Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Religion must be a fragile as a butterfly wing.  Any touching of it and it falls apart.  The law just past in Indiana is just the latest in actions that spells our how easy it is to shatter one's religion.  This all over a baker who didn't want to bake a cake for a gay wedding.  It takes a mighty stretch of one's imagination to see how this could effect the baker.

During my Catholic days I don't remember being defensive of the beliefs held by the church.  Way back then I began to believe that the faith was pretty shaky as the nuns spent a lot of time castigating things liked mixed religious marriages,  god wasn't in a Lutheran church, missing mass on sunday was a mortal sin and on and on.  Thru 18 years I was a believer but with ever growing concerns that the was nonsense.  Telling a women she could not use birth control even if getting pregnant would probably kill her.  Another killer app for me was when the nun in front of the whole class said my invalid sister was punishment from god for the sins of my mother.

So a few years later soon after graduation one of my closest friends (a catholic) was marrying a non catholic girl.  The parish priest did everything he could do to not perform the marriage even though the girl was willing to do the required lessons.  So after many month my friend married the lady in her church.  My pastor on that day said in at mass that anybody who attended the marriage or even sent a present was in a state of sin..To show you how strong a hold on people the faith had in those days his parents did not attend the wedding and never set foot in their house ever.

Fundamentalist today exhibit some of the same stiff practices of their faith way beyond the importance of the action they oppose.  An example that wigged out old man who brought his gang of freaks to the funerals of gay soldiers, it took a motorcycle gang to drown out their chants.  Their reaching into the lives of others to say what is wrong or right according to  them goes way beyond  what should be their concerns.

Every religion I have ever tried all thought they were the only way to heaven.  I've often wondered if going to heaven was a really good deal..Most of those who I knew well enough to gauge their chances of going to heaven told me heaven would be like most of my navy days , full of back to back watches and no liberty.

These religious guys need to clutch their bibles and hunker down in their religious caves and mind their own damn business.    

Monday, March 30, 2015


Senator McCain once again sings his Bomb Iran , this time on the floor of the Senate. He is also joined by the New York Times and the Washington Post.  As noted on this blog recently the Drums of War are beating fiercely apparently all over the globe.

What about loosing do these folks not understand.  The last two wars in the Middle we had to walk away from because closure could not be obtained. Now these fools want to start a war with Iran or Russia , seems like they want a war and don't care where it starts.

Either country mentioned would be much harder than Iraq or Russia.  The case to do Russia could very well lead to a nuclear confrontation probably caused by us when we start to loose a land war on the continent.   A nuclear confrontation would bring about the end of life on earth as we know it.

To bomb Iran most likely would not stop Iran from pursuing nuclear power and convince them they need to build a bomb.  Most experts don't believe a conventional bombing would destroy their nuclear program.

Our citizens don't appear to be concerned at all of the prospect of starting a confrontation in either of the cases sited.  Polling seems to indicate that the people are behind these ideas.  Incredible as it may seem.  I can only hope that the blogging community will jump on the idiots running the country and cause them to pull their fangs in.


Saturday, March 28, 2015


The house of representatives passed supported by republicans and democrats alike could be the beginning of the end to Medicare. Boehner and Pelosi both sing the praises of this bill as the future for things to come..  The future what could that be ,Oh of course the privatization of Medicare .  A goal that has been a gleam in Republican eyes for decades.

Many seniors have experience the same problems I have had finding a doctor you have confidence in.  It's damn hard and when you do find one he quickly has such a large practice that you end up seeing a PA.  Some doctors today already will not take Medicare patients one can only guess the effect of this change will bring about.

This change supposedly cost 22 billion a year ironically the amount of money that could be save by allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices as the VA does.

Determining payment on some wild eyed quality of care formula not determined yet cannot  be a good thing for us seniors.

Keep your eyes on this one if it gets by the Senate the president says he will sign it.  Just another plan to abandon our seniors.

Friday, March 27, 2015


The house and the senate have both approved the 2016 budget submitted by house republicans.   To see what this would do to you click here.  The link is a list of the major changes the bill would bring about.  As usual the republicans want the same old things , they want to cut social programs, increase defense spending and of course cut taxes on the rich and corporations.

