Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Now I know most people will just listen to the limited information on MSM on this strike and most of what you hear are flat out lies..Now Paul Ryan and joined his bud Rham is spreading lies deeper than the cow pie mountains in Texas.  Of course the  best lies would make the teachers look like Greedy bastards say they demanded a 35% (ryan) 16% rahm when the actual amount is 8% over two years.

The previous attempt to privatize Chicago  schools has been a total violation of all contract with teachers,.. the plan fires all teachers at a given school down to the janitors. (what janitors have to do with education is beyond me) never the less they went too.  The rehire at the first school brought back just 3 teachers our of the original staff.(God knows what they used to measure performance..)  You will see in the following links just what they have planned ..Some of it was contained in a post I did yesterday.  Let it be known Rahm and the boys have flunkies who run these for profit schools who claim to train up qualified teachers in one year and stand ready to replace all teachers not rehired (at a handsome profit to their selves..


A better school day: A comprehensive education including not only curricula in math, science and history but also art, music, physical education and foreign languages in all Chicago Public Schools.

Wraparound services and adequate staffing to support students in need: This includes counselors, social workers, librarians and school nurses with defined job descriptions as well as preparation and break time.

Recall rights for educators and school staff: Hundreds of teachers have already been displaced by school closures across the city and more will be by the planned closing of at least 100 more schools in the coming years.

Fair compensation: No merit pay, less reliance on standardized tests and pay commensurate to increased time in the classroom as well as inflation. CPS reneged last year on the contractually obligated 4 percent pay raise negotiated in 2007 and is currently offering annual 2 percent raises over the next four years. An independent fact-finder’s report released in July recommended pay raises of 15-18 percent next year.

Now you can clearly see that it is not over money the survey suggested up to an 18% increase in pay they have agreed to 8%.  So get the bullshit the other side is spreading over money.

THIS IS NOTHING LESS THAN THE ATTEMPT TO DESTROY A UNION AND REWARD RAHM'S CHARTER SCHOOL BUDDIES.. All studies show that charter schools perform no better than public school.  The other notable fact is when they do form charter schools suddenly all kinds of money show up for infrastructural  improvements .

The Hinge pin of Rahm's plan is the same as the Secretary of Education Arnie Duncan , a program he tested first in Chicago and has been shown to now work any better .. If the same money was applied to the public schools they replaced who knows what magic could have happened.

This testing program established by Bush and now extended byObama is just another give away of funds to their rich friends ...Just ask any teacher what he thinks of the testing program , (then stand by for a blast)   It does not take a Brainiac to understand that it is better to know the subject not just the answer to the test .

The plan is Chicago is the intended plan for the whole country..destroy the teachers union, make your friends rich and throw away a bunch of hard working folk and probably your throwing away the kids why would have taught.

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