Friday, October 21, 2011


We have been hearing this song for years, maybe even a decade.. During this time we have closed 50,000 factories , destroyed or outsourced millions and millions of jobs of skilled and semi skilled workers out of the system...Skills that just a few years ago were valued by the country enough to support a huge middle class. Now you hear there is a world wide shortage of the skills industry needs to fill but can't find people with the required skills to fill them.. They have been crying this song long enough to train every worker they are short.. but no, they want somebody else to pay to train them.. They work hard to dilute our schools to dumb factories by opposing at every level creating classes that would teach these skills.. They even claim that our schools are turning out kids who can't read or write or do basic math., and no doubt that is true is some cases... I SCREAM THEY ARE FULL OF SHIT. The military picks out of this same group of kids, spends two years or so training them( from these supposed dumb shits our system turns out ) to high school graduates who are qualified reactor operators before they can legally drink.. They have routinely done that since my days (1957) when I started my first reactor at age 21 and I started with a not to serious of a high school education.. They still take these kids and in a few short years they are hot shot electricians, electronic techs, machinists, cooks who feed a crew of 125 in a kitchen the size of a big broom closet (submarines) operate and maintain all kinds of smart weapons. There is not a skill out there that some branch of the military doesn't train a recruit for in a few short years. If the military can do it so can industry..If they hadn't been so bent on destroying unions the apprentices programs would still be out there... The experience is still out there, sure we are old and retired in a lot of cases, and in most of those cases we have responded to calls from our governments to come to the aid of our country.. We could still do it again.. Sure they will have to build and support a host of new facilities, if they use their heads they can utilize our existing school system to hook trades training programs too. The teacher skills are out here , hell we might not have teaching certificates but we do have the skills. We have to rethink what the hell we are doing, bring jobs back to this country , establish career paths that will be here forever... Screw the Global Economy, that was a bullshit pipe dream from the start. Place tariffs on products we want to produce here to protect the workers we train to make them.Pass laws that make it economically impossible for industries to move production off shore... This is not rocket science my friends, simple economics says "YOU CAN'T HAVE A VIABLE ECONOMY WITHOUT A MANUFACTURING BASE" period end of argument , you can't never could, and never will.. Stories like this and this are pure bullshit .

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