Saturday, September 28, 2013


Every person that has a defined benefit retirement fund needs to read this article  .  It lays out what organizations are funding this attack, how they are doing it , where they have been successful and where they are planning to attack

Yep, California is high on their attack plan.  I would recommend you read , copy and save this piece by Sirota to use as ammunition when the attack takes place.  In California they will most likely try the imitative route and public sentiment has always been bought by the right wing propaganda to oppose the leaches they think public employees are.   You will have to fight for your life , a fight I think you can win district by district if you work your asses off.

Their argument is terribly flawed and easily proven false.  It's as simple as showing one their really isn't a problem but even using their numbers ( which are proven to  be wrong) you can easily show the supposed out of balance can be fixed by removing subsidies to corporations.

So be prepared for the battle that's coming , fight like your life depends on it, because it does.

PS- I have repeatedly show on this blog that their numbers are total bullshit ,

Friday, September 27, 2013


Seymour Hersh on the state of journalism today.  Couldn't agree with him more. All  of MSM has been captured by balless toadies of the administration and the rich fat cats financing the hate groups spreading bullshit like flies on honey.  Give them a juicy mass murder , or perhaps just a brutal killing and they have their news for the week.  Even the paper of record has turned into a tool of the administration.  They have been for a very long time but today your better off picking your news sources outside of the mainstream.  Read the linked article, from one of the last of the great reporters.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Two boys were long term suspended for the rest of  the school year for shooting guns that shoot plastic bb's.   Danger,Danger Will Robinson the little fuckers have guns!  Never mind they were in their own front yards.  Turned in by a neighbor the school officials went berserk and gave them what amount to expelling them for  a year,  except they didn't  have the balls to call it an expulsion.

Point  being it was in their own front yard not on school property, just who in the hell do they think they are.  Some lawyer will have a field day with this and odds are it will be rescinded soon.


Sunday, September 15, 2013


If this list is the best the republicans have      for 2016 they will not have a successful run for the presidency. The one republican I might have thought about voting for is not on the list. Chris Christy did not make the list kinda points out just how far right the party has gone.


 It's hard to pick one bad guy from the players in the Paula DEEN affair.   Should it be the lawyers who brought the case or the MSM that blew it into the biggest scandal in the cooking world, or the Gold digger after some bucks.
All should be hung on the cross till dead.  They ruined the career of a fine Southern lady over something we all have done  a time or two in our lives.  Hell I grew up in Baltimore where the word was fairly common in the 50's , used in all kinds of ways, some derogatory, some in something like endearment.  Don't think for a minute that last was a mean thing, it isn't it was life in the 50's.  Hell it even carried over into the submarine navy.   At one point in time I was brought up on racial charges for a guy who worked for me.  On the way to see the captain two fellow shipmates stopped me and said wait we want to talk to the captain first (yep , they both were black)  Needless to say I got off clean as I should have, after all I wanted of that troop was to work till I laid my tools down for the day.
Paual was raised up in the deep south where that word was used on a regular basis and yes in the wrong way, but it was and in some cases still is today.  It was as  wrong then and it is now.  But Paula hasn't been guilty of using that word in a long long time..She would have never made the big time if she did.
So what do we see here,,   We see the only thing lower than whale shit, (lawyers) looking for a big  paydays and a news service that feeds on bullshit . Of course the big business of Media immediately pulled the chickenshit label and dumped Paula's shows followed by her sponsors.  One after one they dumped her and destroyed a long career , over what? An old old story long past meaning anything.
What does this prove?  It proves we are a nation of lemmings ,,, what one does we all do.. Does anyone ever stop and say ,,"Wait a minute is there any truth to this"  In this case the answer in NO. The sad part of this story and thousands of others like it  is . when the case was settled without payment or fees to anybody, pointing out it was bullshit from the git go you saw barely a mention of it in the news... Didn't bring back Paula's shows or sponsors , it just made a good southern girl cry..Shame on the lawyers,shame on the networks and the news and the sponsors for not stopping for just a minute ans ask "What the hell is going on here"  and we are to blame too , we should have stood by her stronger than we did.  We are left to just hope she can find a way back , meantime I guess we can make it up a little

Sunday, September 1, 2013


On entering the Navy I had two goals ,to be a sub sailor and to make Chief.  I achieved both , didn't get the chance to stay in subs so a few years of shore duty I left the Navy.  I continued my career in the Reserves  and served a total of 18 years as a Chief.  Never wanted to be an E8 or 9 I chose to stay Chief.   Even today what seems like a thousand years I am still a cocky Chief and  proud of it.  The below is why.

CPO Standards

Contributed by: Mike McCaffrey, Admiral (retired USN)

Never forget this, a Chief can become an Officer, but an Officer can never become a Chief. Chiefs have their standards!
Recollections of a White hat.

"One thing we weren't aware of at the time, but became evident as life wore on, was that we learned true leadership from the finest examples any lad was ever given, Chief Petty Officers. They were crusty old bastards who had done it all and had been forged into men who had been time tested over more years than a lot of us had time on the planet. The ones I remember wore hydraulic oil stained hats with scratched and dinged-up insignia, faded shirts, some with a Bull Durham tag dangling out of their right-hand pocket or a pipe and tobacco reloads in a worn leather pouch in their hip pockets, and a Zippo that had been everywhere. Some of them came with tattoos on their forearms that would force them to keep their cuffs buttoned at a Methodist picnic.

Most of them were as tough as a boarding house steak. A quality required to survive the life they lived. They were, and always will be, a breed apart from all other residents of Mother Earth. They took eighteen year old idiots and hammered the stupid bastards into sailors.