Here in simple form are the areas proposed.
1.  Bleed domestic programs
2. No funding  for infrastructure
3. No funding for education
4.Chop social security-heading to a complete privatizing of the program down the road shifting all to
   market based systems.
5. Privatize Medicare -offer lump buyout in 20124 a guaranteed failure.
6 .Kick 7 million off of Medicaid
7  Deep cuts in food stamp program-switch to block grants to states
8.  Adds several hundred additional funds to defense spending-  90 billion extra next year
9. Corporate taxes still too high
10.  Lower individual tax rates on the rich
11. Raise taxes on the poor.

Compare this list to what a majority of the nations wants
1. Increase in education funding
2  Increase spending of roads and bridges--infrastructure
3. Create jobs
4. Address climate change
5. Redo immigration policy
6. Health care reform
7. Enhance retirement security3
8. Enhance safety net
9. Raise taxes on the rich

When you compare the lists of our wants with the 2016 budget that has passed both houses you soon get the feeling that what we are interested in is not at all on the table.   In fact you would think the republicans looked at our list and the exact opposite.

Any one with a sincere interest in improving the lot of the common man would not make these cuts instead they would do simple fixes to the major problem.
1. To fix Medicare -allow it to negotiate drug prices like the VA does-the saving from this fix alone     are huge.
2. Shore up Social Security by simply raising the upper limits to bring in more money.
3. Raise taxes on the well to do
4. Raise taxes on corporations3
5.  Implement a transaction tax on all financial instruments (all of them)
6.  Enhance Obama Care bring all into the program.
7.  Defense Spending- we could easily cut billions out of the defense budget by eliminating weapons      platforms that even the services don't want.  A big chunk of chang could be saved if contracting
   out could be scaled way back or perhaps eliminated.  I've never found how much this is actually
   costing us but a few examples indicate the saving could be huge.  Just compare the cost of a military cook to a contract cook.   The price per meal served in country are out of site.

I suppose I should add a little hope that none of the proposed budget cuts will actually take place.  The senate could block a lot of the bad stuff with their bag of tricks or the president could veto them if they get thru.  It's time to pay attention and fight back.  If you vote republican SHAME ON YOU.

Thursday, March 26, 2015


Oh, I know climate change.  I know some don't like to use that word specifically if you blame it on man.  At this point in time it really doesn't matter who you blame you just have to acknowledge that change is happening all around us.

Many refuse to admit that big changes are happening in our oceans.  Acidity is up, temperature is up and now to add insult to injury the Great Conveyor is starting to slow.. The gulf stream which is the strongest of all the ocean currents is slowing dramatically  .   When glaciers melt they put fresh water back into the system.  This addition of large quantities of fresh water from glacier melt and artic ice melt  mix with the saltier water and disrupts the flow of water in the current.  The current slowing is bigger than all previous slowing and will bring about major climate change as it has before.

Research goes back to the year 900 which shows that the conveyor has slowed or stopped completely many times in past history.  The slowing cause vast swings from normal some of which have caused Europe to cool by ten degrees and other place togain or loose rain depending on where they are located.   Shifts cause ocean temperatures to vary from normal causing ocean life to shift to new locations.  You can read about this happening right now.  A quick look at the Pacific ocean reveals the following horrible facts yet few seem to be concerned .  Here is a list of just a few of the things changing right now.  Sardines, krill, star fish, sea lions , whales, polar bears are dying in large numbers do the the many factors affecting the ocean.  Most if not all the troublemakers are man made in one form or another.

Americans seem to just ignore what is going on around them as most of the bad news goes unreported .  Corporations don't want us to know they are to blame as it will affect their bottom line.  What they don't seem to understand is our bottom line is falling dramatically and when we bottom out so do they. China recently has talked about shutting down all their coal fired plants , probably because their air is un breathable a lot of the time.

The disruption of food sources for some ocean species spells their doom.  If Krill for instance goes away everything above them starts to go.  To aide in the destruction of ocean species the harvesting methods is causing great inroads into certain species.  They have even started to harvest large quantities  of krill and sardines the food sources for lots of critters in the ocean.

To add to the declines of ocean creatures the harvesting methods and customs are fast reducing populations up to 90% .  Large factory ships hauling huge nets taking everything in their path, keeping what they want and throwing all else back dead.  The killing of sharks in the millions each year to only harvest their fins has reduced their numbers to a small fraction of historical levels.
The taking of whales for supposedly research by the Japanese is a total lie but somehow the world tolerates this kind of behavior.

