Sunday, September 30, 2012


There are many from both political parties that strive to be bad ass  in trashing skill and experience as having worth in the workplace.  The latest examples point out how wrong they are.. The NFL referees who they thought could be replaced from flunk outs in the panty league. Real successful wern't they.?

A personal experience of how training is discounted in civilian society.. When I got out of the Navy a nuclear trained Chief Electrician, I applied to Idaho Power for a job,, the Chief of Ops placed no value on my Navy experience and didn't hire me..What it took was an in, I was selling appliances for Sears and Roebuck , when a Navy Reserve recruiter came calling.. I didn't know him and told him I wasn't interested , but he kept coming back.One day he asked me what it would take to get me to join,, I then found out he was a dispatcher for Idaho I looked him in the eye and said get me a job with IPCO and I'll join, two days later I had a job and in 6 years had a top end job with them.. Problem is they held 11 years of training as nothing , still pisses me off to this day.. 

Then of course we jump to Rahm Emanuel's attack on Chicago teachers on  the lines of Walker in Chicago...where both tried to jam  reforms down the teachers throat.. In Chicago the teachers brought him to his knees and he finally caved.  The teachers in Chicago have seen where Rahm wanted to go , he loves the Arnie Duncan route, fire everybody , rehire few, and replace the rest with teachers supplied by a private company (supposedly trained by them) and just by coincidence they were non union.  Fortunately in Wisconsin most of what Walker tried to do has been found unconstitutional .. 

The linked story tells how even union janitors when replaced with non union workers they were shocked when they returned... I have experienced the same effect of janitors in the power plants I worked in ..In the early days they were government employees making a decent wage.. The ones I worked with took pride in the power plants they maintained (two janitors 5 plants)  They were replaced and things turned to shit.. Hell you were reduced to emptying your own  garbage can and brought clothes pins to use when you went to john.  They pretended to save money and ended up getting their asses reamed by some pretty high up people who were shocked at the condition of the plants, because they had seen what they should look like.

The next brilliant idea  was to contract out maintenance work. Problem is they always had to send at least one gov worker with them and after they had to rework jobs they decided it was costing them money to contract out.. 

The attack on workers has been going on for 32 years, started with Regan busting the traffic controllers, who had some valid complaints they could not get resolved , so they struck, and were replaced... A change you can still see the results of today. Every president since then has  been out to destroy the work force, Clinton who  in my opinion was the worst of all, with his NFTA, GATT, WTO and deregulation of the financial markets.

The attack has reduced the household income to 46 K a year barely enough to provide the basics of life for a family man.. I am not sure a single person can do  very well on 23K.  With the outsourcing of 5 million blue collar jobs the middle class has been virtually  destroyed and then the CEO's have the balls to say they cannot find qualified help.. gee I wonder why.  When they destroyed the jobs , unions were destroyed and training ceased.. Check out the school systems today there is virtually no vocational training provided .. and damn little guidance given except get thee to college without a clue in the world what you want to study because you have no world experience.. 

We had better get our heads screwed on straight and start producing blue collar folks tuned to this century.. Manufacturing is coming back and talent is one thing they are going to be forced to build on their own... Many other countries do Germany for example.

As soon as manufacturers figure out you have to spend a buck to make a buck we will be back on the road to middle class.


At times when criticizing our efforts in Afghanistan I hear in reply that those dirty Taliban don't fight fair they don't wear uniforms..

Other thing the Taliban don't have  airplane, drones, satellites, tanks, artillery you know stuff that real army has..

Yet they have throughout history have never been defeated but yet some kick ass countries keep trying and not many seem to learn from others that have been defeated by them.. Think the 10 years Russia tried and was driven out of the country.. and in a year or two so, will be claim victory and leave (the sooner the better) as far as I am concerned.

While the uniformed version of Iraq troops in recent history have killed 35 coalition troops last year and 40 so far this  year shows exactly what.. I would say it shows they don't like us very much.  Here's what an Afghan officer says is the reason.

It has gotten so dangerous there that Coalition troops have ceased all but training.  No more field ops with Afghan troops.. Why be there, it is at least obvious to me that being there will do nothing and one week of the cost(would cover all welfare fraud for a year.  The trillion it will cost per year could do a lot toward deficit reduction..


When I was a kid coming up in Baltimore the local legend was the welfare queens would drive up to get their checks .. It was nonsense then and the right wings tales are today... Are there  cheats , of course their are , is it possible that one person could draw 5 checks Yeah I guess so, but they would have to commit several felonies to do it.. Which indicates a lot of enforcement is inadequate.


The gist of that report are this:

Total number of American’s on welfare 15,000,000
Percent of the US population on welfare 4.1 %
Total government spending on welfare annually (not including food stamps or unemployment) $131.9 billion
Percent of recipients who are white 38.8 %
Percent of recipients who are black 39.8 %
Percent of recipients who are hispanic 15.7 %
Percent of recipients who are Asian 2.4 %
Percent of recipients who are Other 3.3 %

Yep a whopping 4%

2009 stats say that out of all the welfare cases there were 129000 cases of fraud reported.. Of that only 1486 lead to prosecution.  Hardly an epidemic.
Total monies involved $2.9 billion  of which 900 million was recovered leaving a total cost to taxpayers about 2 billion..
Percent of fraud  .0086%

So keep on talking about welfare cheats it plays well for your side, but it is another fallacy like Iraq's weapons of mass destruction .

Saturday, September 29, 2012


An ex Ambassador to Venezuela has put forth a plan for intervention in Venezuela when Hugo Chavez wins (which he will)  up to and including military action..

We might not like Hugo but the people of Venezuela do and it is their choice we should honor.. We won't because we never do.. I just ask you one simple question name why leader that we installed one way or another that has been successful..JUst one

We have pissed off the whole middle east with our meddling and now we are working on South America (again) In the 80's and 90's  we destroyed most of the economies down there with our free market crap , when the IMF steps in you know a countries fate has been set by the powers that be..The hell of it is they are generally successful in their endeavors. Chili is the best example of their Weapons of Mass Economic Destruction.. For a primer on how , what and who did it.. read Economic Hit Men.  

Milton Friedman and his Chicago School bunch went country to country wrecking havoc with their economies and their way of life.. I suggest you read up on what they did down there and then look at what has happened here the last 32 years.. Yep ,  same crap.  All under the tent Of Free Markets will enrich everybody (they just never told us what they meant by everybody.) 

Now it is our turn , if you look at South America you will see the model that  is being played out in the EU and here..Same game , same results... Welcome to Latin America circ 1980.

Hugely in debt, million of people without  work, without food, without jobs and a lot without hope.. While they have us at each others throats over matters that mostly should be private..  Meanwhile having convinced us that we did it personally and now we must pay,, while the real culprits sit on their yachts , or in their fancy penthouses while the middle class is destroyed and the rich become super rich..

Am I picking on the rich , you bet  your sweet ass I am and throw in the mega corporations too...They have (and use to exercise) a duty in sharing the load of infrastructure and defense.  Instead they fiddle with economic models that do nothing for the country ,ship jobs, and factories overseas and leave us a crumbling nation.  Thanks a lot. Do I hold you responsible? Hell yes  I do , If corporations are people then they should put their shoulders to the grindstone like we have to.. 

