Wednesday, October 17, 2012


If Romney is the best the republicans got their party is in more trouble than even I believe.. But you have to remember the stages full of republican wannabes that they had to choose from.. Only one sane one I could see Huntsman got no traction at all... So sure we end up with a Romney... hopefully who will remain a has been once again.

Troublesome though is recent conservations I have had with some republicans I know.. and they aren't concerned they know that Obama is either a Socialist or a Communist and maybe not a citizen.. although they won't admit it he is still the wrong color.  They believe this nonsense because some nut job Congressman or perhaps even a Limbaugh say so..

If Romney gets one woman vote it's more than I would expect him to get.. So girls , check your x marks carefully.. you can't stand 8 years of this idiot,  One more idiot would make 3 in my generation and a couple more are on my suspect list.. So vote,  and now you know where to put your x..

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