I see little hope that the world will change their ways to turn these events around.  Not too far in the future we could see an ocean with little life left in it.  We would also see a lot of people dying from malnutrition.  We could turn all this around but most likely we will not.

Sunday, March 22, 2015


A belief in God is ok for some and for other it has gone way beyond belief.  A christian radio broadcaster named Sandy Rios in a recent broadcast said "If the supreme court throws out the laws banning gay marriage Christians need to make ready for martyrdom. As the Church Lady of old Saturday Night fame would say "Isn't that special."

It appears to this writer that the 21st century's motto is    "MY WAY OF THE HIGHWAY'.  A saying that applies to Christians and republicans alike.  On the religion side gay marriage, abortion are their talking points every election time.  Last time I checked they are far from the righteous one's they think they are.

I believe you are entitled to whatever religion you like but also the right to not believe in any religion.  I won't tell you what you should believe and I sure as hell don't want you to tell me what to believe.

I suggest you run home slam the door , close your ears to the outside , and read your religious tomes 24/7 and just leave the rest of us alone.

Saturday, March 21, 2015


Think back to the 2012 presidential election, remember how sick you were of seeing campaign every 10 seconds (it felt like that much).  Your fast forward button on your VCR was worn thin from all it's use.   All that was bought with 2 billion bucks.  Remember again how sick you were of those adds.

Start your finger exercises now , you have to be ready for 2016 because they plan spending 5 billion bucks.  Instead of 8 adds between the show you can probably expect 16.

What's a fellow to do.  I can think of but a few choices left open to you,
1. Turn off the TV
2. Subscribe to Netflix Amazon and other movie sources(be careful some of them have adds too)
3.  Buy a Kindle and read , read , read.
4. Never read a front runners promises, you know they don't mean it..Just think Obama and you'll see my point.Think Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, O'Malley.
5.Don't even consider a republican, they are all out to screw us and they as a unit are war mongers too boot.
6. If you decide you don't like the choice of the two major parties by all means think some other vehicle.  Independent , Green , whatever.
7. Sure you may be actually be throwing your vote away but at least you can smile and say "I DIDN'T VOTE FOR HIM"  yeah, yeah, I now you'll find it hard to do, I do, but damn it this time I
am going to just that.
8. If you haven't already figured it out any statistics put out by a government source in a manipulated
fairy tale.  ( a dam lie is some circles)
9. To take a look at the few numbers you actually need go to Shadow Stats  where the numbers you see are figured without all the adjustments , you will soon see that what you see there is what your eyes tell you is the real world .
10. One major rule "do not vote for anyone who wants to privatize anything.  Don't believe me check out Latin America in the 80's.  Or for that matter the EU since 2008.
11.  Anybody talking Austerity measures to balance the budget, can them immediately (while they want to cut benefits to you they want huge increases in military spending.

I don't think you'll be surprised what 5 billion dollars can buy, the only question for you is can you survive the adds that money will buy.


For all you whipsnappers out there who may not know what the MAD doctrine of the cold war meant .  It was the doctrine of the Cold War that both sides understood if you launch a nuke we will launch all ours which pretty would spell the end of civilization.  Those of us manning our missile subs operated on the theory that if we go a launch order we essentially would have no place to return so why not launch the whole load.  Maybe because we were insane or maybe because we believed neither side would be stupid enough to launch the first one, we were able to go patrol after patrol.  There were 43 missile boats in those days a formidable force.

Leap forward to today.  The Russians and the US have 4000 active warheads with other players with some number of warheads. It's safe to say that there are warheads once again sufficient to blow us all away.  The difference today is that some in the US  leadership are talking about being able to launch a first strike and survive.  You have to realize that thinking like that is pure insanity.  I can't imagine serving on a missile boat today with the fools in power thinking they can pull a first strike.  It would be very difficult to launch with the thought that you might be the first launch .

Of course you have heard nothing in the MSM about this crazed thinking. Instead you hear of Russian aggression in Ukraine , a fight we started by proxy, funding and training the early participants. After all attempts to pin the affair on Russia we now are sending heavy arms and special forces training teams to the Ukraine.  Russia knows that this is a blatant attempt on our part to move missiles closer to the Russian border.  Any body who actually believes we could win a ground war in Europe should take a look at the ass kicking we got in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In response to our aggression Putin has made a strong alliance with China and formed the BRIC treaty to establish a new financial system to end around the World Bank.  Much to our disliking other nations are flocking to join this new system.  We have tried to strong arm  some to not join but they did anyway.  This could spell the dollar loosing it reserve status.