You knew instinctively it had to be hell on earth to have been born a Chief's kid. God should have given all sons born to Chiefs a return option.

A Chief didn't have to command respect. He got it because there was nothing else you could give them. They were God's designated hitters on earth.

We had Chiefs with fully loaded Submarine Combat Patrol Pins, and combat air crew wings in my day...hard-core bastards who remembered lost mates, and still cursed the cause of their loss...and they were expert at choosing descriptive adjectives and nouns, none of which their mothers would have endorsed.

At the rare times you saw a Chief topside in dress canvas, you saw rows of hard-earned, worn and faded ribbons over his pocket. "Hey Chief, what's that one and that one?" "Oh hell kid, I can't remember. There was a war on. They gave them to us to keep track of the campaigns." "We didn't get a lot of news out where we were. To be honest, we just took their word for it. Hell son, you couldn't pronounce most of the names of the places we went. They're all depth charge survival gee dunk." "Listen kid, ribbons don't make you a Sailor." We knew who the heroes were, and in the final analysis that's all that matters.

Many nights, we sat in the after mess deck wrapping ourselves around cups of coffee and listening to their stories. They were light-hearted stories about warm beer shared with their running mates in corrugated metal sheds at resupply depots where the only furniture was a few packing crates and a couple of Coleman lamps. Standing in line at a Honolulu cathouse or spending three hours soaking in a tub in Freemantle, smoking cigars, and getting loaded. It was our history. And we dreamed of being just like them because they were our heroes. When they accepted you as their shipmate, it was the highest honor you would ever receive in your life. At least it was clearly that for me. They were not men given to the prerogatives of their position.

You would find them with their sleeves rolled up, shoulder-to-shoulder with you in a stores loading party. "Hey Chief, no need for you to be out here tossin' crates in the rain, we can get all this crap aboard."

"Son, the term 'All hands' means all hands."

"Yeah Chief, but you're no damn kid anymore, you old coot."

"Horsefly, when I'm eighty-five parked in the stove up old bastards' home, I'll still be able to kick your worthless butt from here to fifty feet past the screw guards along with six of your closest friends." And he probably wasn't bullshitting.

They trained us. Not only us, but hundreds more just like us. If it wasn't for Chief Petty Officers, there wouldn't be any U.S. Navy. There wasn't any fairy godmother who lived in a hollow tree in the enchanted forest who could wave her magic wand and create a Chief Petty Officer.

They were born as hot-sacking seamen, and matured like good whiskey in steel hulls over many years. Nothing a nineteen year-old jay-bird could cook up was original to these old saltwater owls. They had seen E-3 jerks come and go for so many years; they could read you like a book. "Son, I know what you are thinking. Just one word of advice. DON'T. It won't be worth it."

"Aye, Chief."

Chiefs aren't the kind of guys you thank. Monkeys at the zoo don't spend a lot of time thanking the guy who makes them do tricks for peanuts.

Appreciation of what they did, and who they were, comes with long distance retrospect. No young lad takes time to recognize the worth of his leadership. That comes later when you have experienced poor leadership or let's say, when you have the maturity to recognize what leaders should be, you find that Chiefs are the standard by which you measure all others.

They had no Academy rings to get scratched up. They butchered the King's English. They had become educated at the other end of an anchor chain from Copenhagen to Singapore . They had given their entire lives to the U.S. Navy. In the progression of the nobility of employment, Chief Petty Officer heads the list. So, when we ultimately get our final duty station assignments and we get to wherever the big Chief of Naval Operations in the sky assigns us, if we are lucky, Marines will be guarding the streets, and there will be an old Chief in an oil-stained hat and a cigar stub clenched in his teeth standing at the brow to assign us our bunks and tell us where to stow our gear... and we will all be young again, and the damn coffee will float a rock.

Life fixes it so that by the time a stupid kid grows old enough and smart enough to recognize who he should have thanked along the way, he no longer can. If I could, I would thank my old Chiefs. If you only knew what you succeeded in pounding in this thick skull, you would be amazed. So, thanks you old casehardened unsalvageable son-of-a-bitches. Save me a rack in the berthing compartment."


President Obama is trying hard to light the fuse that will lead to a blowup of he entire Middle East.  A quick look at the region makes it pretty clear that Egypt, Iraq,  Libya, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Pakistan and other Muslim countries are on the edge or are already engaged in inner conflicts that will not take much to blow them up into a full scale uprising of the entire ME into a giant cluster fuck that we will not be able to do much about.

If such a conflict happened we could of course then gather a coalition to try and stop it.  Such a conflict could not be stopped with missiles or drones or any other non boots idea would work.. It would once again call for a full scale boots on the ground massive effort that is bound to fail.

Don't I have faith in our fighting forces, of course I do, but fact is fact.  Considering one war at a time starting with Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Iraq/Afghanistan we have been unable to win any of these conflicts even with help from our coalition brothers.  We couldn't win this war without using nucs which we couldn't use on a conflict as wide as the one mentioned above.

Iraq should have taught us a huge lesson and it appears the US brains have failed the class.  We claimed victory in Iraq and look at it now.  It is left with a Suni/Shite war which will go on and on.

The clusterfuck created by an uprising of the entire ME would create world caucus and bring on a World depression as bad as 29.   We need to understand that the ME is engaged in a revolution of religious ideas and we can't solve it.

Better we concentrate on the problems here at home .  If we could divert the Trillions wasted in the ME over the last 10 years we could have rebuilt our country long ago and bring back the middle class and renew the American Dream.