Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Friday, December 18, 2015


Globalism is lying in it's coffin with a stake poised above it's heart.  As  I suspected a long , long time ago globalism would end up being nothing but a clever "RACE TO THE BOTTOM" and it appears as the time to test that bottom is upon us.

No body is loaning money, and nobody is buying extra they are world wide into survival mode.  Hedge funds which have been the fad of late can't give investors wanting to withdraw their funds what they are owed.

Junk bonds are in terrible shape , stocks have resumed their plunge and perhaps this is the time they don't stop falling for awhile.

No matter where you look around the world problem after problem surfaces, either they are financially  in the poor house, or they are deep in a multi year drought, some are out of usable water.
Workers every where are being laid off with few prospects of new work.  Industries  that have been around for 100's of years are closing their doors , perhaps for good.

Global shipping is in the tank at levels not seen in a long time.  Trucking in the US is at a very low point with demand down across the board.  Commodities are tanking to levels not seen in ages.  As demand for raw material falls users of those materials are laying off people right and left and if trends follow when those industries start back up you can bet they will be using less people and paying them less.

Yet the FED thinks all is rosy and bumped up interest rates a tad and of course the markets started a multi day free fall..  Is this the time the fall doesn't stop , time will tell but I have a feeling the day of reckoning is at hand.

No matter where you look around the world they are either fighting wars or fighting to get their economies  going, looking for water sources, fighting raging fires, watching our oceans dying, and critters disappearing off the earth for ever.  A lot of these changes are being caused by greedy men looking for ever more loot.  All of this brought on us by companies ripping up roots and relocating to another country to take advantages of slave labor and when they start asking for more money they pull up roots once again.

So here we sit approaching a new year with nothing but question marks as to where all this will end. I believe this is going to be a tough year or two and with some kind of luck perhaps new leadership will put us back on a course to better economic health..Let's hope so!

Monday, December 14, 2015


The Federal Reserve Bank cannot figure out why inflation isn't rising, after all we are almost at full employment, Problem is we are not anywhere near full employment.  They claim an unemployment rate is at 5% when actually it is at 22% as counted by Shadow Stats and has been in that range for a very long time.  The Fed is targeting a 2% inflation rate but claims it is about 1%, once again siting number they have massaged to give them the answer the were looking for.

When you have been massaging the numbers for so long you can't expect to know where you are.  If you use Shadow Stats numbers it all starts to make sense to you , probably not them they are caught in the web of lies they have been buggering them for a very long time.

Unemployment is really 22% and has been there or above since 08, and GDP  is actually in the minus

My summary of the above is pretty simply.   You have  a nation where large numbers of people are out of work or working for low wages, GDP is down because people can't buy whey they don't have any extra to spend.  Things they have to have have risen at high rates led by food being the leading example. The only break we are getting is lower gasoline prices for now.
So we have large numbers of unemployed, large number of underpaid, loads of student debt eating up what spare money they have.  Housing in our major cities rents and sale price have placed large numbers out of the housing market and back to living with there parents.

A quick look around the world will tell you most of the rest of the world is even in worse shape than us with the EU is falling apart , China and Russia are rising as world powers while we bang around the world blowing shit up.

It time to refocus on our priorities on rebuilding our crumbling nation , pull back the troops from the stupid wars we have started , change our stance is relationships with  the other nations of the world .


Now you all know that we are in the election cycle and you certainly have heard of Donald Trump, but you have heard damn little about anybody else.  Even Hillary has not been seen all that much.  Comes as no surprise the three networks together decided not to cover Sanders because he might hurt their business profits.  You can also add the three cable news networks who have also presented a very unbalanced showing of candidates other than Trump.

I've harped on how bad news coverage has become but I have never in all my years seen censorship at such blatant levels.  Years ago this was illegal but now it is open warfare against us.  They control what we see and unfortunately it ends up as a belief.

It's no secret that I am supporting  Bernie Sanders who is getting next to no air time but even Hillary isn't getting the playtime Trump gets and Malloy gets nothing.  The rest of the republican field gets very little attention it Trump twenty four seven.