We set here at election time and watch politicians deliberately  set out to sabotage the vote in many devious and in some cases illegal operations and have the balls to stand up and brag that passing this law will guarantee a Romney win in PA.  Openly in other states they attempt other forms of retarding the vote. That's the only way they could possibly win with the field of loosers they put up this cycle.  In fact it's documented knowledge they stole both elections that put Bush Jr. in the White House.. 

While in many of their mansions they sit and brag and gloat that hoard of quadrillion dollars can buy any election in the country.  Hell they don't even have to sneak around any more the courts have made it all legal.. 

I guess there is little doubt who I don't want to win this election.. I really don't see how the right could vote for a guy that has been on every side of every issue.. There must be some redeeming quality they see that I don't//And no not being Barack is not a quality.. 

Friday, September 28, 2012


Not only unmanned but almost without control , drones that see, analyze and strike without a human hand on the trigger.. They talk like that is the case but you and I know that all kinds of crap could go wrong.. I would like to see all drones banned..If you want to fight get your ass on the ground and drop some blood or stay home...Don't tell me , I admit I ferried enough nuke bombs around the ocean to blow up the world.. buy heh , that was different , wasn't It?


It has been suggested by some readers of this blog that I need to read other than left wing news.. and some won't probably believe this confession..

On the TV I watch John and Jenna (fox) (I have a thing for Jenna)  Martin Bashir (msnbc)  at 1 and for my evening news I watch Shep Smith (fox) with occasional glances at CNN and MSNBC if I hear of something special.going on .For instance for braking new I go to CNN probably out of  habit..

On the net:   I have on my Google Reader 100 news sources that provide me with the top stories from each that I scan at least 40 of them on a regular basis and read any headline that is in my interest areas..economics, politics, world events, science..climate change.  oil, gas, and food supples.

Then it's fun stuff till bed time and then it's talk radio time... Here you got me most of the shows I like are progressive , when I want to hear some conservative stuff I will tune in Tom Hartman as he quite often debates conservatives..a real good way to see how the stories fare against Tom..Not too well most of the time.. They are not shout pieces he'll cut off a guest who tries to command the show..
If I want a ranting view I listen to Mike Malloy the wildest man on radio.. For information and a little fun there is always Norman Goldman.. with a little Ed Shultz Rachel Maddow, Stephanie Miller when I want to laugh, Randy Rhodes for just some straight talk.. There is a lot there to please your taste buds..

Yeah your right there are no Limbaugh, O'Reily ,Hannity, or Savages all that hate ain't good fair for late night listening , to be truthful any time..They are so full of hate backed by imagination (a fancy way of saying lies) you can burn up your fact checker trying to verify the slaver out of their mouths..

If my critics are saying I don't read their preferred sites they are mostly right but I do read right wing stuff if it comes in my reader and their are right wing sites on it and right wing commentators on a lot of the pages.. You will have to scratch hard to disprove anything I write with actual facts , if you can please do , I will look at it..

So in closing,, Yes I am a proud Progressive and a Atheist to boot , so I have no God hangups , I do try to follow most of what is the good books of faith in that I  am concerned about the plight of all , especially those who don't have.  Do I think those on welfare and food stamps and unemployment are just sucking on the government tit.. Hell no , they would much rather earn a living and have a good life without going thru the   humbling experience of getting all that help.. Are there some of these who are riding the system ,Oh hell yes.. but they are doing a lot less damage than the rich of the world out to get richer at the cost of everyone else.. Most conservative I know complain of all those riding the dole while their rich compatriots rob, steal and cheat their way to being super rich..There is something basically wrong with conservative to be so mean at hear when they claim a deep Christian belief.. It confuses me.. It pains me It makes me want to see them never in power again,

The last 32 years this country has been raped and stripped of it's riches from Reagan on, democrats and republican alike... From Trickle Down to downtrodden they have destroyed the country, they should be held accountable.. I am at a loss on how to make it right again...

And finally I do use Fact Checkers to verify what has been said...Not that I agree with their every conclusion, but I do read how they made their decision.. and that in the hope that my writings are of some worth (at least to my pride)

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Capitol Alert: Jerry Brown signs laws to provide free digital college textbooks

Now there is a start, he should  make it so for all schools, some classes are not getting textbooks at all.

Next target free tuition... Regan took it away , Brown could give it back.

Probably could be the biggest job creator yet.. All those brains would owe California and the US loyalty, and be able to join a new middle class/

Capitol Alert: Jerry Brown signs laws to provide free digital college textbooks:

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Obama is like a cage fighter , Romney like a dancer with fake punches... The Romney campaign keeps promising a more aggressive campaign only problem is they think that is changing positions daily and saying crap that only turns his limited base on , which he has just been successful in irritating they are switching to Obama...Senior which had been favoring him have switched,,, must have been reading my blog where I have called seniors voting for Romney some bad names.. Which they deserve..


Signing a bill yesterday that lowers the amount of API that makes up the students grades.  Now they only count 60 percent and will allow schools to concentrate on areas like science and social science and industrial training (what little is left).  As will see when you look at the link, several other good things in the bills signed..

Finally a change to schools that makes some sense...To bad that API can't be done away with completely .  Back in the day when I went to school in  a cave there were no exit exams . Your teachers along the way graded you performance quarter by quarter with the final grade for the year being the average.. add up the finals for your 4 years and you have a grade , not some fictitious number off a standardized test... Hell you can slough off for 4 years , study the test only for four years and probably do as well..

There are problems deep inside every school and the only way they will ever be changed is for parents to back their kids teachers when they are notified of a problem with the administration..The teachers are just waiting for some backup and then things will change..Screw Obama and Duncan's fire everybody and make charter school plans.. Like football , bring back the real teachers to control rather than flunky administrators.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


By forbidding teacher unions to place large contributions to political parties and candidates. The total union membership in the US id 24 million bodies, half of whom are teachers... Mister Scaredy pants Romney wants to make it illegal for unions to contribute to elections.  Total union participation equals 7% of the work force and he wants them out of the race...

One might like to ask him if he also wants his Equity Capital people out of politics ..Which if they were then Romney would not be the nominee since they provided the funds to drive his party contenders out of the race..

Hell he might have a chance of winning because of all the voter id people who will not be allowed to vote.. Yeah I know voter fraud is rampant  10 cases in 10years ..
But he wants to eliminate more yet more of the upsetting..

I will go him one better , lets have public funded elections no private money allowed.. Hell just think of how lovely TV would be without all that propaganda.



Tuesday, September 25, 2012


The APA is advising depressed people to seek psychotherapy first before seeking medication...The only problem is anyone who knows a lick about depression knows that it is the brain chemistry that's needs tinkering with not you thoughts.  Without the chemistry all the talk in the world will not fix the problem..

Besides try to find a psychotherapist  in  your town.. In small burgs like Redding there is but one and insurance companies offer limited money for treatment..

A good psychotherapist will jump right on pills if he is a good one..They should know the medications better than most but don't be surprised  if they don't.  Getting seen by the pro is a problem too most after the first visit hand you off to an assistant.  

My point is this... If you are having problems go see your GP if you have doctor shopped till you found a guy you can trust than tell him of your problem and he will either prescribe or get you an appointment with a shrink.. If he is a good GP he will give you medication and ask you to come back within a month.

