Tuesday, October 18, 2011


The Occupy groups are just that groups.. No leaders have surfaced, no demands have been made public, and demonstrations have mainly been against banks.. To advance the cause leaders will have to surface.. and demands will have to be formulaized and presented to the groups along with a plan of action that unites the group in accomplishing the goals. Much work has been done along this line by others prior to the Occupy Movement and I would suggest they take a good look at work that went before them.. The problems facing the country are much deeper than the banksters , although they are the easiest to target , they are just the tip of the iceberg.. To restore the economic health of the country a full game plan needs to be forwarded for action.. A game plan such as the one linked here worked up by the National Progressive Alliance fulfills a huge chunk of what needs to be done.. EVERYBODY'S JOB IS NOBODY'S JOB is an old saying that I have found to be true in most all cases.. Somebody has to lead to turn hoard into a force to be reckoned with.. As you can see happening already the opposition to groups such as Occupy take advantage in the disorganized look of the many groups acting independently across the world.. They are trying to marginalize the movement before it gains too much strength.. There are many progressive groups out and about , a way has to be found to pull them all together pulling the same wagon.. and believe me the WAGONMASTER CAN NOT BE THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY

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