Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I never yearned to be rich, but I never held it against those who did want to and made it.. I asked only one thing.. What are you willing to let me have for my labors that aided you getting rich. Till the last 30 years, the one's at the top seemed perfectly content to let me have a Middle Class lifestyle and rewarded me with the few pleasures it took to make me happy. All that I asked was enough money to support my family, own a house and a car, a few fishing rods, a boat , good food, warm clothes. In return I was willing to give them 27 years of military service (11 regular 16 reserves) and 25 years of running Hydro Power Plants around the country.. Starting with the Regan regime they started the campaign to destroy the middle class any way they could.. They commenced to bust unions, bust pension plans, outsource jobs, reduce wages, remove regulations from the financial markets, allow mergers and accusations to build huge companies that destroyed many small businesses along the way... Walmart being the leading example... To get us to where we are now.. Declining incomes, declining benefits, no pensions, no health care, no jobs and no hope for any of this to change anytime soon. The Sacred Cows of the working class are now on the chopping block by the Gang of 12, who are doing the dance of reducing Medicare, Medical, and Social Security benefits to reduce the deficits.. If you think there are a lot of people in the streets now just wait till they mess with these programs... at least 50 million old folks could join them, with all the then uncompensated unemployed would add another 50 million or so, add to that the rest of the college kids who can see what is in store for them and when all that happens, violence will not be necessary. Out of the crowds will arise a few select few who will decide to run for the HOuse , each city gang will elect one of these guys , and it will be "GAME OVER FOR THE BIG BOYS"

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