And yes if your asking how I can talk about this subject, my answer is years and years of experience with depressed people.


That's what he said

Is there anybody in the US he does like..Well if he lists the US as a foreign currency on his income tax form (hey it's a link in the linked story) he may not like any of us.  Well more and more of us don't like him , so there..

and how could  you  vote for a guy who doesn't know why airplane windows don't open.
Some say it was a joke .if so it drew no laughs..Ok , I admit I look for things to pick on Willard about but gosh it's so easy, even easier than Bush2


When he re-elected one of the first negotiations he will have to conduct is a deal on the debt ceiling.  In hisspeech at AARP the other day he said that even an adjustment to SS would be on the table..What they are talking about in applying a chained CPI to benefits that will limit future retiree payment and for those whose only income can and might be SS this is a disaster...The last change in CPI was done to limit SS which has cut benefits in half for us current recipients.

When the real and simple fix is to lift the cap up to 250K which is a very small group of people and would cost nobody the vote.. Why it is seldom talked about is beyond me.  

When this comes to pass contact Senator Bernie Sanders he will be the man to stop this nonsense

Monday, September 24, 2012


I said a long time ago that manufacturing would come back to this country..The reasons I have stated many times in the past , neither China or India had the necessary power to run all those computer intense sites and when shipping got costly the work would shift back here.

Now it has started and it will grow...Now that they have destroyed the middle class and drove off blue collar workers they think they are going to waltz back in here and pick up where they left off. They probably will but not if I was running the show...

They would be required to set up a system such as Germany runs now and we use to do in the old days  They would be required do set up training facilities to retrain workers they walked away from..They would be required to run apprentice programs and yes they would be required to be union shops.  They would be required to provide the downturn help that Germany does . They would be required to provide health care and pensions they did not control and could not steal at will..

Don't like my requirements , I guess you can move some where  else but be aware there will import tariffs high enough to make that unprofitable.. You can screw the pooch only so long till you get bit.


Yep he actually said that... Having been there and done that,(actually my wife drove me ) (cheaper than an ambulance) to the emergency room with a life stopping heart attack...I didn't have to hope for the best I had health insurance ...The care might have been the same even if I didn't I would hope but I don't wish to that theory...

I was surprised, I thought a GOOD CHRISTIAN would have said go to the emergency room and pray.. but I think his underwear showed up a little bit..but maybe he said a bit to Moroni.

This all happened on 60 minutes where he capped off his performance by capping off his stand on plans for Medicare. Handing it over to the states...Yep they already do that with Medical in our state which most doctors won't take..he would save money by giving the states less and less money each year..

I am going to say this flat our and maybe offend a few people "IF YOU ARE OLD OR AN OLD WANNABE  AND YOU VOTE FOR ROMNEY " I would suggest that the next day you make an appointment with a good shrink.  Who will no doubt verify you are certifiably insane.


You hear it every day , the American people were charge happy fools who ran their debt up till the busted the system..NO THEY DIDN'T.  The major contributor to the debt explosion was home buying, which drove the prices up and up..Now this runup had several player, the government which tried to up homeowners ship as a goad (Bush) which encouraged banks and mortgage brokers to change their lending rules (lowered the standards )(no the government didn't order this) they did it to sell mortgages they could package into all kinds of fantasy packages they sold to the world buying puts so when the package failed they made a ton of money...

The people were sold the story that housing prices would go up for ever and now we know that was not true.. probably never was... I would never consider my house as an investment but that's what they were selling...Lots and lots of folk were sold equity loans on houses they owned (old folks) with loans loaded with traps that caused them down the road to loose their houses...

Now you hear the story that consumers have lightened their debt load like good little consumers..Truth is the debt reduction is the defaulting on mortgages..

Now the FED is putting 40 billion a month buying up Fannie and Freddie loans to lighten their books...This is just a guess , in month to come Fannie and Freddie will buy up more junk still on the banks books.


This article give Charter Schools an F.  So do I give them an Fxxx OFF.  Just another free market idea that doesn't work.   Even after picking off the supposed cream of the crop of student, putting a specially trained teacher with no prior teaching experience in front of them..Their performance is no better than public schools.  The tell all to me is the fact that they have a teacher turn overrate approaching 50%.  Show me any business with that kind of turnover and I'll show you a malfunctioning business.. Just remember a few other facts that apply.  It is a for profit business, the customer is put behind corporate profit.. 2.  they are a poorly cam+ouflaged plot to bust unions.. 3.  Their pay and benefits can be a lot less than public school teachers.  4.   If firing people and ripping up systems sounds a lot like a
Baine Capital it's because it is.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Don't Let Them Tweak Social Security | CEPR Blog

The last adjustment to CPI has kept SS 50% of what it should be , another buggering would do the same. All that needs to be done to fix for ever is raise the cap

Don't Let Them Tweak Social Security | CEPR Blog:

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Thursday, September 20, 2012


I doubt if there is a living human being that can tell me the value of fast track trading.. Trades that last seconds and ends up being a big competition of who has the fastest computer... 

If you think the Libor rigging was a lone wolf, you would be wrong and I am guessing on this.. If you watch commodity prices swing up and down with little or no justification you are watching rigging..  everybody makes a little juice except you and me.. Little guys are not in this game and they add no real value to the market or too beneficial production..  

No regulations  could be fast enough to control these cannibals . While they have a great chance of crashing the market.. and their goes you 401K or your pension plan. 

They only cure is to ban them completely .

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Republicans block vote on veterans jobs bill (UPDATE) | The Raw Story

Gee there must have been a way to find a billion  , oh I know how about knocking a billion off of ethanol subsidies..or oil subsidies .Now you know why the republicans didn't mention the troops at their convention.. They just flat don't give a shit for the men and women who serve under the flag..Shame on the unpatriotic bastards.

Republicans block vote on veterans jobs bill (UPDATE) | The Raw Story:

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Romney/Ryan are mainly talking about the 47 million that pay no federal income tax and that is true but they hardly free loaders.. Most don't pay because they don't make enough money for household size to owe any federal tax..they do pay payroll taxes but that doesn't count in this argument ...

So to be fair we should say that 7000 who made over a million in 2011 paid no federal income tax along with 30 corporation that paid none.. 

Let's look at who else Romney/Ryan want to stick it too.. 

For the  58 million on Medicare they want to give a voucher (amount to be determined later)(some put 6400 bucks as the number) but we don't know how much for sure..We do no that if they were successful in repealing Obamacare a lot of folks looking to buy health care for any amount would find they could not buy insurance at any cost... because preexisting conditions would be used to deny them coverage... A fact that today a good plan cost in the range of 16000 bucks..would put health care out of the range of many people even if they could qualify...

Today there are 53 million on Medicaid 2/3 of which are seniors in long term care..It's Romney/Ryan's plan to take huge chunks of money out of medicaid which would mean your aging parents would be living at your house..If you think that's fun try it, we did and it is damn hard work..and the things that Medicaid make available to you the caregiver would be gone,, you get to do the baths and other health needs , respite care for you to take a break ,, all gone under their plan.

Today there are 55 million on SS .  The Romney/Plan would privatize at least part of your retirement account removing the security blanket that today's seniors depend on for large chunks of their income.. If they were successful and got your whole account put in the market I would suggest anyone who is already doing it by choice how they have done the last ten years..

