

The short version of the game plan is just this.. to cut army and marine forces, increase special forces, increase a ton drones, shift the focus to China and the pacific, close many EU bases keeping only those needed as major kicking off points for fast strike capabilities.. moving major Navy forces to the pacific.. depending more on our allies to provide manpower and weapons capabilities..

We now have 11 strike carrier groups with their accompanying escorts, more than anybody else added together.. we have the best special forces in the world and increasing their strength will make them even more awesome.. 

The planners have taken a look at the last major ground conflicts all of which we eventually lost . Nam , Iraq and soon to Afghanistan.. How much longer will we be willing to spend two billion a week in Afghanistan to get our troops shot in the back and blown up.

It's time to retrench as all our military leaders agree.. They have been fighting congressional pork building for instance aircraft they didn't want or need.

Yet the Republican nominee is pushing to go back to cold war status with old cold war thinking.. including a version of the Star Wars Defense which has been proven ineffective..

So for the safety of the country we can't put this nut job in office.. Time for the republicans to join the 21st century..but god they have a very long way to go..