Thursday, October 18, 2012


As you have seen in the debates we get canned bullshit and peanut butter sandwiches and almost no jelly on either.. Both sides skip and dance, one side lies their asses off and the other side puts no hard plans on the tables to get jobs back or puts to the economy to get it going..

The cold eyed duo from the republican side offer programs that any sane person knows would further destroy the country big time.. The Dems offer nothing substantial to boost the economy ..

So here we sit in desperate need of some leadership and we get show business. The networks and talk shows line up on their predetermined sides and feed more manure into the fire.. Economists both world and national spout bullshit that totally ignores the real fixes for a world in depression..

Read the stories from the EU  about formerly middle class scrounging in dumpsters for food. While all the bail out moneys go to fix bank balance sheets.  Here the same in happening ,we use different names like QE3. Sounds like a ship to me, wish it was I would put a spread of 6 torpedoes in its guts and sink.. Putting 40 billion a month into bank balance sheets will not create on job.. while the banks claim record profits .  Lot's of things wrong with this picture and I don't see one sign of anybody out there to fix it..

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  1. I think the American people are ready for a fire side chat. One where they admit things are terrible for the middle class. Admit the banks got all our money and put forward a real plan to help the people/real economy.