Their are 12.5  million unemployed, they would drastically reduce the time you would get it.

46 million on food stamps today would go hungry and that includes a lot of seniors that depend on them to eat.. Start checking out cat food prices now..

3.4  million of welfare would have nothing under their proposals.. 

If we are unfortunate enough to elect these folks roughly

It's is hard to believe that seniors are supporting these pukes.. only thing that makes sense with this is these guys think they will be dead before the changes are made...

If you want to see the plight of people who did without our current benefits  go look at senior life before SS and it's easy to find pictures of food lines of the time...

No matter how you cut it electing these fools will be the dumbest thing Americans have ever done.. Yep even stupider then electing GW Bush twice.  We can only hope that these clowns don't make it...

who pays federal income tax

Monday, September 17, 2012


Got no time either for school , ok do it on line and it's free and this isn't the only place..These are some high class schools and profs doing this.

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Heads up Mr. President the people don't want this privatized school system and as your touted system has demonstrated failure in almost all cases ,time to cease and desist Mr. Presidnet

Chicago School Teachers Give Us All a Lesson | Op-Eds & Columns:

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Sunday, September 16, 2012


A armada of ships from 25 countries is playing around the Gulf of Hormuz..sometimes known as poking the tiger... There is a hell of a lot of firepower assembling in case of a Israel attack on Iran..DID YOU GET THAT, IN CASE ISRAEL attacks Iran... If we get into that shooting match we are crazy as coots... Look at the crap that a little ole film caused... What do you think would happen if we all jumped into the Frey .  I have been saying all along let Israel try to finish what they start all by their warmongering selves.. Iran by all accounts does not have a weapons program but I can see why they might want a few just to keep Israel on their best behavior

Knowing everything hinges on politics I am betting if Israel is going to do it , it will be just before our elections (their thinking) ,Obama would have to assist or chance on loosing the election..

I hope it doesn't happen , but if it does I hope Obama does not send aide., perhaps another good ass kicking will keep Israel in line a few more years..

McCain: Muslim protesters ‘taking appropriate action’ against Americans | The Raw Story

Last time McCain was tortured before he aided the enemy . This time he aided and abetted the enemy when he said the Muslims were justified in their attack on the Libyan embassy and they didn't even have to torture him...SHAME SHAME JOHN AND TO THINK YOU COULD HAVE BEEN OUR PRESIDENT, I guess we picked the best man after rall...

McCain: Muslim protesters ‘taking appropriate action’ against Americans | The Raw Story:

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tHEN I HAVE A BRIDGE TO SELL YOU!  These slimy bastards can't fall on their own swords when they obviously fucked up and left the troops out of his acceptance speech.  But they did have the balls to jumps Obama for leaving God and Israel out of his...Tiger to republicans God or Israel didn't belong in the speech anyway.  WHAT'S GOD GOT TO DO WITH IT AND ISRAEL CAN GO ON THEIR OWN THE WAR MONGERING BASTARDS....Netinnutjob has been claiming since 92 that Iran would soon have a bomb..No Bomb yet.  

Last-minute scramble on Romney acceptance speech cut Afghanistan, added Eastwood | The Raw Story:

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The drive to privatize the public school system use to be driven by a conservative party who has never liked anything run by government..Lately this part has been taken over by religious wackos that want to bring the bible back as the principle text book used in schools.. Bringing us a world only a few thousand years old with dinosaurs roaming around with people.. evolution will be replace by create ism  , and the law will be the ten commandments.. 

Problem with all that is there is no science that backs them up (oops I forgot they don't believe in science). If one doesn't accept science a lot of things that have happened couldn't have because they don't believe it it... No internet, no airplanes, no tv, no radio, nothing but the bible and a candle.. Seems to me we are conflict with a religion who believes in the same things , different book , but the same century's old way of life.. 

Sane teachers are needed to teach our kids, we could aide them a lot by getting some sane administrators to guide the system... but that all has to be driven by a sane society and that I don't have much hope for...

The present day conservative is based in the religious south , led by wacko preachers who pound on the book but really are only using it as a anvil.. Look at how many of them have violated the very book they tout..To name a few the wacko who made the film that has the Muslim world stirred up is a Coptic Christian as is the guy who distributed in ,who is  a wacko Coptic working out of S Cal.  and one more of my favorites the wacko preacher who threatened to burn the Koran.. and one more the Wacko preacher who picketed the funerals of gay soldiers.   (I can't say what I would do with this one) but you can guess.

Here's the link that brought on this rant 


Time for another round of table top economics..QE3 just another rape of us good guys..40 billion a month of MBS's taken off the bank's book monthly from now to eternity.  Gonna make the banks healthier by taking all that junk and putting it on our backs. The bitch of it is it won't create one job.. It might lower mortgage interest rates but that won't restart the housing markets..

Our economy as any bonehead knows runs mostly from consumers buying stuff, without money , and with the high cost of gasoline and food there's not much left for buying frills.. Like clothes , doctors, meat and any of the finer things of life.. 

QE3 will not put one job on the street, not one... If they would take the close to 500 billion bucks and throw it into infrastructure , building and repairing things like, airports, schools , water and sewer plants , roads know , all the things falling down around you.  Then you would see jobs... 

QE3 will do bad things to you and I.. It will raise inflation .by lowering the dollar, it will reduce your income if you own interest bearing devices..It will make our lives even tougher still.. 

Not many will admit it , we are in depression, probably only feeling the first wave down, there will be more and QE3 is the mall hammer that will start it down..

Keep an eye on Shadow Stats Inflation graph and in the same page unemployment (the real one) and CPI as well

Here's a good piece by Budget 360

Saturday, September 15, 2012


Robert Reich:

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I said it in post a day or so ago ,QE3 is just going to buy up MSB packages (mortgage bundles) probably the bad ones from the banks who are already filthy rich from QE1 & QE2.  

Us kitchen table economists know this will do nothing for jobs and will add 40 billion more to the deficit every month.  

The only conclusion one can draw from these  moves are that they sure want to bust all the social welfare programs in a lame attempt to cut the deficits..One can only guess where this will end up, I'm closing my eyes.

10 Shocking Quotes About What QE3 Is Going To Do To America:

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I start off with a quote from John Williams of Shadow Stats

“Consumers simply cannot make ends meet. Inflation-adjusted, or real, median household income declined for the fourth-straight year, plunging to its lowest level since 1995. Deflated by the CPI-U, the 2011 reading actually stood below levels seen in the late-1960s and early-1970s.”

“At the same time, despite the ongoing nature of the economic and systemic-solvency crises, and the effects of the 2008 financial panic, income dispersion—the movement of income away from the middle towards both high- and low-level extremes—has hit a record high, instead of moderating, as might be expected during periods of financial distress. Extremes in income dispersion usually foreshadow financial-market and economic calamities. With the current circumstance at a record extreme, and well above levels estimated to have prevailed before the 1929 stock-market crash and the Great Depression, increasingly difficult times are likely for the next several years.”

I've been saying all along that the blame for this surge in American's debt has not been in the majority caused by runaway buying of toys. Sure some of it was but not the biggest contributor to consumer debt..


Let me see if I got this right, wages have been going down, while inflation is going up, and 71% of the people make less than 50K.

