Sunday, December 4, 2011


THE GIANT SUCKING MACHINE BOUGHT PUMPS THAT SUCK TOO MUCH! Remember Ole Ross Perot and his giant sucking sound, well today were hearing sound highly amplified. For 30 years we have watched the destruction of our middle class by the outsourcing of jobs, elimination of jobs, destroying pension and benefits packages . Just in case you can't understand why this is happening to the US the former greatest production machine in the world that supported a large chunk of the country in middle class style , here's the truth “IT WAS A PLANNED DESTRUCTION OF THE US MIDDLE CLASS” We were consuming far too much of the profit by our greedy demands for higher pay, better benefits, shorter hours , the corporations looked across the sea and saw a utopia of low wage workers. According to them “ We can build this 18 cubic foot refrigerator overseas cheaper than we can build it here” while exactly at that time it might have been true (might have been) but in there typical short term view of things it wouldn't stay that way for long , like right now.. Over time our manufacturing work force has decreased from 28% to 11% of the work force.. during that time frame wages on average have fallen and since the consumer is 70% or the economy how on earth were we going to keep on buying... Their (for once long range plan) was to make credit available to make up for our loss of income..Damn they are good. It worked. So here we sit up to our noses in debt, in houses that are worth less than we owe, hunting for jobs that don't pay enough to live on if you can find one at all. The PTB believe that it is ok to throw away whole generations of citizens (those 50 and over) (recent grads who haven't found work) , the jargon is their skills have deteriorated during their long periods of unemployment and won't be able to find work and will have to depend on charity to survive. So in conclusion the only answer seems to be , mail your house keys, and credit cards to the benevolent bastard that gave the loans to you fully knowing he was putting you so far under water that you would work for next to nothing to eat your mush and service the interest on your debt... Don't you think it's time to stick it too them.. I have for a long time and now Occupy has taken up my rant.. and they are a hell of a lot bigger than I am and they are growing while I have shrunk a few inches..

Monday, November 28, 2011


The REAL STORY None of the classic institutions the right wing like to blame for the mortgage collapse are shown to be the problem in this piece, yes ,with numbers and graphs that make it clear. It's a long article and it's known that most won'r read it thru, but you should if your going to place blame on the people, Congress, democrats, Fannie and Freddie at least read and find out the real culprits were private lenders subject to no government regulations...

Friday, November 11, 2011


Every other day it seems, I see a story decrying the lack of skilled labor in the US today siting the lack of skills such as machinists, electrician, operators, all the old blue collar trades that existed just a few decades ago. It could not possibly be that the icons of industry shipped a huge amount of the blue collar jobs overseas and forced the closing of 50,000 factories in the states.. Throwing millions of middle class jobs out the window with no replacement even considered. So of course when all those jobs disappeared the strength of the unions that had made them good paying jobs lost a lot of their political power. 7% of the work force , down from the high point of 35%. Ole Ross Perot had it just right the sucking sound continues today as even this late in the game, factories are closing, jobs are disappearing and we have a 22% unemployment rate.. With things in the job market looking so bleak employers have the ability to drive wages forever downward..Then a few states pass laws that drives the illegal work force they have been exploiting for 30 out of site overnight.. The employers cry their crops are rotting in the fields, nobody will stand 10 hours a day for minimum wage gutting catfish. I haven't heard a peep out of the slaughter houses but you can bet they are scrambling for workers too.. Once shitty but good paying jobs disappeared when the illegals were put in these jobs and would work for little (which was still better than their home countries) . Now that they have destroyed the work force from both ends , they cry and cry. I would guess the thought never crossed their minds that if they upped their pay the workers would come... Why should they probaly have a CDS to cover that happeing.. So instead of paying a decent wage they let it rot and collect the insurance.. A recent poll of 18 to 25 year olds found that manufacturing jobs was dead last in fields of work to train for... They act surprised. Jesus Christ they spent the last 30 years destroying the blue collar jobs that their fathers used to give them a good middle class life style and maybe in the end years of their life riding the unemployment rolls.. and gaze in wonder that no one wants to train for these now nonexistent jobs. Gee what a shocker.. Let's not even consider that if they did want to train for a manufacturing job just where in the hell they would get their training.. The school system won't even consider vocational training as part of their curriculum, the unions have down sized their apprentice programs and the very folks who need the help think they can go to a labor tree and just pick exactly what they need.. What spend money on a training program , are you kidding me , there goes their bonus or their stockholders rise in return.. In the same article linked above the opening sentence says "All economists know that a strong manufacturing base is essential for a strong economy" just where the hell these smart asses been the last 30 years as our manufacturing base was destroyed. We all sat by and watched because we were told the Walmart would sell us the junk from China cheap, they sold it but I don't see the cheap now except in quality.. In the end the old saying "What goes around comes around" is going to happen in manufacturing business. China and India have had their day in the sun.. Power and water and pollution will bring their success to a screeching halt. Their own internal financial problems will force them to concentrate on their own country as they join the now "OCCUPY THE WORLD" movement.. The movement will become a political force in time but I doubt it will bear the name Democrat or Republican in any thing other than name... It will bring about a change in how things are done, what we the people want will once again come into play.. At the bottom of despair you have to keep your eyes focused on up..Hard to do I know.. Just do it and get involved..

Thursday, November 10, 2011


This video will make you a Cain fan and will surely make you vote for him.. A must view

Sunday, November 6, 2011


The recent Supreme Court decision that made corporations people seems to me to be a two edged sword. If corporations are people , then people must be corporations, and therefore should be treated the same under the law , tax law, civil and criminal law.. On the positive side for us people we should gain the right to deduct the cost of doing our family, that's right we should be able to write off food, clothes, transportation and every other cost of running our business (our family) When you stop and think about your own finances if like most of us there is nothing left in the old checkbook at the end of the month, it cost us all we make just to live.. so we would owe no taxes just like a majority of corporations . On the legal side if we were treated the same as present day corporations , we could lie, cheat, steal with no penalties just like the big boys.. We could invent products that were unsafe , don't work more than once, print our own money, make our own rules.. and escape without penalty Oh yeah, and we could go bankrupt with ease, reincorporate, shine our creditors, steal our house ,cars, and boats by moving them to a foreign flag registrations making them untouchable by our laws. Sounds like a totally democratic idea to me.. Liberty for ALL!


