Tuesday, September 4, 2012


The fire sale of large blocks of foreclosed homes to large investors is being conducted by government right now.. These homes are being sold at deep discount and the government is supplying the financing . Which of course is increasing the investors leverage...God how I hate the word leverage.
Of course it's all being done in secret..

My favorite writer Mike Whitney lays it out here.. put a piece of copper in your fuse box before you read it..  you ain't gong to be happy.

As a comparison FDR solved the same problems by selling the mortgages back to the people who had been foreclosed on letting them stay in their homes and in the end the government turned a profit.. Why has thinking gone backward in 80 years.. Oh yeah I know... Corporations do all the thinking..

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  1. Yes, it did make me angry. Obama helping banksters buy up foreclosures at 60% to 50% Off! Many average citizens could afford those same homes at that discount. AND we are financing it.

    I'm sure big/corporate media is all over the story.(Sarcasm)

    The heartless greed won't stop until everything crashes.