Consumer debt has risen.  Do you notice the likeness of the curves between inflation and consumer debt.... 

Cost of everything has gone thru the roof , mean times in the halls of Wall Street they are cooking up schemes to bankrupt the world while they get filthy ass rich...They get done with one bubble and then they blow the next.. Internet ,housing,cars, credit. Bang were broke and up against the wall.. 

The saddest of all tales is they ran up the cost of housing by convincing you that house prices would go up forever, and suddenly they were falling like a rock leaving you holding nothing or a house so far under water you won't ever get out from under it.. 

They the sweet darlings get your credit card maxed out and then slam you with 30% interest, late fees, etc.. another debt you will not get out from under...

There's not but one viable reason for the common man..Just walk away from it all.. go bankrupt on the lot... yeah you'll still have student loans and other little nice things they have protected,, Themselves mostly.. But you will be out there with nothing and no credit... Stop and think a minute , how long do you think you would be without credit if everyone did this... Magically everyone would get a new credit line, because without you they don' make tons of new money.. They have credit default swaps out there that would replace their losses, rich own the swaps.. So off we go again.

So what you see here is how we got into this mess and the only way I see out of it..We shall see where we go..

Friday, September 14, 2012

Romney Says Typical Middle-Class Homes Earn $250,000 A Year | Alternet

Is there any subject Romney is cogent on..Apparently not. Below is about as simple a graph as graphs can get.. Not only is Romney stupid his staff must be allow a statement this far from the truth get out verifies what we already know he is a dumb shit and Ryan is worse... and that's just on economic issues..

ITheir statement over the death of the Libyan ambassador shows how they would handle foreign policy.  Someone please tell me something other than destroying companies this freak does know? 

Romney Says Typical Middle-Class Homes Earn $250,000 A Year | Alternet:

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OK, gang back to kitchen table economics, why would buying 40 billion a month of Mortgage backed securities create jobs?  Theory being by lowering mortgage rates increasing home buying and restarting the building trades..Wanna bet.. These dams fools don't have it yet,,We don't have any money out here..We can't buy a snickers bar without digging for pennies and they think lowering mortgage rates will create jobs by us buying houses..

I actively searched for stories on the effect of this plan of taking more junk off the banks books., It still won't make them solvent .. There's trillions of derivatives sitting out there will kill them sooner or later...

Meantime out here in the real world , more people out of jobs, more people on food stamps , more people looking for work, more not finding any.. and these fools want to give the banks a blow job..

If this roughly 500 billion a year were going to be put into infrastructure , we would put millions back to work.. and push the economy forward,

It will have one positive effect, it will lower the value of the dollar, making import more expensive and the building of the stuff  here.. Now if they would slam some tariffs on we would be back in business.  They won't do either you can bet on..Cinch your belt up another notch,,"I don't care if it is already touching your backbone.  Pull it tighter.

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The Goal for CTU is Better Schools, Not Better Pay
By: David Dayen Wednesday September 12, 2012 9:04 am

AFT President Randi Weingarten’s op-ed for USA Today makes the overlooked point that Chicago teachers are striking, not necessarily for better pay as it has been claimed in most of the traditional media (complete with haughty stories about those lucky duckie rich teachers), but for better schools.

The issues that teachers are fighting for go to the heart of improving Chicago’s public schools. Chicago has had 15 years of mayoral control, and it hasn’t helped improve our schools. Today, 42% of neighborhood elementary schools are not funded for a full-time art or music teacher; 160 Chicago elementary schools don’t have libraries. Teachers report classes of more than 43 students and not even enough chairs for them all. And teachers often lack textbooks and other materials up to six weeks after the start of school.

Chicago teachers are calling for a better day, not just a longer day, by investing in art, music and libraries. They are calling for smaller class sizes, investments in neighborhood schools and health care, social workers, meal services and additional services for students.

They want to focus on teaching and learning, and have legitimately objected to the district’s fixation on high-stakes testing that is narrowing the curriculum and being used to sanction teachers. And they are calling for a fair evaluation process and additional professional development to help all teachers improve.

To the extent that pay and benefits have anything to do with it, that comes from the fact that Rahm Emanuel canceled a promised raise the moment he got into office, a deliberate act of antagonism that signaled a lack of respect. It’s about better schools, the theme emphasized consistently in this policy paper from the Chicago Teachers Union.

This CTU strike has been incredibly enlightening about the drift to the right on education policy, among the media, members of the elite and cultural establishment, and people who call themselves liberals. If teachers go on strike, it has to be because they’re greedy and thinking of themselves over their students. It simply cannot be because they see major issues with the way Chicago’s schools are being sapped of funding in favor of charters, the way that the lowest-income schools are being stripped bare and left to rot, and the way that education policy moves in the wrong direction for just about everyone but private interests that stand to make a profit.

There are actually other ways to go about this. In California, the State Superintendent of Public Instruction, a Democrat named Tom Torlakson, has joined with educators with classroom experience to put together Greatness by Design, a kind of sequel to the Master Plan for Education that made the Golden State the educational envy of the world. The plan calls for ongoing teacher training and collaboration on best practices, which assumes that great teachers don’t arrive on the job fully formed. And it includes student evaluations in teacher assessment. But as the executive summary says, “just as no attorney would be fairly judged by the outcome of a single case, and no doctor’s skills would be properly assessed by the results from a single patient, no teacher’s work should be gauged by how students perform on a single test taken on a single day.” Educators have given the study high marks for recognizing how to balance teacher assessment with ongoing efforts to create high-quality schools.

The report puts together many of the facts already widely known: teacher pay is uneven, there’s little help for beginning teachers and little to no professional development. Teachers get so discouraged that many are leaving the profession, or not considering it a career option at all [...]

Although layoffs could create the impression that there’s a surplus of teachers, there’s a need for teachers in certain categories, the report reads: in math, in sciences, in special education.

Recognition of those facts is great, said Roger Dahl, a former Monterey Peninsula Unified School District principal and a teacher’s trainer with CSUMB. But it would be even greater to see specific recommendations.

The commission “did an excellent job laying down the case where the problems are, that’s always the first step,” he said.

While the report is a bit short on details, it represents the best practice for creating the best schools – involving teachers in the process, rather than forcing them to teach under siege of quantitative analysis.



1. The closure of 100 schools (not openly said that means all the staff of the schools would be fired) 60 charter schools will be established and staffed with new teachers..Track record of past schools formed this something like 10 of the fired teachers are rehired.  These new schools are heavily funded which the current schools are not.. These are tax dollars being spent to support few kids and enrich private corporations..

2 The teachers don't  want the new evaluation system to count for 40% of their evaluation based on the test performance of their kids.. Here we go again , standardized tests... If adopted the teachers out of self defense would stick to teaching just what's on the test...

3. They don't want Principles to have hiring and firing rights without any other input.. Trust me it's easy to piss off management .. Their is a negotiated procedure for firing , unlike the popular myth that you can't fire a teacher. Oh yes you can , just follow the teacher, a good principle would... no law suites then.. It can be done , I got one fired and the other benched for good.

4. Most of their other wants are just for the kids mostly with some fringe benefits for them... like smaller class sizes...books and chairs , YOu know just the niceties.