This morning I fast forwarded thru most of each talk show (all the biggees) to see if they would even mention the OCCUPY MOVEMENT. I was not surprised to see not one mention of it , not even in passing.. The Cain story was featured in every show. Basically if not for the fast forward I would have wasted 4 hours of my time looking for actual news... Awhile back I quit watching these shows altogether as they are so obviously controlled media that is not worth your time to watch... Is it any wonder that so many of us know so little of what goes on even in this country and almost nothing about what goes on in the world.. Even a news/political hound such as I have reached a point of disgust where you quit looking... It takes some serious time to scan the net for stories with meaning, with the help of News readers you can narrow the time down some, but you still have to be dedicated enough to look.. The Occupy Movement sparked a new interest in me in that finally the masses are in the street and raising hell. With the help of the cops in places like New York and Oakland the movement has grown a lot in the little time it has been out there..The MSM ignoring them is a sure sign the PTB are worried they don't want you to know about Occupy. So we are steered toward Social Media and Foreign news sources to keep up with what is going on in our own country...


Throughout this financial crisis banks and other financial institutions have shown they are too big to exist but the glaring truth is they are too incompetent to exist .. This postshows they cannot track a single dollar transaction and threatened this coupe with foreclosure and ruined their credit rating while they were at it. From Ponzi schemes to flat out gambling a huge chunk of the financial world adds nothing of material value to the economy. In fact you can see clearly in the manipulation of the stock market with fast track trading transactions lasting on average 30 seconds do nothing but run prices up and down at will.. This means little to the average American as they own little stock personally. When they start playing in the commodity markets it does affect us on a daily basis.. Check you supermarket stubs over the last few years and you will be shocked at the increase of prices... Of course you already pooped your pants when you stopped at the gas station first. Quite simply these institutions need to be eliminated and or regulated stiffly to get them back to doing business as they were originally chartered to do..

Friday, November 4, 2011


During a speech to volunteers in Mass. Elizabeth Warren was verbally attacked by a rude and crude "TEABAGGER" who called her a SOCIALIST WHOREsuch class I haven't seen since my school yard days. This is all the right wing has to do is to be an asshole at a meeting of a candidate addressing her volunteers.. Surprisingly he got out in one piece.. If Scot Brown is resorting to these tactics this early in the race you can count on it getting real ugly when he sees just how bad his ass is going to get beat. Mr Brown himself has said some nasty things about Elizabeth on his own.. The right wing are a class act ,you be sure to vote them right out of office.. If you can watch the Hardball version of this clip , they cleaned it up somehow and took all the noise out so you can clearly hear this assholes words... I think MSNBC and been watching a little to much CI. I looked and looked trying to find the cleaned up version.. but couldn't find it..

Monday, October 31, 2011


FROM THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights,[74] that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security. IT IS THE RIGHT , NO IT'S OUR DUTY TO THROW OFF A GOVERNMENT THAT SUBVERTS THE RIGHTS MENTIONED ABOVE AND CAN THERE BE ANY DOUBT THE PTB HAVE SET OUT TO ABOLISH RIGHTS TO WHICH WE HAVE BEEN ACCUSTOMED TO! The Occupiers have the duty to state clearly their demands and to form the political strength to insure their demands are met... Doesn't have to be tomorrow but it should be soon...


In this storyGreg Palast rats out Goldman/Sachs pulling funds from the credit union where Occupy Wallstreet deposited their funds. Then had the balls of stupidity to send them and email stating the credit union would never get any more funds from any bank... New Yorkers can help directly pulling their money from the big banks and putting it in Lower East Side Federal Credit Union The rest of us can just pull our money from the other big one's. See my previous postfor a list of banks to leave.



Sunday, October 30, 2011


The media (all of them) with a few exceptions (the exceptions are on the links to the right of this blog) still wants Occupy to state a demand , just one demand they ask.. Why are they so juiced up wanting a demand.. Simple when you think about it., if they had a demand they could throw us a bone and hopefully we will go away.. Ain't gonna happen .. As interviews with the crowds have shown the wants and needs of the people are many and varied.. If your not one of the 1% I don't have publish a want list you already know what you and yours need. A FEW QUALITY OF LIFE ISSUES I MIGHT LIST 1. Dignity 2. A Living Wage Job 3. Health Care for All 4.Social Security Retirement that you can live on 5. A Manufacturing Base 6. A Complete new set of politicians 7. Complete Debt Default (it all was created by dishonest means) 8. A Complete withdrawal from our goal of World Domination 9. A military budget based on defense of our shores 10. An import tariff on all manufacturing base we want to protect 11. A set of Financial Regulations that would prevent our current mess (just put in place the old rules with a few new ones to take care of derivatives... That will do for starters.... Let the right wing chew on these for awhile.. DID ANYBODY NOTICE ON THE SUNDAY NEWS SHOWS ALMOST NO MENTION OF THE OCCUPY MOVEMENT..

