Saturday, October 6, 2012


Was suggested in 1776 and was used in the first design of the US seal.. It was first used on a coin in 1786.   The Latin phrase means "ONE FROM MANY" which has been the standard of this nation since inception

 "RUGGED INDIVIDUALISM"  IS not the idea the nation was founded on.. This phrase was first used by Herbert Hoover during the The Great Depression.. Which meant that the government shouldn't help those that were down and out.. Obviously the man never read the Constitution or the Bill of Rights.  Where it   states the duty of the government is to  provide for the general welfare of the people.

The term Rugged Individualism has always jerked my chain up short since it has been the Republican motto since the days of the great depression.. and you would think to hear them talk that they all made it all my their selves.. From birth your life has been guided by others, starting with your parents, your teachers, your friends, and your safety provided by various government agencies.  You did not do it on your own , face up to it , you depend on others every day..

Throughout my life ,at times my very life depended on others , from backup in a street fight, to survival on my submarine, to my wife who saved me during a heart attack at age 50.  My troops in the Navy depended on me to back them to the hilt when they were in trouble, right or wrong I was there for them .  Guided them back to good standing when they were found to be wrong in a deed.

Ask any man who has been on the battlefield if he depended on his brothers to always watch his back and to never leave him on the battlefield.. They know that their lives depended on others.

So would these republican blowhards if they ever engaged their brain on something besides Limbaugh chants.. The fact that conservatives a lot of them claim to be very religious and yet they hate giving anybody a helping hand boggles my mind.. Yet damn near every republican I know keyed on Romney's 47 percent remark and screamed "FUCKING EH" enough to make a caring man puke ..AND I DID!

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