The Schools Chicago’s Students Deserve
Research-based Proposals to Strengthen Elementary
and Secondary Education in the Chicago Public Schools
he Schools Chicago’s Students Deserve is a new Chicago Teachers Union
study which argues in favor of proven educational reforms to dramatically
improve the education of more than 400,000 students in a district of 675 schools.
These reforms are desperately needed and can lead Chicago towards the world-
class educational system its students deserve. Our study presents 46 pages of
research-based details on the following 10 essential recommendations:
1. Recognize That Class Size Matters: Drastically reduce class size. We currently have one of the largest class sizes in
  the state. This greatly inhibits the ability of our students to learn and thrive.
2. Educate The Whole Child: Invest to ensure that all schools have recess and physical education equipment, healthy
  food offerings, and classes in art, theater, dance, and music in every school. Offer world languages and a variety of
 subject choices. Provide every school with a library and assign the commensurate number of librarians to staff
3. Create More Robust Wrap-around Services: The Chicago Public Schools system (CPS) is far behind recommended
  staffing levels suggested by national professional associations. The number of school counselors, nurses, social
 workers, and psychologists must increase dramatically to serve Chicago’s population of low-income students.
  Additionally, students who cannot afford transportation costs need free fares.
4. Address Inequities In Our System: Students and their families recognize
  the apartheid-like system managed by CPS. It denies resources to the
 neediest schools, uses discipline policies with a disproportionate harm on
students of color, and enacts policies that increase the concentrations of
students in high poverty and racially segregated schools.
5. Help Students Get Off To A Good Start: We need to provide age-
  appropriate (not test-driven) education in the early grades. All students
 should have access to pre-kindergarten and to full-day kindergarten.
6. Respect And Develop The Professionals: Teachers need salaries
  comparable to others with their education and experience. They need
 time to adequately plan their lessons and collaborate with colleagues, as
well as the autonomy and shared decision-making to encourage
professional judgment. CPS needs to hire more teaching assistants so
that no students fall through the cracks.
7. Teach All Students: We need stronger commitments to address the disparities that exist due to our lack of robust
  programs for emergent bilingual students and services for students faced with a variety of special needs.
8. Provide Quality School Facilities: No more leaky roofs, asbestos-lined bathrooms, or windows that refuse to shut.
  Students need to be taught in facilities that are well-maintained and show respect for those who work and go to
 school there.
9. Partner With Parents: Parents are an integral part of a child’s education. They need to be encouraged and helped
    in that role.
10. Fully Fund Education: A country and city that can afford to take care of its affluent citizens can afford to take care
of those on the other end of the income scale. There is no excuse for denying students the essential services they
For more information contact the Chicago Teachers Union at 312-329-9100 or
read the entire report o


What’s Driving the Chicago Teachers Strike » Counterpunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names

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Now I know most people will just listen to the limited information on MSM on this strike and most of what you hear are flat out lies..Now Paul Ryan and joined his bud Rham is spreading lies deeper than the cow pie mountains in Texas.  Of course the  best lies would make the teachers look like Greedy bastards say they demanded a 35% (ryan) 16% rahm when the actual amount is 8% over two years.

The previous attempt to privatize Chicago  schools has been a total violation of all contract with teachers,.. the plan fires all teachers at a given school down to the janitors. (what janitors have to do with education is beyond me) never the less they went too.  The rehire at the first school brought back just 3 teachers our of the original staff.(God knows what they used to measure performance..)  You will see in the following links just what they have planned ..Some of it was contained in a post I did yesterday.  Let it be known Rahm and the boys have flunkies who run these for profit schools who claim to train up qualified teachers in one year and stand ready to replace all teachers not rehired (at a handsome profit to their selves..


A better school day: A comprehensive education including not only curricula in math, science and history but also art, music, physical education and foreign languages in all Chicago Public Schools.

Wraparound services and adequate staffing to support students in need: This includes counselors, social workers, librarians and school nurses with defined job descriptions as well as preparation and break time.

Recall rights for educators and school staff: Hundreds of teachers have already been displaced by school closures across the city and more will be by the planned closing of at least 100 more schools in the coming years.

Fair compensation: No merit pay, less reliance on standardized tests and pay commensurate to increased time in the classroom as well as inflation. CPS reneged last year on the contractually obligated 4 percent pay raise negotiated in 2007 and is currently offering annual 2 percent raises over the next four years. An independent fact-finder’s report released in July recommended pay raises of 15-18 percent next year.

Now you can clearly see that it is not over money the survey suggested up to an 18% increase in pay they have agreed to 8%.  So get the bullshit the other side is spreading over money.

THIS IS NOTHING LESS THAN THE ATTEMPT TO DESTROY A UNION AND REWARD RAHM'S CHARTER SCHOOL BUDDIES.. All studies show that charter schools perform no better than public school.  The other notable fact is when they do form charter schools suddenly all kinds of money show up for infrastructural  improvements .

The Hinge pin of Rahm's plan is the same as the Secretary of Education Arnie Duncan , a program he tested first in Chicago and has been shown to now work any better .. If the same money was applied to the public schools they replaced who knows what magic could have happened.

This testing program established by Bush and now extended byObama is just another give away of funds to their rich friends ...Just ask any teacher what he thinks of the testing program , (then stand by for a blast)   It does not take a Brainiac to understand that it is better to know the subject not just the answer to the test .

The plan is Chicago is the intended plan for the whole country..destroy the teachers union, make your friends rich and throw away a bunch of hard working folk and probably your throwing away the kids why would have taught.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Hungry has thrown Monsanto and it's GMO seeds out of their country (and the IMF along with them) smart move on all fronts..

Mother nature on the other day is just a little more subtle..BT the first Monsanto modified corn has been in the fields about 20 yeas.. with a built in insecticide to kill unwanted bugs... problem is in 20 years (evolution wise a short time) bugs and weeds and learned to defeat the measures set out against  them.  My non believing fundamental friends who don't believe in evolution will probably say God did it.. But either way Monsanto gets it in the shorts.. After all the farmers throughout the world they have killed and throw the good bugs in like (butterflys, bees, hummingbirds) forcing this crap off the market would be a good thing and them out of business even better...


All news show talk about this strike and make it sound like teachers are just greedy gut slobs..The truth of the matter is The mayor want to use Arnies plan into effect in Chicage.. Who's Arnie?  Arnie Duncan Obama's Education Secretary ,who as Chicago's top educator put into play a plan where they would fire everyone at a school , reopen it as a Charter school run by a for profit corporation. Something in the 3 or 4 range were the number of teachers rehired the rest from his corporate buddies business.. All of us have seen the results of privatization all over the place , from highways, to bridges to buildings, and I can't personally think of a case where services got better or cheaper.


What at the bottom of this Chicago strike is the fact that Rahm wants to close 100 schools and reopen them as for profit Charter schools... If this was the only factor being negotiated the teachers should strike... I hope they don't give in as long as any of this threat exists.  Make them eat it now or they will get you one school at a time..

Having student performance as a measure of teacher effectiveness may sound cool... But where is the measure of what this teacher has to work with at the beginning of each school year... garbage in , garbage out as they say.. Putting all this weight on testing is absolutely stupid.. To survive the teacher has to teach the test , you can teach a monkey how to answer questions, not that he knows what he's talking about, you can do the same with kids..

I personally hope the Chicago teachers beat back each and every on of these power plays in full... NO deal.. Tell Rahm  to stuff it..