Thursday, October 27, 2011


You have to choose , you can't sit this one out You have to choose

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


The OCCUPY GANG has been targeting banks as the focal point of the problem.. I've been thinking the problem is much bigger than just banks.. I WAS WRONG ! While you can use your wide angle lens to look for culprits when you focus on the problem at hand you come back to the same core of corporations that are the cause of the problem. 147 corporations control a large chunk of the worlds commerce, the top 50 of those are all financial institutions. My focus has been to focus in on smaller parts of the same big bastards, perhaps thinking that I needed something to grab by the neck and shake.. Therefore I picked on Mortgage Brokers, Middle level banks, Mortgage institutions and such , which are all a part of the problem..but just the tail of the dog..The head of the dog was wagging the hell out of the tail so we would focus on it instead of the bigger parts.. It worked.. Meantime the 147 biggest corporations were making a killing selling junk to one another they knew was junk.. One might ask , well then they must have known it could not go on forever and they did, but they had a game plan.. They knew we could be convinced they were too big to fail (and they have sold that quite well) and that we could swallow the theme that we the taxpayer would bail them out, They have set out to make that happen and have been partially successful till now (Little Iceland is the only one so far to tell them to stick it and eat their own losses.) I think the world is getting to that point right now.. The Occupiers around the world are on the move. and with luck we can change the system.. Here's the link to the 147 stories here, here and here


MIRROR, MIRROR ON THE WALL WHO'S THE EVILEST BITCH OF ALL They were hoping to hear the Mirror say , why Elizabeth Warren of course But instead they saw a reflection of their selves in th mirror With a ghostly voice whispering , that's you she's trying to protect you dumb bastard. They promptly broke their mirror , ran and hid under their bed and ordered out a Godfather's Pizza They still don't get it I'm afraid.. Here's their attack . Warren when setting up the Consumers Bureau she should have led clearly showed you how simple it would have been to protect you from those who did and still are screwing you and me. The President in the most cowardly act of his presidency did not name her as head of the Bureau she built.. All kinds of lame excuses were made about not getting approved by Congress was bullshit,. All he had to do was wait for congress to recess and appoint her.. Forced me to stop bailing on the Obama boat..


The Occupy Movement according to some has lacked specific action items... Well here is an idea that will work if we back it. As we can see today the response to Occupy from our current bunch of politicians has been at best luke warm to downright caustic . So the obvious weapon of choice for us is to flush the whole bunch House, Senate all of them.. Be Your Own Government is the movement that can flush the bought out bunch.. The goal is to replace all of them, but think about it for a minute .. We have seen how electing 100 or so Tea Baggers has taken control of the House of Representatives . So by taking a 100 or so seats in the house we could take control of the levers of government.. The few politicians that we might want to keep can be by simply backing the principles put forward by the movement... This is a straight forward doable plan, all it takes is us...All the Occupy groups are already the base ,just build on the base..

Friday, October 21, 2011


We have been hearing this song for years, maybe even a decade.. During this time we have closed 50,000 factories , destroyed or outsourced millions and millions of jobs of skilled and semi skilled workers out of the system...Skills that just a few years ago were valued by the country enough to support a huge middle class. Now you hear there is a world wide shortage of the skills industry needs to fill but can't find people with the required skills to fill them.. They have been crying this song long enough to train every worker they are short.. but no, they want somebody else to pay to train them.. They work hard to dilute our schools to dumb factories by opposing at every level creating classes that would teach these skills.. They even claim that our schools are turning out kids who can't read or write or do basic math., and no doubt that is true is some cases... I SCREAM THEY ARE FULL OF SHIT. The military picks out of this same group of kids, spends two years or so training them( from these supposed dumb shits our system turns out ) to high school graduates who are qualified reactor operators before they can legally drink.. They have routinely done that since my days (1957) when I started my first reactor at age 21 and I started with a not to serious of a high school education.. They still take these kids and in a few short years they are hot shot electricians, electronic techs, machinists, cooks who feed a crew of 125 in a kitchen the size of a big broom closet (submarines) operate and maintain all kinds of smart weapons. There is not a skill out there that some branch of the military doesn't train a recruit for in a few short years. If the military can do it so can industry..If they hadn't been so bent on destroying unions the apprentices programs would still be out there... The experience is still out there, sure we are old and retired in a lot of cases, and in most of those cases we have responded to calls from our governments to come to the aid of our country.. We could still do it again.. Sure they will have to build and support a host of new facilities, if they use their heads they can utilize our existing school system to hook trades training programs too. The teacher skills are out here , hell we might not have teaching certificates but we do have the skills. We have to rethink what the hell we are doing, bring jobs back to this country , establish career paths that will be here forever... Screw the Global Economy, that was a bullshit pipe dream from the start. Place tariffs on products we want to produce here to protect the workers we train to make them.Pass laws that make it economically impossible for industries to move production off shore... This is not rocket science my friends, simple economics says "YOU CAN'T HAVE A VIABLE ECONOMY WITHOUT A MANUFACTURING BASE" period end of argument , you can't never could, and never will.. Stories like this and this are pure bullshit .

Thursday, October 20, 2011


A grade school bet if you ever heard one.. ADD A LITTLE TO THAT AMOUNT $1.5 QUADRILLION (the size of the derivative market) and you have the banks betting with each other that various things of value will go up or go down.. Both the big guys are on one side or the other and the beauty of this is there is actually nothing of value involved.. Now I know you pull the ole SHARK EYE routine(your eyes roll back into your head) when someone dare mention derivatives , because you don't understand them and know you have been told they are way over your head, they are no,t and I simply ask you to read the next line and the dawn will come. I like GOOGLE STOCK , I don't own any and don't have to own any I just wanna bet that Googlle stock will go up,, my friend thinks Google stock will go down so we buy derivatives on either side of Google actual stock price.. and from these kinds of transactions the market value of derivatives is estimated to be $1.5 QUADRILLION . It's just that simple , nothing real exists is this market the only money involved is the cost of holding the position... Now my little brain says,, well hell, if there is nothing real in that market , let's you and I say , don't come to us we are not going to by that PIG IN THE POKE , you have held it so long the pork has gone bad and you'll have to eat it , cause we ain't gonna... ICELAND DID JUST THAT... If they can do it so can we...Don't be afraid of the talk that the whole system will come down,, it will, but the end game for us is the same.. A default will hurt but we will recover,, if we buy the derivative debt we will never , ever get out from under the debt.. It is no different than owing 200,000 dollars on a 30% credit card you can never pay it off. SO LET'S JUST TELL THEM"TAKE YOUR DEBT AND SHOVE IT" I ain't playing that game no mre Here's the link on the derivative crisis

