Thursday, October 11, 2012


Smiling all the while , while sticking the knife in Ryan's belly , won him the night hands down.. While some pundits criticized the  VP for smiling during Ryan's comments , I thought it was a lot better than saying out loud what the smile was saying "YOU LYING SON OF A BITCH".

It's always a hoot to watch the talking heads critique the debate and depending on which channel you choose it's always a mixed bag.. I watched CNN sorta kinda giving the debate to Ryan I guess for lying the most., it sure as hell wasn't on answering the questions Martha put forth which were well thought although not answered.. I could have done without the religion question on the end because you know the canned answer you are going to get.. the response means nothing..

When Martha tried to pin Ryan down on how they were going to pay for the 5 trillion dollar tax cuts you got no answers except for the usual play on words that said nothing..

The pundits were amusing for saying that Ryan looked more Presidential than Biden, really the little frowny little puppet who seldom  if ever cracked a grin but can certainly lie with a straight face..

The bottom line is simply this, vote for Romney/Ryan but be prepared to live a very painful old age after the decimate SS and Medicare.. Anybody who believes they can beat Medicare with a voucher had better have at least $6000 to add to the voucher and then get less coverage than you get with Medicare.. A lot of people who have Medicare Advantage are finding out just how much less they get for their bucks.. and anyone who thinks they can do better with an IRA than on SS obviously not tried it..Both programs can be fixed forever with some minor adjustments..

Clearly I give the night to Joe Biden..


  1. Glad to hear Joe did better than Obama in round one.

    1. Joe Biden shoved the tea party right down Ryan's throat. Let's hope he gags on it.