Sunday, September 16, 2012


A armada of ships from 25 countries is playing around the Gulf of Hormuz..sometimes known as poking the tiger... There is a hell of a lot of firepower assembling in case of a Israel attack on Iran..DID YOU GET THAT, IN CASE ISRAEL attacks Iran... If we get into that shooting match we are crazy as coots... Look at the crap that a little ole film caused... What do you think would happen if we all jumped into the Frey .  I have been saying all along let Israel try to finish what they start all by their warmongering selves.. Iran by all accounts does not have a weapons program but I can see why they might want a few just to keep Israel on their best behavior

Knowing everything hinges on politics I am betting if Israel is going to do it , it will be just before our elections (their thinking) ,Obama would have to assist or chance on loosing the election..

I hope it doesn't happen , but if it does I hope Obama does not send aide., perhaps another good ass kicking will keep Israel in line a few more years..


  1. They aren't going to attack. How many times to they have to pull this bluff on us?

  2. What a mess! Who the hell asked me i.e. the American people if we want to be a part of this Armageddon?! I sure don't.