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Michael Moore on Al Sharpton's TV show said "Historians are Going to ask, WHY? " The rich set out to destroy the Middle Class, the class that made it possible for them to be rich.. Moore boiled it down to one word that does not exist in the rich man's vocabulary "ENOUGH" the word does not exist in the rich mans dictionary. I've made that point repeatedly on this blog in the past and to me the question has always been "When will they be satisfied?" I concluded that when we were reduced to owning a hoe to till their bean fields for a bowl of gruel they would have finally gotten enough.. Watch Sharpton's Moore interview here

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


The Occupy groups are just that groups.. No leaders have surfaced, no demands have been made public, and demonstrations have mainly been against banks.. To advance the cause leaders will have to surface.. and demands will have to be formulaized and presented to the groups along with a plan of action that unites the group in accomplishing the goals. Much work has been done along this line by others prior to the Occupy Movement and I would suggest they take a good look at work that went before them.. The problems facing the country are much deeper than the banksters , although they are the easiest to target , they are just the tip of the iceberg.. To restore the economic health of the country a full game plan needs to be forwarded for action.. A game plan such as the one linked here worked up by the National Progressive Alliance fulfills a huge chunk of what needs to be done.. EVERYBODY'S JOB IS NOBODY'S JOB is an old saying that I have found to be true in most all cases.. Somebody has to lead to turn hoard into a force to be reckoned with.. As you can see happening already the opposition to groups such as Occupy take advantage in the disorganized look of the many groups acting independently across the world.. They are trying to marginalize the movement before it gains too much strength.. There are many progressive groups out and about , a way has to be found to pull them all together pulling the same wagon.. and believe me the WAGONMASTER CAN NOT BE THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY

Sunday, October 16, 2011



Nine toppings, nine bread sticks, and nine sodas. That's a better deal than the Pizza Man's economic program which the public has not identified as a fast track to hell for a majority of them.. As usual, the masses has keyed on a cute little marketing phrase and have never bothered to read the plan.. The Tiger Cage did an analysis herethe other day which shows that at least 70% of the population would pay a lot more taxes... Most economists are counting on a rebound in the housing market and under Cain's plan mortgage interest would no longer be deductible...which is the single deduction left to the average family.. The housing market will fall even lower if this plan came into being. A 9% National Sales Tax on everything you buy would kill the average family finances to a new low.. Depending on where you live you would be paying 16 % or more in sales tax alone.. I won't even bother telling you what a big bone this is for the rich.. Doing away with Payroll deductions is really telling you the Social Security and Medicare will die when current fund balances are spent.. Hello 1920's. If your even considering Cain, you had better get you thinking cap on and look at 999, Bachman was right , it really is a 666 plan...

Saturday, October 15, 2011


This source Says we will pull all troops out of Iraq by the end of the year...Only 160 troops will be left in country to guard the $800 million dollar embassy. No mention of contractors anywhere , so how many of them will be left. Doesn't really matter we pissed away 4400 lives of American fighting men to fight and die in a war that lies got us into... Please don't bitch at me about the cost of providing future benefits for the troops who gave body and mind parts to this made up cause. Our reputation world wide has been destroyed by our politicians in supporting excursions like this, where we blew away Sadam's army in just a few weeks... Then proceeded to torture, rendition, and Gitmoize thousands violating all rules of war and law on the books.. and we (some of we) (me not included) said nothing.. It looks like the citizens are finally getting fed up enough to stand up to and throw out not only the politicians who supported these wars, and the corporations that bought them . The World is joining the Occupy movement and it grows bigger every day... It's being called CLASS WARFARE -a whole bunch of us think it's about time..

Thursday, October 13, 2011


I never thought you would catch me saying Michele Bachman was right about anything but she was right on in calling the Pizza Man's economic plan THE 666 plan not 999 plan. I had heard bits and pieces of it on MSM but decided I had better go look at the whole thing... and I post it here for you to read in it's entirety if you have the mind to. Let's clarify who we are talking about when we discuss the effects of this plan. I will concentrate on the bottom 70% of the households in the country all who make $65,000 or less. The top 30% are on their own and I'm sure the closer you are to the top brackets the better you will like Cain's plan. So figure it out for yourselves. 1..It start's right out eliminating the Payroll Tax.. you know this is what pays your Social Security and Medicare (don't you?) this simply means it ends these programs as soon as they run out of current funds.. leaving a great big black hole for you to spend your Golden years wallowing in poverty as seniors did before these programs. 2. End Capital Gains Tax... which in effect would lower Capital Gains taxes to 9% instead of 15%. 3.Ends the Death Tax.. this affects something less than 1% of the populace. 4.Ends double taxation of dividends .??? 5.Business flat tax of 9%..lot left unexplained on this one.. must be a good deal for business else it wouldn't be included here.. 6. Individual flat tax of 9% .. Gross income - charitable deductions ...NOtice please your mortgage interest deductions go away under this plan which could add 500 to 1000 dollars to your tax bill. 7.National Sales Tas of 9% on everything food, drugs, everything.. which means for the high end of my bracket you would be looking at roughly $7000 in sales tax alone.. Phase II is just a rehash of phase one with the ultimate goal of doing away with corporate and individual taxes altogether. Now if you are in the under $65,000 household income bracket what in the above plan is good for you? NOTHING , ABSOLUTELY NOTHING... You would pay overall much more taxes than you pay now and the lower end of the bracket would really get hare as they spend a large chunk of their income on taxable items... At the same time their old age programs would be gone... this time for real... Just for the sake of it go back and look at the plight of seniors before the implementation of Social Security.. The bitch of it is , this program if implemented brings in less revenue than now.. STOP NOW, THINK GODDAMMIT.!! If the under 65 K bunch get nothing under his program.. and it brings in less money , somebody must be paying less taxes....GUESS WHO? Mr. Cain is the current front runner or as he says the flavor of the week... I didn't know Ben and Jerrys made an Ice cream called "CRAZIER THAN BAT SHIT"

