Monday, September 3, 2012


If the polling is correct and I don't really know that it is but seniors are amongst the few backing Romney over Obama.  Every senior in the country rides Medicare and is absolutely satisfied with the coverage..For $100 we get the coverage that 16K on the outside.. And with Obmacare it closes the doughnut hole. Medicare Advantage the half assed private Medicare plan ends up costing more money than Medicare and has a lot more restrictions of who you can see and what is covered.. and the icing on the cake is that it costs more money than traditional Medicare.

I have been saying this for months and yet a majority of seniors are saying they are for Romney  .. Paul Krugman shows you why you are nuts.

And they would kill Medicaid plain and simple .  It is the only recourse that some have and it is not that great ..Most doctors will not take Medicaid out of a desire to stay in business..Medicaid pays about 10% of what Medicare pays so the doctors say they can't work for that.. we are talking a $10 payment compared to $100 paid by Medicare.

When the true answer to health care and to solving the deficit problem is Medicare for all which according to the CBO would bring the annual deficit problem to 0.

So go ahead seniors "Make Your Day" and gonna be seniors too.  Vote for Romney and may you rot in hell for your stupidity.


  1. You are correct. When I saw some Tea Party people they were all seniors. I wish I could have asked them if they were willing to just burn their Medicare cards, because the Romney / Ryan 'plan' will destroy Medicare as they know it. I would have also liked to ask them how many had private health insurance and how much that cost versus Medicare!