Applying sanctions on Russia will hurt but they will survive.  The low oil prices are hurting both Russia and Venezuela economically but something I'm sure our brain thrust didn't count on was other nations rushing forward to come to the aid of both countries .  Stay tuned for more later.

Thursday, March 19, 2015


The right wing with help from others placed sanctions on Venezuela (even  though they know they don't work.  They did not understand Latin America has changed and still have memories of what we did to the region in the 80's.  Coup after coup ceded control of their resources to large corporations who of course took all the profits out of the country.

Most of Latin America voiced their displeasure that sanctions were once again being placed on one of theirs.  The republicans have been on a long sited campaign to overthrow socialist governments that a lot of them now have.    The republicans not only don't understand what these socialist governments have done for the people.  Many have been brought out of poverty, and now have schools and medical centers in their neighborhoods where they had not even water and power before.

It should be no surprise to any American that republicans are driving this plan, after all they are trying to do the same thing right here in the USA.  All the jackals are now aiming to cut Social Security ,Medicare, Medical , workers comp, and food stamps.  While of course raising defense spending beyond the 50+ percentage of the annual budget is now.

One thing to keep in your mind, we could not complete wars in Iraq of Afghanistan how in the hell are we going to fight wars in Europe and Latin America at the same time.  Our troops are spread thin across the the globe now how can we be thinking of starting conflict all over the globe.  Our
politicians need to be reined in now..

Wednesday, March 18, 2015


What does the scorecard on our overthrow of the government of Ukraine.
1.  Crimea voted to return to Russian Control.
2. The rebels have defeated the army of the Ukraine and will most likely affiliate with Russia
3. Major allies in the EU have decided they have more in common with Russia than the US
4. Germany , France and even Greece do not back our power play in the Ukraine.  Greece offers
    Russia a port for their navy.
5.Drums of War sound throughout America
6.China investing heavily in Russia, signs huge oil and gas deal.
7. A whole new financial system is being put into play by Russia and China, funding a development bank to replace ImMF and The World Bank.  Major nations jumping on board , probably the end of the dominance of the US dollar.

Stirring Europe up is not enough for our neocons we have to declare Venezuela a threat and throw sanctions at them. (even though Obama said sanctions don't work we put them on Russia and Venezuela )  Other Latin American nations have backed Venezuela 

The Big Dick Impotence of  American Nationalism (title from Tomdispatch.com) points out we are led to believe we are the meanest kids on the block when in fact we have had our asses handed to us by a rag tag bunch of folks one cannot call an army.  When you add Libya, Syria to the list we have destroyed a large part of the ME.  Today the news is our embassy in Saudi Arabia has been closed do to threats.  

We  have blundered thru 3 wars if you count Nam.  In recent history we totally misplayed Iraq and Afghanistan , lied our way into Iraq and got way too involved in Afghanistan.  Thousands of troops lost their lives and thousands more came home mangled up.  Those two contests played with way inferior forces we lost.  Yet we want to take on Russia a much more competent force who would be protecting their homeland and we all should know how that worked out the Germans.

It's time for all  Americans to take notice of what is going down right in front of them and for a change JUST SAY NO.

The US does not want war but has no choice

Sunday, March 15, 2015



I am supplying this list of coup's by the good old USA to show this is nothing new the list is long.. Successful one's are indicated by an *.   Since I seem to have been pointing a lot of fingers at the good old USA lately I thought I would publish this list to prove that I haven't turned into a conspiracy nut..

Saturday, March 14, 2015



It did't work for Custer's troops and it doesn't look like it's going to work for us.  Our beloved government is hell bent to start a shooting war with anybody they can rile up.  For years Iran has been in our gun sights egged on by Israel and goaded by BIBI in his address (uninvited by Obama) to congress railing once again that Iran needs to be bombed.

Never mind we are in current negotiations with Iran to limit their nuclear program to just peaceful uses.  Supposedly progress is being made finally to have an agreement both sides can live with.  But of course some don't want to negotiate at all , they want to do is bomb them  and start another war.  The  47 Republican senators in another show of their divine stupidity   sent  a letter to the leaders of Iran saying now agreement would last as soon as they can kill it they will.