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I never yearned to be rich, but I never held it against those who did want to and made it.. I asked only one thing.. What are you willing to let me have for my labors that aided you getting rich. Till the last 30 years, the one's at the top seemed perfectly content to let me have a Middle Class lifestyle and rewarded me with the few pleasures it took to make me happy. All that I asked was enough money to support my family, own a house and a car, a few fishing rods, a boat , good food, warm clothes. In return I was willing to give them 27 years of military service (11 regular 16 reserves) and 25 years of running Hydro Power Plants around the country.. Starting with the Regan regime they started the campaign to destroy the middle class any way they could.. They commenced to bust unions, bust pension plans, outsource jobs, reduce wages, remove regulations from the financial markets, allow mergers and accusations to build huge companies that destroyed many small businesses along the way... Walmart being the leading example... To get us to where we are now.. Declining incomes, declining benefits, no pensions, no health care, no jobs and no hope for any of this to change anytime soon. The Sacred Cows of the working class are now on the chopping block by the Gang of 12, who are doing the dance of reducing Medicare, Medical, and Social Security benefits to reduce the deficits.. If you think there are a lot of people in the streets now just wait till they mess with these programs... at least 50 million old folks could join them, with all the then uncompensated unemployed would add another 50 million or so, add to that the rest of the college kids who can see what is in store for them and when all that happens, violence will not be necessary. Out of the crowds will arise a few select few who will decide to run for the HOuse , each city gang will elect one of these guys , and it will be "GAME OVER FOR THE BIG BOYS"


This graph bears a close look, it charts just two things % unemployment and wages both since 2000 to present. The startling fact is that real wages fell about two percent during the recession but fell and additional 6.7% in just the last two years... that's $5000 over 11 years and $3600 in just the last two.. over a year we are talking about $300 to $500 bucks a month loss of income.. It's been clear just about forever that most Americans live paycheck to paycheck and have little savings. The argument is not that they should have been more frugal, since we were lead to believe that wages and house prices would rise forever.. So when that became obviously false a lot were forced to fall back on their credit cards to keep their heads above water.. and of course the banks helped them by playing games, with fees, due dates and interest rates climbing as high as 30% . So here we sit, with no one to fend for us , they won't hear us, they blame us, and continue to raise money from the very people who are screwing us.. WHAT IS LEFT... THE STREETS..WE ARE THERE NOW. AND THEY ARE RUNNING SCARED... WE REALLY NEED TO GET BIG ENOUGH AND TOUGH ENOUGH TO CAUSE THEM TO WEAR DIAPERS...

Monday, October 10, 2011


This past weekend , to a very empty auditorium Glenn Beck has finally proved he has crossed the line even the right of right wing will tolerate .. This piece from his GBTV performance says all you need to know.

Sunday, October 9, 2011


And obviously not good at odds. Check this out 99:1 are not good odds. They may have all the money, gold, and fancy cars But they can't eat any of them and couldn't grow a weed if they tried. Obviously they think they are good at taunting .. Not a wise choice given the current mood of the 99%


Let's See, We have two Cult Members A Pizza delivery guy Another Texas bad ass cowboy A guy with a baby in a Jar A soggy Tea Bag Lady And a little Ole Dwarf with illusions of grander.

Saturday, October 8, 2011


Till the shit hits the fan. Well it's hit the fans and the people have finally had enough. They are in the streets and the bad guys are worried. Who are the bad guys, you know, they are the one's protesting the protesters in the streets. The MSM is mostly flabbergasted because they want cold hard lists, they want identified leaders, they really want somebody to castigate. They can't find anyone to point the finger and they have to be careful pointing at the crowds, their grandma and grandpa or maybe even their sons and daughters are in the street. The last time the very same actions reaped the same depression on us laws were passed that gave us a fairly stable growth pattern for 50 years. Then Ronnie and the boys whipped out their trickle down economic bullshit on us and the following presidents added to the destruction of our middle class aided a abetted by our politicians and corporations. There were warnings all along and this little clip points them out. So here we are once again , headed down the slope of depression, the worst is yet to come, but now we are headed to the streets and I believe we haven't seen anything yet. It will get bigger , it will cover the world , and the worker bees will sting the hot shots till they go into shock and hear our grand bargain to restore the world to a decent place for the whole 100% not just the 1%. A word to the wise to the 1% , learn to share before you have nothing left to share. We are not going to share your place in hell for the pain, suffering and death you have caused, your on your own.

The Problem with Corporations

The king of corporations "Walmart" has a problem , they can't figure out why their shelves are bare. They have hired consulting firms to find out why their shelves are so empty.

So even though I hate Walmart for many reasons I had to do my own research by touring the two Superstores we have here. Store #1 was busy , very busy , lots of full carts standing if very long lines to check out with the 3 overworked checkers trying their best to check you out. Probably had 20 checkout stations only a few were operational. On our walk through the store revealed damn few clerks in the entire store.. Their problem not enough help in store.

Store #2 , same problem , no clerks , few checkout people , just a very big store empty of help. They have to hire consulting firms to find this out,, OH ,I forgot they micromanage these stores from home base Arkansas. they don't have a clue what is happening in your local store.

In contrast, go to a local Ace Hardware for instance, lot of clerks, lots of knowledge, lots of checkout personnel.. You choose, bring back the locals..

