Tuesday, October 4, 2011


The Grey Tiger raised his head off his paws to see what all the damn racket was about..He had been sulking in the back of his cage for months, despondent on the complacency of his fellow citizens on the screwing they have been getting by the corporations and politicians the last 30 years.

His cage was surrounded by a scraggly looking bunch, some looked liked hippies from the 60's, some looked as old as the tiger, and some of the girls had no clothes on.. This of course perked The Tiger right up. They were running sticks up and down his cage making that damn clickty clack noise that had forced The Tiger to look up.. "What the hell are you making all that racket about" he roared.. Well old man tiger you have been asking for years when we would get fed up enough to man the streets, well the time is now.. I have a tv in this cage you know and the MSM has dismissed you guys as just a bunch down here to party and smoke weed. They say you have no demands , your just raising hell.. no leaders, no list of things, no organization, just rabble.. But I sense something different , so tell me , won't you , what are you about.

Well Tiger, you have blogged all the crap wrong with the leadership of the country and you thought we weren't paying attention , well we were. For 30 years we have been taken down the road to ruin by "Trickle Down Economic Theory" that we were led to believe would give us the good life without the drudgery of physical labor. We would be able to trade our manufacturing jobs for nice white collar , sit behind the desk , twinkle computer keys and make a fortune.. Be they Democrat or Republican governments they all sold us the crap that shifting good blue collar jobs offshore would be good for the country and so they started in good ole Ronnie Reagan's rein to give huge tax breaks to the corporations and the rich and at the same time started a huge military buildup creating Trillions of dollars of debt in his 8 years. So it continued till this day deregualtion, tax cuts, unfunded wars and treaties such as NAFTA,GATT,WTO that have destroyed the middle class in America..

Even all that was not enough to get us in the street , because we didn't believe that crazy old coot Ross Perot who warned us of that great sucking sound of jobs leaving the country.. Right about now ole Ross looks like a genius.

Then the smart asses decided to blow the biggest bubble in history. They used housing as the vehicle. They made credit available to anybody who could make an X and made it for those who couldn't . Get the mortgage signed , sell it to a bank, who sold it to a trading house, who bundled it in neat little packages that nobody could understand the worth of (that was their story anyway) and sold this junk throughout the world.. Nobody actually knows the dollar amount of the actual derivatives out there, the real worth is nothing, because they can't prove what is in the package, who owns what , but aided by the law they still take houses.

As the crash began the story changed to it was all our fault , we spent money we didn't actually have (equity in our homes) as the supposed value went up we had more money to spend and some of us did.. As times got tough and wages fell , house prices fell, and all that was left was to use our credit cards to pay the bills.. Their solution to it all was for all of us to go to college, run up 10's of thousands of dollars of debt to get this education only to end up where we are today.. AND ACCORDING TO THEM IT'S ALL OUR FAULT.

Well, BULLSHIT , all that education did do some good after all. We finally stopped and took inventory of where they have put us, we are smart enough to know who to blame, who to punish, and how to fix it all.. We do know, and all those of you who are guilty , know we know. That's why the MSM they own is downplaying the beginning of something big.. they are AFRAID, VERY AFRAID.

Well HOT DAMN, exclaimed the Tiger, I guess it's time for me to get back in shape.. I think you have hit on the key to fixing this mess. You might want to consider something I've been pushing for awhile and it would seem to fit right in with the way your going about this. As the movement grows and the urge strikes some of us to just NOT GO TO WORK, SIT ON YOUR FRONT LAWN (PORCH OR CITY PARK) , RAISE YOUR RIGHT ARM , THEN HOIST YOUR MIDDLE FINGER , AND JUST SIT THERE AND WAIT.. It won't take long to get a response.. when their toilets won't flush, or their Mercedes won't start, or their favorite restaurant is closed, their liquor store shelves are empty , they will come ask what it will take to get you back to work. By that time you may have a team gathered to point them to who will tell them what it would take. How , or who you will choose , you will decide. I would consider folks like Elizabeth Warren, Dennis Kucinich, Bernie Sanders for starters..

Well you folks have woke the Tiger up.. and no doubt you will hear more from me in the future..

PS Catch Keith Olberman's show on Current Tv he has been given the movement great coverage.

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