Sunday, December 4, 2011


THE GIANT SUCKING MACHINE BOUGHT PUMPS THAT SUCK TOO MUCH! Remember Ole Ross Perot and his giant sucking sound, well today were hearing sound highly amplified. For 30 years we have watched the destruction of our middle class by the outsourcing of jobs, elimination of jobs, destroying pension and benefits packages . Just in case you can't understand why this is happening to the US the former greatest production machine in the world that supported a large chunk of the country in middle class style , here's the truth “IT WAS A PLANNED DESTRUCTION OF THE US MIDDLE CLASS” We were consuming far too much of the profit by our greedy demands for higher pay, better benefits, shorter hours , the corporations looked across the sea and saw a utopia of low wage workers. According to them “ We can build this 18 cubic foot refrigerator overseas cheaper than we can build it here” while exactly at that time it might have been true (might have been) but in there typical short term view of things it wouldn't stay that way for long , like right now.. Over time our manufacturing work force has decreased from 28% to 11% of the work force.. during that time frame wages on average have fallen and since the consumer is 70% or the economy how on earth were we going to keep on buying... Their (for once long range plan) was to make credit available to make up for our loss of income..Damn they are good. It worked. So here we sit up to our noses in debt, in houses that are worth less than we owe, hunting for jobs that don't pay enough to live on if you can find one at all. The PTB believe that it is ok to throw away whole generations of citizens (those 50 and over) (recent grads who haven't found work) , the jargon is their skills have deteriorated during their long periods of unemployment and won't be able to find work and will have to depend on charity to survive. So in conclusion the only answer seems to be , mail your house keys, and credit cards to the benevolent bastard that gave the loans to you fully knowing he was putting you so far under water that you would work for next to nothing to eat your mush and service the interest on your debt... Don't you think it's time to stick it too them.. I have for a long time and now Occupy has taken up my rant.. and they are a hell of a lot bigger than I am and they are growing while I have shrunk a few inches..