Sunday, October 16, 2011


Nine toppings, nine bread sticks, and nine sodas. That's a better deal than the Pizza Man's economic program which the public has not identified as a fast track to hell for a majority of them.. As usual, the masses has keyed on a cute little marketing phrase and have never bothered to read the plan.. The Tiger Cage did an analysis herethe other day which shows that at least 70% of the population would pay a lot more taxes... Most economists are counting on a rebound in the housing market and under Cain's plan mortgage interest would no longer be deductible...which is the single deduction left to the average family.. The housing market will fall even lower if this plan came into being. A 9% National Sales Tax on everything you buy would kill the average family finances to a new low.. Depending on where you live you would be paying 16 % or more in sales tax alone.. I won't even bother telling you what a big bone this is for the rich.. Doing away with Payroll deductions is really telling you the Social Security and Medicare will die when current fund balances are spent.. Hello 1920's. If your even considering Cain, you had better get you thinking cap on and look at 999, Bachman was right , it really is a 666 plan...

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