Friday, October 7, 2011


Ok, maybe that was a little harsh. But every time I listen to this rant by Dylan Ratigan I get in the mood to eat the problem..

Dylan blown every relief valve his body has in this long rant, lays out the problem and unlike some does have a very good answer on something the President all by himself can do.. A two trillion dollar infrastructure fund would do the one thing we need to restart our economy and get our people make to work with dignity..

If the Federal Reserve can twinkle their magic keys and create 16 trillion dollars to bail out the crooked banks of the world they they can twinkle some more and create the Infrastructure Fund.

There are lots of ways to pay for this if you must pay for it , they haven't paid for the 16 trillion hell they didn't even tell us about it.. but if you must pay a 1/4% Transaction Tax on all stock market trades will do the trick.. Don't whine just pay you crooked pukes or we will work out some jail time, or maybe a little time in The Tiger's Cage

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Well click here to find out.

So the citizens have finally reached this point and have hit the streets. Most politicians and media giants are pretending they don't know why we are mad, they know, and they also know doing something about what's wrong is the end of their careers.. I have news for them, not doing something is a sure way to end their career no matter what side your on.. It may be too late to do much about the Presidential race 2012 but it is not too late to flush a bunch of Representatives . So hot shot important one (in your mind only) get cracking or check your unemployment status , you might be out of work in a little over a year.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


When all of MSM degrade your actions as a bunch of pot smoking rabble, comparing you to the crowd of Hippies in the Anti Nam movement (a complement to some of us) and didn't send reporters to the scene until it got big enough to bring on the usual police violence on peaceful demonstrators .. even then they picked their interviews to present the worse possible light on the folks involved.

The frenzy of MSM was of course led by Fox News but surprisingly all the networks including cable news channels downplayed and attempted to right off as no big deal. As the police violence grew so did the crowds and not only in New York , all over.

The star of stupid Ann Coulter said that the same words heard from the demonstrators could have been heard during the French Revolution ( I am assuming Ann doesn't know what happened to her class of folk during that revolution) does the sound of heads rolling across the floor detached from their bodies ring a bell Ann?? I think the Occupy Wallstreet movement could offer up a few names for a head rolling contest of their own.. See more of Ann's raving here


Well here are the beginnings of the demands, check them out here Not satisfied add some of your own at the comment section at the very bottom,, it's a long way to the bottom but add some of your own.


On the right hand side of this page you will find a set of links under the title Gatherings.
Some are to organizations directly involved is some form with the current gatherings, others are links to some newsmen who are actually reporting fairly on the happenings... One thing for sure the popular (???) MSM shows have been doing a disservice to what is actually happening. (If they ever get done sucking on the toes of the corporations and politicians they serve) which is doubtful. They don't need our list of demands they know what kind of bullshit they sanctioned, but the current bunch will not fix it..

The Gatherings say they don't want to be a political party as the MSM is suggesting (I think they want them to be so they can classify them as "Tea Party Crazy" which they are not.. Every two years we can flush those who don't listen to the 99% and get a new bunch.. All funding bills start in the house and it won't take long for the Senate to see we won't stand for their Bullshit anymore.

The gang of 12 will be the next big test.. if they screw with SS and Medicare the Gatherings will gain 50 million of us Grey Tigers in the street with them.. and a whole lot of us were around to protest Nam and we won. Same stuff will work today. So shape up or ship out Congressmen..YOU HAVE VERY LITTLE TIME.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


The Grey Tiger raised his head off his paws to see what all the damn racket was about..He had been sulking in the back of his cage for months, despondent on the complacency of his fellow citizens on the screwing they have been getting by the corporations and politicians the last 30 years.

His cage was surrounded by a scraggly looking bunch, some looked liked hippies from the 60's, some looked as old as the tiger, and some of the girls had no clothes on.. This of course perked The Tiger right up. They were running sticks up and down his cage making that damn clickty clack noise that had forced The Tiger to look up.. "What the hell are you making all that racket about" he roared.. Well old man tiger you have been asking for years when we would get fed up enough to man the streets, well the time is now.. I have a tv in this cage you know and the MSM has dismissed you guys as just a bunch down here to party and smoke weed. They say you have no demands , your just raising hell.. no leaders, no list of things, no organization, just rabble.. But I sense something different , so tell me , won't you , what are you about.

Well Tiger, you have blogged all the crap wrong with the leadership of the country and you thought we weren't paying attention , well we were. For 30 years we have been taken down the road to ruin by "Trickle Down Economic Theory" that we were led to believe would give us the good life without the drudgery of physical labor. We would be able to trade our manufacturing jobs for nice white collar , sit behind the desk , twinkle computer keys and make a fortune.. Be they Democrat or Republican governments they all sold us the crap that shifting good blue collar jobs offshore would be good for the country and so they started in good ole Ronnie Reagan's rein to give huge tax breaks to the corporations and the rich and at the same time started a huge military buildup creating Trillions of dollars of debt in his 8 years. So it continued till this day deregualtion, tax cuts, unfunded wars and treaties such as NAFTA,GATT,WTO that have destroyed the middle class in America..

Even all that was not enough to get us in the street , because we didn't believe that crazy old coot Ross Perot who warned us of that great sucking sound of jobs leaving the country.. Right about now ole Ross looks like a genius.

Then the smart asses decided to blow the biggest bubble in history. They used housing as the vehicle. They made credit available to anybody who could make an X and made it for those who couldn't . Get the mortgage signed , sell it to a bank, who sold it to a trading house, who bundled it in neat little packages that nobody could understand the worth of (that was their story anyway) and sold this junk throughout the world.. Nobody actually knows the dollar amount of the actual derivatives out there, the real worth is nothing, because they can't prove what is in the package, who owns what , but aided by the law they still take houses.

