Thursday, June 9, 2016


Well the primaries are done and the electorate has outdone their selves in stupidity by choosing the worst of the 20 folks vying for the jobs.  It's almost impossible to figure what they thought they were doing with their choices.

First off let's deal with the pick of Trump.  Here's a guy who for months has insulted every group out there from Mexicans, to his opposition .  All the while not laying out one plan that you could sink your teeth into to see if he had a plan..One can only assume he doesn't or he has hit on the key to getting folks to vote for you.  Has he figured out the average voter is stupid enough to vote for the man without a plan. 

I won't go into every one of his bullet points but two name two that really bother me are, 1. He will build a wall and have Mexico pay for it. Then he would round up all Mexicans and send them back to Mexico citizens or not.  Perhaps we should start a GO FUND ME PAGE to buy Donald loads of bricks to build his wall with and dump them in front of Trump Tower. 2. Insulting women after women who he deems either fat or ugly with bleeding body parts or whatever!  The electorate might even deserve a Trump presidency if they can't figure things out better than this.

Hillary winning on the Democrat side is not much better.  If you look at her positions before she started running to compare them to now you can easily see the effect of Sanders in the race.  If you want to know what to expect from a Hillary president just look at her advisers if that don't scare you enough you probably deserve what you get.

With Trump saying he would  give Japan and Korea nukes and Hillary never seeing a war she didn't like and picking neocons as her cabinet ministers it will be a damn miracle if they nation survives either.

The only hope left is that Hillary gets indicted for one of her many crimes and we can slip Bernie in the back door.