Sunday, September 15, 2013


 It's hard to pick one bad guy from the players in the Paula DEEN affair.   Should it be the lawyers who brought the case or the MSM that blew it into the biggest scandal in the cooking world, or the Gold digger after some bucks.
All should be hung on the cross till dead.  They ruined the career of a fine Southern lady over something we all have done  a time or two in our lives.  Hell I grew up in Baltimore where the word was fairly common in the 50's , used in all kinds of ways, some derogatory, some in something like endearment.  Don't think for a minute that last was a mean thing, it isn't it was life in the 50's.  Hell it even carried over into the submarine navy.   At one point in time I was brought up on racial charges for a guy who worked for me.  On the way to see the captain two fellow shipmates stopped me and said wait we want to talk to the captain first (yep , they both were black)  Needless to say I got off clean as I should have, after all I wanted of that troop was to work till I laid my tools down for the day.
Paual was raised up in the deep south where that word was used on a regular basis and yes in the wrong way, but it was and in some cases still is today.  It was as  wrong then and it is now.  But Paula hasn't been guilty of using that word in a long long time..She would have never made the big time if she did.
So what do we see here,,   We see the only thing lower than whale shit, (lawyers) looking for a big  paydays and a news service that feeds on bullshit . Of course the big business of Media immediately pulled the chickenshit label and dumped Paula's shows followed by her sponsors.  One after one they dumped her and destroyed a long career , over what? An old old story long past meaning anything.
What does this prove?  It proves we are a nation of lemmings ,,, what one does we all do.. Does anyone ever stop and say ,,"Wait a minute is there any truth to this"  In this case the answer in NO. The sad part of this story and thousands of others like it  is . when the case was settled without payment or fees to anybody, pointing out it was bullshit from the git go you saw barely a mention of it in the news... Didn't bring back Paula's shows or sponsors , it just made a good southern girl cry..Shame on the lawyers,shame on the networks and the news and the sponsors for not stopping for just a minute ans ask "What the hell is going on here"  and we are to blame too , we should have stood by her stronger than we did.  We are left to just hope she can find a way back , meantime I guess we can make it up a little

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