Monday, November 24, 2014


Far too many people believe that Russia is the aggressor in the Ukraine struggle needs to crank up their google machine and look at the evidence that discounts . All UN-doctored evidence points at US involvement in the overflow of a duly elected government and put in place a proudly Nazi regime.  They immediately began to cleanse the country of people deemed not worthy to live in the Ukraine.

Mass graves, buildings boarded up building then torched with people inside being prevented from escaping by armed thugs.  Day after day horror stories come out of the country on the monstrous acts of these thugs.

Due to the information being aired on MSM    a majority of the US public believe that this is all Russia's fault when the exact opposite is true.  We saw day after day pictures claiming too portray the trail of a missile streaking toward MH 17 an event that did not happen.  As usual our allies help in the distribution of propaganda pointing a finger Russia as the culprit.

While other nations not under US domination showed evidence that MH17 was shot down by a pair of Ukraine planes.  Pictu of pieces of the plane have become available that clearly show bullet holes that don't come from any missile.

Meantime most of the US still believes that Russia started this.  They did not.  Don't believe me , that's why there is the :GOOGLE MACHINE" USE IT GOD DAMN IT AND QUIT BEING TAKEN IN BY GOVERNMENT PROPAGANDA.


Sunday, November 23, 2014


Somebody needs to get a grip on these folks.  Fracking companies have been pumping used fracking fluid into clean water aquifers contaminating them so they can't be used for drinking or farming.  The State troops say it must have been a paper work error but the size of the screw up indicates to me at least that somebody was on the take and allowed this to happen.  3 billion gallons of fracking fluid have been injected into these aquifers and that amount of water couldn't be a mistake.  Something terribly wrong with this.   The story is HERE 


 have just lived through the midterm elections, where according to popular opinion that the people were angry with politicians and threw the bums out and elected a solid republican congress.

So it's time to see exactly what we have to look forward to the next couple years.

Here's a list of the priorities of the people:
1.   Access to lower cost student loans--80% support.
  2.   Increase spending on infrastructure--75%
3.   Raising the minimum wage--65%
4.   Emergency funding for fighting Ebola in Africa--60%
5.   Addressing climate change/reducing carbon emissions--59%
6.   Building Keystone Pipeline--54%

Here's  the republican to do list:

1.   Authorize Keystone Pipeline.

2.   Repeal ACA ("Obamacare")

 3.   Pass the "Hire More Heroes" (veterans) Act.

4.   Pass Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement with Asia.

5.   Lower corporate taxes.   

6.   Thwarting Obama on Immigration Executive Action.

7.   Reign in the EPA and roll back environmental regulations.


It is plain to see that the newly elcected have an agenda that puts none of the electorates choices on the to do list.  The  item that appears on both lists is the Keystone pipeline and both sides are wrong on that choice.

A close look at the republican agenda if enacted will destroy what little is left of the middle class.  The TPP alone will place the country at the whim of the world corporations and that means lower wages, benefits.  Repealing Obamacare would remove health care from a wide rage of people who for the first time have health care.  Lowering corporate taxes which are currently the lowest in history.  Rolling back EPA regulations is exactly the wrong move.  Immigration that Obama put in place by executive action they want to remove allowing families to be split up by deporting parents from children.  

The hot button items on the republican , Removing Obamacare and Immigration change will be disrupting talk on items on the peoples list.
Of course they always have and are talking now of impeachment.  Those three things will lock the wheels of congress up and nothing will be done exactly like the last six years.  More of the same is the order of the day. 

Monday, November 10, 2014


  CHART   The voters supposedly wanted economic change, so they voted republican?   Further proving that the voters don't have a clue as to who stands for what.  Certainly proving they haven't been paying attention for quite awhile.

This chart above shows thousands of manufacturing jobs going away and being placed in service jobs paying a lot less.  Half of all this years college grads are working at occupations they did not train for.  To top off this glum picture this piece says that half of today's jobs will be gone in decade.

It impossible for me to wrap my head around just how this will all turn out.  Sure I know how, but I don't want to admit it.  With wages down and jobs missing it is not a wonder why consumption is down and will stay down till? How (if) we will get out of this mess is yet to be seen.

Thursday, November 6, 2014


Have you been excited by lower gas prices , I was, but didn't expect it would be done by our government in a secret deal with Saudi to flood the market with oil to make the prices drop.  A favor to us , not hardly!  It was done to put the hurt on Russia and Iran by decreasing their income from low oil prices.  So of course all countries are forced to pump more oil to meet their bills.

Shooting your foot.  What these rocket sleds didn't see was the lower oil prices will essentially kill fracking as a production process.  Already a poor return on investment fracking wells will cease to be useful.

With most of the sweet spots already drilled and output falling at a astounding rate , punching more holes just to keep up will become impossible.  The money to finance them will disappear as the riskiness of getting your invest back gets slimmer and slimmer.

For a glimpse of the economics behind all this read this article  .

As readers if this blog know I have been harping on the bullshit story of a 100 year supply of fracking gas , and the destruction of the environment it causes by destroying water sources for years. For a country to putt all it's card on such a fragile technology is very difficult to understand.  Just another short term scheme to generate a few bucks.

It gives me some pleasure that I have been able to point the finger ahead of time at an obvious hoax on the people once again.  When the PTB finally figure out they have screwed up they will have to turn to Nuclear power to meet our future needs.  As the fossil energy is used up or is made unaccessible the evident need for another power source will become obvious.  The remaining sources are limited at least at this time leaving only nuclear plants as the solution.  Yeah I know you are all scared by  Fukushima but many improvements on design have come as a direct result of that accident.  Peaks at the new design give me even more confidence that the new reactors on the drawing board and some already under construction will reliably fill our power needs of the future.         

Tuesday, November 4, 2014


But lord knows what they had in their minds.  We have been in recession /depression since 2007 mostly held down by austerity cuts forced by a congress that has had it head far up their asses , right along with President Obama.  If you look at the real numbers(not the government type) you find that we have made zero headway on a sustainable recovery.

So what does our esteemed voters do, well of course they gave the republicans complete control of both houses.  The bunch of loonies will most likely force more cuts and succeed in driving what little recovery we have made.  The recovery we have made is only supported by low wage service jobs that come and go with fluctuations in the economy.

So what do I expect the next two years to bring.  More of the same I would guess , more bills will be passed but the big question is how many or them will Obama sign..  Or perhaps the Democrats play the same game in the Senate as the republicans and block everything from coming to a vote then we will have four more years of nothing of note happening.

So my question to you is simply this " What will the voters do in 2016 if this congress does absolutely nothing?"