Wednesday, October 5, 2011


On the right hand side of this page you will find a set of links under the title Gatherings.
Some are to organizations directly involved is some form with the current gatherings, others are links to some newsmen who are actually reporting fairly on the happenings... One thing for sure the popular (???) MSM shows have been doing a disservice to what is actually happening. (If they ever get done sucking on the toes of the corporations and politicians they serve) which is doubtful. They don't need our list of demands they know what kind of bullshit they sanctioned, but the current bunch will not fix it..

The Gatherings say they don't want to be a political party as the MSM is suggesting (I think they want them to be so they can classify them as "Tea Party Crazy" which they are not.. Every two years we can flush those who don't listen to the 99% and get a new bunch.. All funding bills start in the house and it won't take long for the Senate to see we won't stand for their Bullshit anymore.

The gang of 12 will be the next big test.. if they screw with SS and Medicare the Gatherings will gain 50 million of us Grey Tigers in the street with them.. and a whole lot of us were around to protest Nam and we won. Same stuff will work today. So shape up or ship out Congressmen..YOU HAVE VERY LITTLE TIME.

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