So I leave you with this thought  , if your going to be and informed voter your going to have to do the work on your own, your tv is not your friend.

Saturday, December 12, 2015


Yep , just what we need another warmongering crazy ass dude as president.  Never the less Cruz is climbing in the polls and they are banging the drums saying he will overtake Trump and become the nominee.  

I'm not worried at all because I know Bernie Sanders will be our next president.  How do I know that, it is pretty simple .  Hillary is the candidate of choice of the leadership in the democratic party and they started her coronation early on..  They were saying that in 04 too but Obama came on strong and whipped her bad.  I believe that Sanders will do the same thing as he is an even stronger candidate than Obama and has a much better plan for getting us on the right path.

At this stage of the game I am not believing there is a republican that can be elected for surely once the people start looking at their platforms they will not buy into there game.  Even the dumbest of voters shouldn't be able to vote for anyone who want to kill medicare, SS ,. food stamps and any other program that helps the less well to do.

Now I know that religious fundamental voters will vote for a republican over a few well worn words of combat rolled out every election.  The GAGG program (god, abortion, gays and guns) crowd will always vote republican , fortunately they are only about 30% of the vote.

 Almost all the republicans like to beat the war drums and almost all want to destroy our social programs converting them to vouchers or block grants all designed to destroy the programs.

If the republican hierarchy goes through it's plan to sabotage Trumps campaign he will no doubt run as a third party candidate.  A sure win for the last democrat standing who I believe will be Sanders...So run Donald run.


Maryland high school removes Huckleberry Finn from 11th grade reading list .  The reason for removal was  because parts of the novel made some uncomfortable.  That's the N word of course and how blacks were portrayed in the novel.  Never mind they depict the way things were at the time the book was written.

This is just another part of the current PC trend hitting the country.  To remove an iconic book like Huck Finn because it made some uncomfortable perhaps it's time for them to grow a thicker skin. If every little group of objectors what will be left to talk about.

Renaming sports teams like the Washington Redskins seems to me like not much of change in anybodies life.  It goes much , much deeper than the above mentioned , it is really becoming a problem in higher education and it is being used to destroy careers of those who think differently than the little groups.

Rather than concentrate on one word or the next wouldn't it make more sense to address the economic factors affecting the minority class.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015


The people that participated in  Times on line poll for Man of the Year choose Bernie Sanders who beat all 10 by at least double and he beat Merkel 10 to 1.  Interesting that no republican candidate made the list at all.

Compare the list the people made to the editors short list they are quite different, Sanders of course does not appear on the short list at all.  Just further proof that all our media is feeding us propaganda not news.  If they lie about things like this pole , one can only guess what else they spin us around.

Small wonder that the once great magazine has deteriorated to be nothing more that slick toilet paper.  Few actual story pages and those that are in there are short rather lame bits that add nothing to my world.

Just another reminder to all out there that if you want to be informed on current events you are going to have to work for it.

Friday, December 4, 2015


Irvine of the tv show Restaurant Impossible a show that goes to failing eatery's and coaches them back to profit needs to take on the school lunch  program and square the program away.

TAKE A LOOK AT THESE 10 MEALS   tell me if you would have your kid eat them.  They show the horrors served by people who obviously don't give a shit what they are turning out.

This link is just one of thousands showing a lack  of supervision in these programs and a definite lackluster performance of many cafeteria workers.

I'm sure Michele Obama had something else in mind with her healthy lunch program that has turned into a daily horror show in lots of school lunch rooms.

Gone are the days of my school years where actual cooks tuned out decent chow that lots of kids took part of ..I'll bet that 90 percentage  of stuff shown in the link goes into the garbage cans.

Some one in every school needs to take charge and get the program back to serving decent chow.. Lots of food ends up on the bad guy list but even those items would better serve the kids than the garbage shown.

All in an attempt to get slimmer kids.  When what they need to do is serve decent food along with a physical fitness program and school activities that burn calories.  You can't learn well when you are served stuff that would not qualify as pig slop.  We can do better than this we just need a few adults to give a shit and square away these flunkies.