Sunday, September 30, 2012


At times when criticizing our efforts in Afghanistan I hear in reply that those dirty Taliban don't fight fair they don't wear uniforms..

Other thing the Taliban don't have  airplane, drones, satellites, tanks, artillery you know stuff that real army has..

Yet they have throughout history have never been defeated but yet some kick ass countries keep trying and not many seem to learn from others that have been defeated by them.. Think the 10 years Russia tried and was driven out of the country.. and in a year or two so, will be claim victory and leave (the sooner the better) as far as I am concerned.

While the uniformed version of Iraq troops in recent history have killed 35 coalition troops last year and 40 so far this  year shows exactly what.. I would say it shows they don't like us very much.  Here's what an Afghan officer says is the reason.

It has gotten so dangerous there that Coalition troops have ceased all but training.  No more field ops with Afghan troops.. Why be there, it is at least obvious to me that being there will do nothing and one week of the cost(would cover all welfare fraud for a year.  The trillion it will cost per year could do a lot toward deficit reduction..

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  1. agreed---but if one of these leaders say he
    will destroy us or our allies we should have
    the balls to wipe out his backdoor and deliver
    a small little sea of glass for his front yard.
    i do feel sorry for those ordinary people just
    like you and me who only want a simple good life
    thank goodness we are americans---we could or
    should i say might be headed in that direction