So put Iran in the possible war column.  Let's see what else we can stir up.  Oh sure there is always Venezuela  to poke.  The president this past week declared Venezuela a threat.  Really , just because the latest coup failed yet again.  You would think sooner or later our country would get the idea that the people of Venezuela are content with their leader and their form of government.  Ever since Chavez was elected we have been trying to get rid of the leaders simply because they wouldn't dance to our drum beat.  The nationalizing of industry just made our blood boil, how dare they take a cash cow away from our corporations.  Rape of a country is no more appealing than rape of a person.

Ok, so now we have two potential wars, Iran, and Venezuela .  Whose next in our bombsites.  Well hell lets overthrow the elected government of the Ukraine.  Our fingers are all over the appointment of a neo Nazi   as president of the Ukraine.  The newbies immediately started a pogrom  on all those they didn't like going door to door killing those on the list.  Visions of WW2 come to mind as the killings escalated.  The residents of the Crimea got nervous as they knew they were on the hit list and backed by Russia held a vote to return to affiliation Russia.  The intent to take away Russia's only warm water port had to be taken seriously and couldn't be allowed to happen.

Evidence abounds that the US paid for and trained the thugs that did the shooting of demonstrators in the square.  The civil war was on parts of the Ukraine who wanted not part of the new government and decided to fight.  Of course we blamed all this on Russia and accused them of sending troops and armament into the Ukraine.  Pictures presented by us and others of these movements proved to be from a totally different place and time.

Still not enough outcry about Russian invasion of the Ukraine something had to be done.  So hell let's have the rebels shoot down an airliner.  Poor ole MH17 got the call and a Ukraine fighter shot her out of the air killing all.  The rebels were blamed and once again shortly there after evidence was presented that showed the plane had be downed by a Ukraine fighter jet.

All this in an attempt to get Putin to attack the Ukraine and start WW3.  It didn't work.  So we put sanctions on Russia and here the union started to fall apart..The members of the EU were reluctant to go along with the sanctions and soon those that did go along started to bail when they figured they were being hurt and they could ill afford the economic hit since they had been IMF's into a terrible round of austerity cuts.

Now some of the EU is talking about lifting the sanctions on Iran.  So it seems like our well laid plans to start WW3 are failing as well they should.  The scary part of this is that in serious financial times war has always been the way out.  This time the toll is much higher, there are those in the US are talking about winning a first strike nuclear attack.  TO BE PERFECTLY CLEAR THIS IS TOTAL BULLSHIT!.  All this to allow our TIP TO ASIA  to be a success.   Our dream of World Hegemony is fading fast, as it should.

The TIP TO ASIA is designed to cut off the shipping lanes to China anticipating a future war with China, I would like to mention here that cutting off supply lines during WW2 brought Japan into the conflict starting a two front war.

To sum all this up .  We are stirring the pot in all corners of the globe in order to maintain our wet dream of world domination. A simple look around the globe will show you the exact opposite is happening.  Russia and China recognizing what the US goals are for world domination joined in agreements for trade and financial stabilization outside of world bank and IMF systems.  Brazil, India ,Russia and China formed a trading group, set up a new banking system, set up funds to be lent to participants at better terms than IMF and world bank loans , allowing real growth of home owned industries. The joining together of countries in that part of the world spell doom to our TIP TO ASIA ain't that a shame.

What started as an attempt to draw Russia into WW3 has ended up making Putin and Russia stronger and now they have a new list of friends..WELL DONE AMERICA !

Wednesday, March 11, 2015



Comparing Russia today with that of the 1990's

The brains of the US had a plan. They organized and funded the overthrow of the elected leader of Ukraine that they planned to throw Russia out of Crimea, their only warm water port.  The new government started a purge of unwanted citizens by killing them or just running them out of the country.  Protests began and organized pro government took up sniping positions and commenced shooting anybody and everybody.   Nazi style gangs roamed the country killing many.

Of course the citizens started striking back and soon were taking the day.  Then MH17 got shot down and was blamed on the rebels (just another US plan going bad) It soon became apparent that the evidence showed the plane was shot down by a fighter jet belonging to Ukraine.