WHAT THE BOSSES ARE AFTER TOO  Manthey really want to bust the last of the big unions... If they will this who will be next...

Sunday, September 9, 2012


Well according to my bible thumping friends , if it's  happening  it must be God's plan... OK he did mention flame and all that shit but I didn't know he meant to boil me in a pot that gradually slow cooks my ass.. If this is truly the work of God then he is certainly the cruel prick I have thought he was since I was 18
 I know what the freaks will say about this NASA  link  It's just science and we have a few of our own scientists that say the Climate Change folks are all wrong.  After all look what their scientists say about evolution, we know it was God all along and those bones are fake..

Well how can you argue with logic like that..After all we know they follow their bible word for word, after all don't they hate gay people, don't we think the poor should get off their lazy asses and get a job.. That women should have no control over their bodies, and dancing and booze are evil .  Above all marriage is between a man and a woman..

No sense even trying to talk to them about those beliefs , and don't bother trying to talk economics to them. They don't like government messing in their lives as say so loudly while getting thier food stamps, welfare, Medicare and Medicaid.

I am tired of even thinking about them .. So I bought a new book about the south titled "BETTER OFF WITHOUT THEM"  I am starting to believe dividing the country might be a good thing after all it's what a least some of them want.

I would be happy if they just took their religion behind the doors of their individual churches (after all they can't even get along with each other) so keeping it inside would make the world a much more peacefull place..

Dear Mittl: *You* Don't Get to Say That | Informed Comment

WHAT IS WORSE FLAT OUT LYING OR FLIP FLOPPING..Mitt flops around like a Bass out of water.

Dear Mittl: *You* Don't Get to Say That | Informed Comment:

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I was about to draw my last breath and as my opponent was about to deliver the kick that closed my eyes for good, I saw it, a brick.  I quickly picked up the  brick and broke his knee, bringing him to the ground..I struggled up , kicked him 3 times in the nuts, walked around and kicked him some more in the head and dropped the brick on his ugly nose.  Did he live , I really don't care , ridding the world of such trash is worth any punishment , it was self defense you know., so I will probably skate.. I don't intend to get caught but what the hell I feel good.

I view the country as that pictured above... We are down on our knees a lot of us, if not monetarily than emotionally.  I fit the emotional picture.  We live comfortably on my retirements not rich by any means but comfortable, great insurance, great house, country living.. a good car, but I have been emotionally drained by the lack of government effort on the part of the country that is down because of monetary matters...

The apparent lack of understandingof the masses to realize how bad they are being screwed by who is unbelievable... It does little good to point fingers to the past as to who screwed us worse .  Some contributed more than others...

Saturday, September 8, 2012


I have said it in words and in some pictures but now a simple chart that shows you what the Romney/Ryan plan will mean to you in your  Golden Years (basically you won't have any)  .  If you buy the voucher plan you are one of a couple of things, totally ignorant , stupid, or too lazy to read, no matter which one fits you your Golden Years will suck.

The very important part of their plan will cut Medicaid drastically and that means your long term care will be done by your kids or a quick suicide.  Your Golden Years will be filled with misery , pain and suffering and your kids will end up hating you because you have put a great burden on their middle years.. 

I have 10 year caring for elders in my home, it is hard work and when we did it a person on Medicaid could get some home health care to do things like bath and do personal things a few times a week.. In some cases they will provide a relief crew so you can have a few days off.    The home health care help will disappear, it has already started in some places.. With their plan it, and long term facilities will disappear.. 

So I ask any one of you considering voting for Romney to comment on this blog as to what still drives you to vote for him.. I don't expect many answers because I have found thru the years most of you are cowards to do verbal combat on your supposed beliefs.  Look at the chart and decide.

Friday, September 7, 2012


That the choice I see after watching both conventions, looking at both platforms and actually knowing damn little about what either will do.. So I am down to guts and intuition.

So a quick look at Romney/Ryan bring a list of things he will do to hurt folks like me...
1. They will destroy Medicare and maybe even more importantly Medicaid a program that most seniors rely on for their long term care.

2. They will turn Social Security into private accounts... My opinion is this will cost any senior who opts out of regular SS will have a very unsecure future if they try to play the market..One must remember that all markets are controlled  at least 80% by Fast Track Traders and  Commodity Hedge funds.

3. They want to add 100,000 troops to the military.  At a time when the military is into a giant restructuring that trends more to special forces (a much smaller demand for troops ) than a regualr army .. The focus is on unmanned planes, ships, and in some cases the fighting man himself.

4.Huge tax cuts (guess who for) yep the rich

5. Their deficit reduction plan will hit all social service programs , including education , FEMA,FDA, and on and on,  Any program that helps us ordinary dude will be savaged..

6. Theirs more but much of it is implied not clearly pointed out

My conclusion is I would vote for the Devil before voting for these hucksters.

Now the PART FOR CROWD.. Obama//Biden

1.They claim to want to protect all the social programs mentioned  above while admitting they will some how change them (not defined)

2.They will increase taxes on the rich and corporations.(something long needed)

3.Their deficit reduction plan will be less severe than the republicans, just how much do remains an unknown..

4. They will not privatize Medicare, Medicare or Social Security..

5. They will keep food stamps and other programs to support the down and outers.

6.They will promote alternate energy production which will create jobs

7.They will keep the Consumer Protection Bureau a much needed entity to slap the lending institutions down when they cheat us.. The republicans haven't said but at best it would be less strong than now..

So just give these lists and add for me at least one important point..

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Clint nailed it the empty chair is exactly like their party , empty of empathy, empty of ideas , just plain empty like an empty bucket of Kentucky Fried.. The difference in tenor at the conventions is totally shocking.

The republicans in 3 days conducted their selves as the bully their new leader showed in school... Did the deed, or plans to and lies through his teeth about both..

I know it's  useless to list just the lies in Romney and Ryan speeches, you can look them up in your favorite fact checker..


The popular talk is that Obama has added more to the deficits than any other president.  The only conclusion one can draw is the right is getting their info from the manure pile.. The fact that Obama added Bush Tax cuts and Bush's two unnecessary wars to the books where they should have gone in the first place makes him look bad if you don't know where the debt came from..


I have not been a big fan of the president because of the lack of progress on a large number of projects I believe are worthy of addressing... GITMO being one of my big ones, how easily I forgot that the Senate would not approve the money to move them so it didn't happen... I believe there was another way  and if I had the job I would have used the saving from closing GITMO and used the Federal facility setting vacant no prisoners..   Now you know the savings would have been tremendous .This could have been done with no votes but a lot of screaming from the right side.. Tough you have been outmaneuvered.


But just so you can refresh your memory here is a partial list of bills blocked in the Senate one way or another



Tuesday, September 4, 2012


The arguments presented by this piece are total bullshit.   The whole purpose of any insurance is to protect against unseen events that would break your bank.. To suggest that you at a young age shouldn't be paying for an event that could happen (or not) is a waste of money and bad for the economy..

One of the lines in this piece that fry's my ass is the moral hazard of spending too much on medical care and that you shouldn't have to have insurance to pay for everyday happening.. Just what the hell everyday happenings are he doesn't say.  His line of thinking is so outside the box in everything else in this world.. by his thinking ..we shouldn't have care insurance because most likely we won't have an accident.. or we don't need life insurance when were young as we are not likely to die... The insurance industry has spent zillions convincing you of exactly the opposite.. He is  so full of shit I am shocked that it was the LA Times that published it...

