Sunday, September 16, 2012


The drive to privatize the public school system use to be driven by a conservative party who has never liked anything run by government..Lately this part has been taken over by religious wackos that want to bring the bible back as the principle text book used in schools.. Bringing us a world only a few thousand years old with dinosaurs roaming around with people.. evolution will be replace by create ism  , and the law will be the ten commandments.. 

Problem with all that is there is no science that backs them up (oops I forgot they don't believe in science). If one doesn't accept science a lot of things that have happened couldn't have because they don't believe it it... No internet, no airplanes, no tv, no radio, nothing but the bible and a candle.. Seems to me we are conflict with a religion who believes in the same things , different book , but the same century's old way of life.. 

Sane teachers are needed to teach our kids, we could aide them a lot by getting some sane administrators to guide the system... but that all has to be driven by a sane society and that I don't have much hope for...

The present day conservative is based in the religious south , led by wacko preachers who pound on the book but really are only using it as a anvil.. Look at how many of them have violated the very book they tout..To name a few the wacko who made the film that has the Muslim world stirred up is a Coptic Christian as is the guy who distributed in ,who is  a wacko Coptic working out of S Cal.  and one more of my favorites the wacko preacher who threatened to burn the Koran.. and one more the Wacko preacher who picketed the funerals of gay soldiers.   (I can't say what I would do with this one) but you can guess.

Here's the link that brought on this rant 

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  1. If we don't pay attention, they will get away with privatizing schools. That would be a disaster.