As the crash began the story changed to it was all our fault , we spent money we didn't actually have (equity in our homes) as the supposed value went up we had more money to spend and some of us did.. As times got tough and wages fell , house prices fell, and all that was left was to use our credit cards to pay the bills.. Their solution to it all was for all of us to go to college, run up 10's of thousands of dollars of debt to get this education only to end up where we are today.. AND ACCORDING TO THEM IT'S ALL OUR FAULT.

Well, BULLSHIT , all that education did do some good after all. We finally stopped and took inventory of where they have put us, we are smart enough to know who to blame, who to punish, and how to fix it all.. We do know, and all those of you who are guilty , know we know. That's why the MSM they own is downplaying the beginning of something big.. they are AFRAID, VERY AFRAID.

Well HOT DAMN, exclaimed the Tiger, I guess it's time for me to get back in shape.. I think you have hit on the key to fixing this mess. You might want to consider something I've been pushing for awhile and it would seem to fit right in with the way your going about this. As the movement grows and the urge strikes some of us to just NOT GO TO WORK, SIT ON YOUR FRONT LAWN (PORCH OR CITY PARK) , RAISE YOUR RIGHT ARM , THEN HOIST YOUR MIDDLE FINGER , AND JUST SIT THERE AND WAIT.. It won't take long to get a response.. when their toilets won't flush, or their Mercedes won't start, or their favorite restaurant is closed, their liquor store shelves are empty , they will come ask what it will take to get you back to work. By that time you may have a team gathered to point them to who will tell them what it would take. How , or who you will choose , you will decide. I would consider folks like Elizabeth Warren, Dennis Kucinich, Bernie Sanders for starters..

Well you folks have woke the Tiger up.. and no doubt you will hear more from me in the future..

PS Catch Keith Olberman's show on Current Tv he has been given the movement great coverage.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I'll bet Mr. LaHood has never worked a day of shift twork. Well I did for 25 years in various hydo power plants around the country.. and yes I have fell asleep on watch, especially on Graveyard. Have you ever stopped to think how the 12 to 8 shift got that name.. Days on end you can't sleep when you are supposed, you drink, you take drugs, you blacken your room, your family tip toes around to keep from waking you..

Shift schedules vary place to place. The most popular when I was working was 10 days on 4 days off...Sounds pretty good (on the surface) When and if you ever got the 4 days off they were nice, enabling family trips, mini vacations by adding a day or two of leave... The when you got them was the problem.. I have never in all my years operated anywhere where we had a full crew for more than a couple of months.. Somebody was always going somewhere else... My bosses believed you couldn't turn down the overtime , they were wrong, but we were our own worst enemies.. Turn down a double time day, not likely. So more often than not we worked 3 of our 4 days off. Probably only took the 4th off because the wife was oiling the shotgun up and looking at me in a threatening way. That still put you working 13 out of 14. grueling.

Yep, we made damn good money , but when it was over , you looked around and wondered where it all went..

Now for the good part. A sailor, or an operator pick up some really bad habits because of the long hours and tension filled jobs.. To a man , most drank 3 or more pots of coffee, smoked 3 or more packs of cigsa day, drank more than 1 beer in an effort to sleep at least a little . At age 50 I had a heart attack and a quad bypass, not because of the job , but because of the habits picked up along the way..

Now Mr LaHood, thinks he fixed the ATC problem by mandating an extra hour off between shifts.. Whoopeee, you couldn't sleep the first 9 so that extra hour is heaven...Last I checked they couldn't drink 8 hours before shift., man you gotta be able to chug em down to be an air traffic controller.. Most operators figure out pretty quickly when they report to a new station what period during graveyard is best suited for a quick nap... if you going to deliberately take one , that's the time.. Not comes the real ball buster , Most of these naps are not planned, one minute you are bright eyed and bushy tailed , the next sound asleep.. and the next minute scared shitless.. also very good on the heart.

This is just another problem where you have to tell the bean counters to take a hike, and do everything you can to make the work environment safe. If you have to spend money , so be it. Any job involving shift work that has long periods of beautifully silent time, with nothing going on can be considered nap time.. not because you want to , just because it happens...

Thursday, April 7, 2011


American manufacturers are totally bonkers. While VW has in production an 8.5 horsepower car that gets 273 miles per gallon Detroit is messing around with a 800 horsepower Mustang.. the VW will sell for $600 . With gasoline topping 4 bucks which one are you interested in?

My problem with this is the wasted engineering time and talent building cars a few hundred of us can buy.. They could be working on stuff like the VW which we are all going to need and from the looks of things damn soon..

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Just listen to the bullshit coming from the right wing, driven by crazies some of you put in office.. Budget cutting is like sex to these pukes, they think more has to be better.. but .. it ain't true in sex or budget cutting. Quality is what counts..

Ryan's big 6 trillion cut package over 10 years will accomplish what the republicans have been trying to do for 80 years , kill the social programs. His plan will certainly do that. The destruction of Medicare, Medicaid, Pensions , Education will happen if this plan is enacted.

So before you jump on the bandwagon I beg you to stop , do a little research, and for Christ sake think for a change. I know it's tough , you might have to stop watching Dancing With the Stars, or What's it Like in Folsom Prison, but you better.

Just for fun, find out what it would cost you to buy health insurance at age 65, that is if you could even buy it with all the preexisting conditions they put on their policies.. Even the worse insurance you can buy at age 50 cost $800/mo and that's with a $10,000 deductible and no drug coverage. There are not many who reach 65 without some major health problems. Medicare by every reliable study is the only way to fiscal solvency and good health coverage.. Don't believe the magic republican graphs showing fiscal catastrophic resultsif we keep current Medicare coverage, it's total lies..