Things happen in everyday life that for instance can  cause a visit to an emergency room.. In my house of late a few hours long visit to an emergency cost $8000.  Just last week my wife went to the emergency room for advancing pneumonia and stayed 5 days, the bill ain't in yet but I'm betting will be in the $50K range.

The thought in this day that you can negotiate for the cost of care is so far from reality .  Days when your lucky to even find a doc taking patients and even harder to find one that knows shit.. Most seniors do negotiate their cost (it's called Medicare) which is much more cost effective than dealing with it on your own.  Now days when you owe  a hospital , very shortly they sell your debt to a collection agency and then you get harassed to death and your credit is destroyed in the process...

Jeffery Miron should have his ass kicked for writing such a dishonest piece.

His comment of solving the problem is making care so expensive for the individual that they could not afford care and would choose croaking instead.. When the mean senior income is 31k paying 6400 for health care is undo able... Miron should be ashamed (after he recovers)

The real fix to the Medicare problem is so simple... Medicare for all make the program doable while fixing the budget to boot.


The fire sale of large blocks of foreclosed homes to large investors is being conducted by government right now.. These homes are being sold at deep discount and the government is supplying the financing . Which of course is increasing the investors leverage...God how I hate the word leverage.
Of course it's all being done in secret..

My favorite writer Mike Whitney lays it out here.. put a piece of copper in your fuse box before you read it..  you ain't gong to be happy.

As a comparison FDR solved the same problems by selling the mortgages back to the people who had been foreclosed on letting them stay in their homes and in the end the government turned a profit.. Why has thinking gone backward in 80 years.. Oh yeah I know... Corporations do all the thinking..


Economists have argued against Globalization being the cause of our Middle Class decline till now.  Suddenly they are changing their tune..(don't let the board hit you in the ass)  (sometimes I think a college education is detrimental to the recognition part of the brain)  From the minute Ross Perot and his "Great Sucking Sound" bit I have recognized  that Globalization is "A RACE TO THE BOTTOM "across the globe..

 The evidence has always been clear to me.. the decline of 5.5 million manufacturing jobs and the closing of  46000 factories is the US killed a lot of good paying jobs.... Why were those jobs shipped over seas , they say because wages were cheaper and profits would be higher... and perhaps they were in the beginning ..but you could see if you looked that the countries they were moving to were not prepared in a lot of infrastructure ways to handle manufacturing growth of this magnitude.. I predicted that China and India would have just a small glimmer in the sun and then fade as there is more than wages to profit.. Water and Power ,shipping costs, fuel costs, and demands for higher wages and a better life would kill them and so it is now coming to pass....Meantime our Middle Class has been destroyed while the worlds rich have gotten much richer..

Want to see the proof ..LOOK HERE.   You won't have to read much just look at the graphs to get the picture....If you vote republican and you work for wages you are a fool...


I lived in Mormon country for 6 years and it was the only time in my 75 years that I was discriminated on because of my religion.. I have none which even makes it more interesting...I was interviewing for a copier repair job , the interview was conducted by a brother sub sailor and at the end he simply said Bob I can't give you the job because your not a Mormon and the route is 80% Mormon .  I interviewed for  job selling Fords  (yeah I was getting desperate) the dude's eyes were lighting up when we reviewed my qualifications.. The last question was are you a Mormon.. My no answers turned off the lights in his eyes..

Now to be fair I lived in a highly Mormon community for 6 years and was treated with respect and had no problem.. My boss was a big Mormon but I never had a missionary come to my house..So I will not use his faith not to vote for him (there are a million reasons already in my list) It would serve you well to look at this film titled "A MORMON CANDIDATE"

Monday, September 3, 2012


If the polling is correct and I don't really know that it is but seniors are amongst the few backing Romney over Obama.  Every senior in the country rides Medicare and is absolutely satisfied with the coverage..For $100 we get the coverage that 16K on the outside.. And with Obmacare it closes the doughnut hole. Medicare Advantage the half assed private Medicare plan ends up costing more money than Medicare and has a lot more restrictions of who you can see and what is covered.. and the icing on the cake is that it costs more money than traditional Medicare.

I have been saying this for months and yet a majority of seniors are saying they are for Romney  .. Paul Krugman shows you why you are nuts.

And they would kill Medicaid plain and simple .  It is the only recourse that some have and it is not that great ..Most doctors will not take Medicaid out of a desire to stay in business..Medicaid pays about 10% of what Medicare pays so the doctors say they can't work for that.. we are talking a $10 payment compared to $100 paid by Medicare.

When the true answer to health care and to solving the deficit problem is Medicare for all which according to the CBO would bring the annual deficit problem to 0.

So go ahead seniors "Make Your Day" and gonna be seniors too.  Vote for Romney and may you rot in hell for your stupidity.


An outstanding report by the Pew outfit lays out the details of the fate of the middle class ..I believe it's more like a 40 year plan to bring destruction of the Middle Class to be. A goal of the republican since the late 30's.  Well  they are well on there way to success and with a Romney/Ryan ticket they will be successful ..

A more complete look at what they have created is shown by four simple graphs
in an earlier post by the Tiger.  The four graphs without many words give you a picture of 40 years of decline. A bleak one I might add.

To make it clear some of this was done by both major parties so it's up to usthe vote in folks who will ignore taking the bribes from corporations and do our bidding..It probably won't happen this time aroud and it won't happen in a two party system.  It will take a new vibrant 3rd party movement to make the change.
The Tea Party showed how to do it.. So it can be done..This time the only choice you have to survive for awhile is a vote for Obama.. Don't think you can show your displeasure with a vote for any third party candidate .


No it's not an actual bill but you can make it one with a vote this November..
If this Nation is dumb enough to vote Romney/Ryan into office they will cut the Medicaid program.. While most republicans look at Medicaid as a hand out to the poor the dumb bastards don't understand their Grandma's,Grandpa's , and their own rotten selves stay in long term care will be paid by Medicaid.. No Medicaid no long term care.. Even the filthy rich will use the program, because by that time they have hidden all their assets to qualify for the program.

So go ahead you dumb bastard, pull the lever for a republican and start building that spare room, or perhaps but bunk beds for  you and your wife.

Sunday, September 2, 2012


This list of Obama campaign promises outlines why his 08 supporters are not as enthusiastic this time around.   Myself included , I do realize that with virtually no republican support from the very beginning he still managed to get some things done...

I am afraid that in his second term the results will be about the same.  Unless as I think events of the time will bring about more success in some areas.. The republicans may not be so unified in defeating everything he brings forward as 2016 is a start over for both parties as Biden will probably not be a candidate.

I think we have seen the beginning roster for 16 on the republican side with the speakers at the republican convention.. Christie, Rubio, Walker, and perhaps Ryan as well.. If you consider economic times will even be worse than now I doubt that there will be much more call of running an austerity program which all mentioned would promote..

The fact that in the republican primary the only sane guy on stage was Huntsman and he got zero traction shows you what to expect from here.

Here's a few more lists from Polito
The Obama meter
The Medicare meter
Politician promises both sides