Sunday, September 1, 2013


President Obama is trying hard to light the fuse that will lead to a blowup of he entire Middle East.  A quick look at the region makes it pretty clear that Egypt, Iraq,  Libya, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Pakistan and other Muslim countries are on the edge or are already engaged in inner conflicts that will not take much to blow them up into a full scale uprising of the entire ME into a giant cluster fuck that we will not be able to do much about.

If such a conflict happened we could of course then gather a coalition to try and stop it.  Such a conflict could not be stopped with missiles or drones or any other non boots idea would work.. It would once again call for a full scale boots on the ground massive effort that is bound to fail.

Don't I have faith in our fighting forces, of course I do, but fact is fact.  Considering one war at a time starting with Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Iraq/Afghanistan we have been unable to win any of these conflicts even with help from our coalition brothers.  We couldn't win this war without using nucs which we couldn't use on a conflict as wide as the one mentioned above.

Iraq should have taught us a huge lesson and it appears the US brains have failed the class.  We claimed victory in Iraq and look at it now.  It is left with a Suni/Shite war which will go on and on.

The clusterfuck created by an uprising of the entire ME would create world caucus and bring on a World depression as bad as 29.   We need to understand that the ME is engaged in a revolution of religious ideas and we can't solve it.

Better we concentrate on the problems here at home .  If we could divert the Trillions wasted in the ME over the last 10 years we could have rebuilt our country long ago and bring back the middle class and renew the American Dream.  


  1. Ah, but the military arms dealers would not have made their billions if we had spent the money on rebuilding our country.

    Of course we should have spent the people's tax money on the people and our infrastructure.

    The arms dealers are part of the aristocracy and they will get their way until We the People unite.

  2. US political students when they heard the Lord was passing out Brains thought they said Trains and they are waiting for the next one. You could give a monkey a banana a day for a week and get better, and do I dare say, coherent results.