Saturday, July 10, 2010

Who Are Those Masked Men

For decades we have been told that the United States provided the major funding for the IMF.  It would now appear like it may have been our money (who the hell really knows) but it is now damned apparent it was never in our interest .

I've said before that it looked to me like we were next on the IMF'd list , and and the rest of the world with us has been targeted for a standard IMF treatment, run up our debt, then force huge Austerity programs on us to pay the supposed debt. Here's the story triggering my rage.

Now the IMF is demanding that we reduce Social Security benefits, take away home mortgage deductions, raise gasoline taxes, and lord know what other goodies are on their shopping list.

Now if that doesn't make it obvious that the IMF is not funded by us I don't know what does.  The question I can't answer is just who is the force behind the mask.  It sure and hell isn't us.

Now let's not mince words here, the global meltdown was caused by a rigged mortgage market, aided and magnified by crooked banks, slicing and dicing the mortgage package into bit and chunks of flammable AAA rated investments (rated by more crooks) .  Buying the crap mortgages from the banks in known and unknown programs to run up 8 trillion or so of new debt.  The true number is not really known because "We can't handle the truth"  that our own government is fucking us too.

So now we supposedly saddled with unmanageable debt and we must suffer to pay for our excessive sins.  Problem is it wasn't us that did this it was the whole rigged system. We were and are being screwed by all hands and it appears we are stupid enough to believe it's our fault.  You might be , but I sure and fuck ain't going to take the blame for their wrong doings and neither should you.

But what are we to do? I hear you whine.  Pay the piper some say, some accept the blame for our troubles.  For Christ's sake wake up you are being raped by your own government and the world moneyed powers.  They made tons on all ends of this deal and now they want what little they have left you.  There can't be a middle class , they only want two classes Them and US.  The US part they want to come begging for their daily bread and a new hoe once a year.

Others are saying there will be violence in the streets, many , many future forecasters say this, the Tea Baggers are saying,  Glen Beck is promising this.  If you are stupid enough to follow the conservative freaks calling for violent revolution, you are going to die a violent death.

There is one other way and I've said it before and it's the only thing that makes sense to me. If we all stayed home from work for as long as it takes to bring them begging for us to come back and we are strong enough to have them cave to our demands , we would win.  When their crappers overflow, or their electricity doesn't work, their faucets spit just dust, they will suddenly realize they really do need us.  It in my mind is better to die with dignity than dying with your shriveled hand outstretched for a dry crust of bread .  Your choice my friends, I've already made mine.  Die with dignity or die in poverty, that seems to be the only two choices we have.  If your willing to die with dignity they cannot and will not win and they will be pushed back into hiding for another 80 years.  DON'T GET PISSED GET EVEN!

Why Baby Why?? | The Smirking Chimp

Why Baby Why?? | The Smirking Chimp

A Government With No Balls | The Smirking Chimp

A Government With No Balls | The Smirking Chimp

Sunday, July 4, 2010


Words to a song written by one of my favorite bloggers on the GWBlog

The definition of roll is left up to you by GW and by me.
It does play into the theme of my post of the other day

HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY | The Smirking Chimp

HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY | The Smirking Chimp

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Now's the Time to Strike

Stick your Austerity Program, here is a simple solution to our financial problems and it will end foreign domination of our product lines from food to cars. Short term pain perhaps, but if you are fast enough or are already prepared for Shit to Happen then this is the answer
 A drastic devaluation of the dollar as demonstrated by Iceland solves the problem of trying to pay off the debt run up trying to save the financial system (the same system that screwed itself) by doing it with cheap dollars.
Not only that but a big consideration of mine is accomplished by devaluing the dollar making imported goods way to expensive so we would have to reopen closed factories , put million back to work, increase tax revenue ,allow seniors to live in comfort, and return a large part of the 22% unemployed back to work. Hell , we might be able to rebuild destroyed cities , the possibilities are endless.
Ok, you know somebody has to pay the price, yep , that's true and guess who gets stuck this time. The very same people who caused the mess in the first place. Poor dears, will be reduced to a million bucks or two. I feel their pain...LOL