Saturday, September 8, 2012


I have said it in words and in some pictures but now a simple chart that shows you what the Romney/Ryan plan will mean to you in your  Golden Years (basically you won't have any)  .  If you buy the voucher plan you are one of a couple of things, totally ignorant , stupid, or too lazy to read, no matter which one fits you your Golden Years will suck.

The very important part of their plan will cut Medicaid drastically and that means your long term care will be done by your kids or a quick suicide.  Your Golden Years will be filled with misery , pain and suffering and your kids will end up hating you because you have put a great burden on their middle years.. 

I have 10 year caring for elders in my home, it is hard work and when we did it a person on Medicaid could get some home health care to do things like bath and do personal things a few times a week.. In some cases they will provide a relief crew so you can have a few days off.    The home health care help will disappear, it has already started in some places.. With their plan it, and long term facilities will disappear.. 

So I ask any one of you considering voting for Romney to comment on this blog as to what still drives you to vote for him.. I don't expect many answers because I have found thru the years most of you are cowards to do verbal combat on your supposed beliefs.  Look at the chart and decide.

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