Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Economists have argued against Globalization being the cause of our Middle Class decline till now.  Suddenly they are changing their tune..(don't let the board hit you in the ass)  (sometimes I think a college education is detrimental to the recognition part of the brain)  From the minute Ross Perot and his "Great Sucking Sound" bit I have recognized  that Globalization is "A RACE TO THE BOTTOM "across the globe..

 The evidence has always been clear to me.. the decline of 5.5 million manufacturing jobs and the closing of  46000 factories is the US killed a lot of good paying jobs.... Why were those jobs shipped over seas , they say because wages were cheaper and profits would be higher... and perhaps they were in the beginning ..but you could see if you looked that the countries they were moving to were not prepared in a lot of infrastructure ways to handle manufacturing growth of this magnitude.. I predicted that China and India would have just a small glimmer in the sun and then fade as there is more than wages to profit.. Water and Power ,shipping costs, fuel costs, and demands for higher wages and a better life would kill them and so it is now coming to pass....Meantime our Middle Class has been destroyed while the worlds rich have gotten much richer..

Want to see the proof ..LOOK HERE.   You won't have to read much just look at the graphs to get the picture....If you vote republican and you work for wages you are a fool...

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  1. I've got a friend who's telling me that offshoring, leveraged buyouts, etc are just the free market at work. Of course he's voting for Romney. What he doesn't know, is that government policies made all that stuff legal, so it's not the free market at work, it's capitalist cronyism at its worst.