Sunday, September 9, 2012


Well according to my bible thumping friends , if it's  happening  it must be God's plan... OK he did mention flame and all that shit but I didn't know he meant to boil me in a pot that gradually slow cooks my ass.. If this is truly the work of God then he is certainly the cruel prick I have thought he was since I was 18
 I know what the freaks will say about this NASA  link  It's just science and we have a few of our own scientists that say the Climate Change folks are all wrong.  After all look what their scientists say about evolution, we know it was God all along and those bones are fake..

Well how can you argue with logic like that..After all we know they follow their bible word for word, after all don't they hate gay people, don't we think the poor should get off their lazy asses and get a job.. That women should have no control over their bodies, and dancing and booze are evil .  Above all marriage is between a man and a woman..

No sense even trying to talk to them about those beliefs , and don't bother trying to talk economics to them. They don't like government messing in their lives as say so loudly while getting thier food stamps, welfare, Medicare and Medicaid.

I am tired of even thinking about them .. So I bought a new book about the south titled "BETTER OFF WITHOUT THEM"  I am starting to believe dividing the country might be a good thing after all it's what a least some of them want.

I would be happy if they just took their religion behind the doors of their individual churches (after all they can't even get along with each other) so keeping it inside would make the world a much more peacefull place..

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