Saturday, December 12, 2015


Yep , just what we need another warmongering crazy ass dude as president.  Never the less Cruz is climbing in the polls and they are banging the drums saying he will overtake Trump and become the nominee.  

I'm not worried at all because I know Bernie Sanders will be our next president.  How do I know that, it is pretty simple .  Hillary is the candidate of choice of the leadership in the democratic party and they started her coronation early on..  They were saying that in 04 too but Obama came on strong and whipped her bad.  I believe that Sanders will do the same thing as he is an even stronger candidate than Obama and has a much better plan for getting us on the right path.

At this stage of the game I am not believing there is a republican that can be elected for surely once the people start looking at their platforms they will not buy into there game.  Even the dumbest of voters shouldn't be able to vote for anyone who want to kill medicare, SS ,. food stamps and any other program that helps the less well to do.

Now I know that religious fundamental voters will vote for a republican over a few well worn words of combat rolled out every election.  The GAGG program (god, abortion, gays and guns) crowd will always vote republican , fortunately they are only about 30% of the vote.

 Almost all the republicans like to beat the war drums and almost all want to destroy our social programs converting them to vouchers or block grants all designed to destroy the programs.

If the republican hierarchy goes through it's plan to sabotage Trumps campaign he will no doubt run as a third party candidate.  A sure win for the last democrat standing who I believe will be Sanders...So run Donald run.

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  1. There are now more independents/decline to state voters than there are Republicans or Democrats. That says a LOT.
    I believe millions of people from both parties feel abandoned by those parties. Why else take the time to change your affiliation? In my opinion, Republicans left the party in droves when the right wing extremists took over.So, run Donald,run. The people in the democratic party [such as myself] left that party because the party's nominees were all selected by the billionaires for the billionaires. Both sides who left their parties like the message from Bernie Sanders. I think this mass exit from both parties shows the people are waking up and looking for real, compassionate change. FDR had the new deal. How does Bernie's new deal sound? ~ Heidi