Tuesday, September 25, 2012


The APA is advising depressed people to seek psychotherapy first before seeking medication...The only problem is anyone who knows a lick about depression knows that it is the brain chemistry that's needs tinkering with not you thoughts.  Without the chemistry all the talk in the world will not fix the problem..

Besides try to find a psychotherapist  in  your town.. In small burgs like Redding there is but one and insurance companies offer limited money for treatment..

A good psychotherapist will jump right on pills if he is a good one..They should know the medications better than most but don't be surprised  if they don't.  Getting seen by the pro is a problem too most after the first visit hand you off to an assistant.  

My point is this... If you are having problems go see your GP if you have doctor shopped till you found a guy you can trust than tell him of your problem and he will either prescribe or get you an appointment with a shrink.. If he is a good GP he will give you medication and ask you to come back within a month.

And yes if your asking how I can talk about this subject, my answer is years and years of experience with depressed people.

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