Sunday, October 30, 2011


The media (all of them) with a few exceptions (the exceptions are on the links to the right of this blog) still wants Occupy to state a demand , just one demand they ask.. Why are they so juiced up wanting a demand.. Simple when you think about it., if they had a demand they could throw us a bone and hopefully we will go away.. Ain't gonna happen .. As interviews with the crowds have shown the wants and needs of the people are many and varied.. If your not one of the 1% I don't have publish a want list you already know what you and yours need. A FEW QUALITY OF LIFE ISSUES I MIGHT LIST 1. Dignity 2. A Living Wage Job 3. Health Care for All 4.Social Security Retirement that you can live on 5. A Manufacturing Base 6. A Complete new set of politicians 7. Complete Debt Default (it all was created by dishonest means) 8. A Complete withdrawal from our goal of World Domination 9. A military budget based on defense of our shores 10. An import tariff on all manufacturing base we want to protect 11. A set of Financial Regulations that would prevent our current mess (just put in place the old rules with a few new ones to take care of derivatives... That will do for starters.... Let the right wing chew on these for awhile.. DID ANYBODY NOTICE ON THE SUNDAY NEWS SHOWS ALMOST NO MENTION OF THE OCCUPY MOVEMENT..

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  1. Just a read a book that said the sense of fairness is crucial in making a capitalist economy. That's one of the main reason our mixed economy--capitalism and socialism--isn't working.