Any of you who have watched your Grandparents, or your parents reach old age and require nursing home care that unless your filthy rich you can't afford.. $4000 or $5000 a month for just average care. Who of you can afford that.. Your two other choices are one: take care of then in your home, or two let them die in the street.. Under the current Medicaid program, nursing home care is provided after all their personal assets are spent (there goes your inheritance) but comfort in their final years is your most important goals. (isn't it?) All the hard hearted rhetoric goes out the window for these mouthy republican pukes if it's their parents we are talking about (wait , Gingrich , handed his wife divorce papers in her bed where she was dying of cancer) so shit, anything is possible with these hard hearted bastards.

I close with asking you a simple question "Do you want to be in the same class with Gingrich and the rest of the right wing" HELL NO you say, then you better get off your ass and fight to save the social security blanket, or I will point my finger and call you nasty names...

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Trump Question Obama's Birth Place

The Tiger questions is Donald Trump Human?

You gotta give the Right Wing Flakes the trophy for being total idiots..Racists or whatever title you would like to put on them..

Jack Davis a candidate for Congress from New York wants to deport Mexicans and bus inner city blacks to the fields to pick crops..

This list of candidates supporting legislation against women should gain the republicans exactly 0 women votes.

Plus the drive by the Koch brothers and their clone governors and legislatures out to bust unions, collective bargaining, social programs, women rights, contracts of all sorts, disbanding local governments and appointing a manager to handle local governance.

If your still going to vote republican , please comment to this post and I'll send you a million more reasons why you shouldn't .

Monday, March 14, 2011


All who have read my blogs knows that I've been a huge proponent for new nuclear plants, unshakably . Now hold your breath, "I still am". All though the Japanese plant meltdowns are shaking that faith a lot.

I am speculating with limited data and a whole hell of a lot of hindsight it is clear to me that many design flaws were built into these designs and being 40 year old plants is no excuse. The fact that all ten emergency generators were at or a little below ground level and were protected by a protection wall high enough to hold back Tsunami force waves and the switchgear to connect them to the plant were behind that wall looks like piss poor planning to me.. The largest wave ever experienced in the area was a 50 footer in 1896 they did not prepare for one that size.. A prudent engineer would have added at least 50 percent more wall just for the hell of it.. Just this one lack of judgement probably put them in this position..

Some are saying today that the plants on the design tables now would have survived this disaster.. That use to sit really well with me but with this incident I will question further designs.. That we pretend to be able to guess the maximum quake strength on any fault has proven to be bullshit time and time again. So what's a good engineer to do.. There most likely is not a design that you can absolutely guarantee will not fail.. You can guarantee it, but who is going to believe it..

The bottom line is a real bitch.. The trade off is as , Don't build them and millions will die from lack of power to sustain modern day life.. or build them and take the chance some will die in a major meltdown ... I'm putting my money on building them.... what am I using to come to this conclusion ..45 years of safe naval reactor operations and with the exception of 3 mile island , a 104 , 40 year plant operating history that has been the safest in comparison to any other major energy fuel..

Here are some of the best links found today

Monday, March 7, 2011


Well here's good news for you. The two most feared world channels Aljazera and RT (Russian Television) are competitors to BBC World News.. Live Station has both and more ,, easy to use , watch them on your PC or hook them up to your TV (if you can) Aljazera is being jammed (I can't guess by who) but Live Station channels are in the clear...

Friday, March 4, 2011


Bradley Manning was stripped naked for the second straight night, but has not been placed on a suicide watch which according to the manual is one of only two grounds for stripping a prisoner.. Nowhere have I seen mentioned what the room temperature is in this brig.. The best evidence we have is for a white house pressman saw on a visit to manning... Has Dennis Kucinich been allowed to see him yet,, When Dennis tells me that he has seen him and all is ok , I might believe it.. Till then this can be no more than a case to crack Manning to fingering Assange..

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Short and To the Point

My main man for statics John Williams lays it out in this video why government stats are bullshit and the glaring fact that real wages are at or below 1973.

Now Gallop has U6 at the same level as 14 months ago , after falling a couple of percent has risen 2.5% since December ..

If there was ever any doubt in your mind about a recovery this should fix it.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

No More Smirking Chimp Posts

As of today I have quit posting to the Chimp.. Jeff decided he didn't like the headlines I used in my news posts... Since there were no rules posted (they only existed in Jeff's head) I viewed his threat to delete future posts in the didn't meet (in his mind only ) requirements... I viewed that as censorship , so no more Chimp.. I will be here and you all will continue to get a notice when I post..

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


In the news   today the fouling of East Coast water supplies by the process know as "FRACKING" a method used to produce natural gas... Now it is surfacing that Pittsburgh's drinking water is radioactive . Why , because these dummies are using radioactive isotopes to mark progress of their fracking fluids.  You probably have seen the video of people putting a match to their faucets and they burn like it was a gas jet instead of a drinking water faucet .

I wrote a piece on the Smirking Chimp last July  on the Fracking Process but the radioactive part of the story went unnoticed .   Well now it's making the NY Times.. If I was still on the East Coast I would be big time worried..

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


It the republicans should be successful (I don't think they will) then we are going to need a totally new education system as there won't be enough (perhaps any) who stay in the profession.. Why should they , study after study shows they can make more money in the civilian world.. Most teachers today leave after 5 years behind the podium , why , because it is a very hard job, controlled by political whim which causes a change in direction every year or so..

They stay because of the benefits, yep , the very ones they are trying to strip along with their contracts.. If they take all that there will be a mass exodus from teaching and that might be just what the right wing wants, the destruction of unions and public education... Back the protesters in any way you can..

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Why Credit Card Debt is Through the Roof

A new chart explains it all to me.. Though some spent like there was no tomorrow this loss of wages using the real CPI instead of the one we are told about by the government . The average Joe used his card just trying to stay even.. The dashed line is the real CPI

PS. I intend to use this blog more often as it allows me to post charts instead of a link to them.. A lot of readers never click through to see what the blog is talking about...