Tales of large scale movements of Russian men and equipment going to the Ukraine all of which proved to be just another block of American propaganda.  +

During this time the residents of Crimea held an election and overwhelmingly choose to go back to Russian control.  The rebels now fighting the government also want to be under Russian influence and will win in the end.

Now  the brains of America are in trouble their plans to discredit Putin and turn the people against him failed miserably.  The exact opposite has happened  and should have been easy to predict.  But  our folks in charge once again missed the call.  Putin with over 80% popularity has united his people behind him.  

What to do now?  Call the Saudi's lets screw with the price of oil.  In the past Saudi would increase or decrease the amount of oil they pumped to control the price.  If you remember at this point in time there was a glut of oil on the market , mainly do to lack of demand and a supply of oil from fracking.
So they ran oil from around $100 a barrel to 50 or so.  Cutting Russian and Venezuelan income that mainly came from oil sales.  Now lets throw some sanctions on Russia. Some of the EU balked at thins from the git go and later more and more opted out.

Instead of cowering in fear from America's attack on him and his country Putin swung into action.
Setting up new trade agreements with the newly formed BRIC nations, cutting oil and gas deals with China , setting up a new financial systems  to handle business outside of US  control finances.  Everywhere he turned he found others eager to join forces with him and his trading partners.

What we are most likely seeing is the lights going out on a world run by the US.  We have tread on too many toes, our institution have ruined economically ruined most of the world with IMF , World Bank loans that resulted in them having to privatize their industries sending the profits out of the country.  The most recent case of ruin has been most of the EU that was conned into buying all those poison derivative packages.  The world bankers forced austerity programs on these unfortunates to pay off all the bad loans ,  stripping them of their national treasures by privatizing them and once again taking the profits out of the country.

Not many are talking about where all this is going to end up, it's really  too messed up to be able to make a good call.  I will say this in closing, if we get thru this without starting WW3, the US will have a lot less influence in the world.  The dollar will probably not be the reserve currency changing world politics completely.

I know a few of you are thinking I am one unpatriotic guy dissing America at every turn.  Instead I want you to understand I am just pining for the America I grew up in.  Our misbehaving in the world in only part of my concern .  All around us we see high ranking military and political figures committing crimes, lying , cheating and stealing their way to riches leaving us sputtering in the ditches begging for bread.. I want my county back!    

Monday, March 9, 2015


Our coup against the elected leader of Ukraine and the installation of a Nazi type regime with the intent of suckering Russia into WW3 has fallen flat on it's ass.  One by one nations of the EU are opting out of the sanctions we placed on Russia in an attempt to bankrupt their economy mainly because they can't stand the loss of income in their countries.  Not many are saying out loud but you know they are thinking "No not another land war in Europe"  they still remember the last one.

The story on the 4th media site  points to the folks of the EU being dead set against our plans.  The rise of extreme groups through out the EU have them worried they have seen these jackboot thugs before and have memorials built to keep their atrocities in focus.  The neo nazis we put in power in the Ukraine are exactly what they fear, no sooner were those goons in power , they started killings door to door.  The rise of like groups through out Europe have brought the opposition to the front.  When France, Germany and others force the US to back down on equipping the Ukraine with upgraded weapons.  Stopping at least for now our plans.

We are being led either by the uniformed or stupid leaders who have total  misread Putin and Russia which they believed could be suckered into ww3.  Putin read the writing on the wall and blocked Americas game, changing the game from checkers to chess.  The game we set in motion was soon seen by all as just a ruse to keep Russia from blocking our Tip to Asia, not only did not do that it put Putin into action .  He set up a totally new financial system, signed contracts for oil and gas with China, Egypt and formed a trading alliance now know as BRIC, formed a new bank to finance the needs of member governments , subverting IMF and World bank hegemony from handing said countries to the private sector.

On top of all this Obama has just declared Venezuela   a National Security Risk could it be because our recent coup failed as all others have failed.  The people of Venezuela know they are better off with a socialist government then they were under corporate control.

It seems like the rest of the world may be tired of war, but not our neocons and perhaps we the people too.  We sit on our hands and watch these totally stupid people walk us into one war after the other and we say nothing.

I think it is about time for us to uniformly jump up and sceam"ENOUGH OF THE BULLSHIT"





Saturday, March 7, 2015


The heading was lifted from this post on 4th Media.  It struck a resonance in my tiny little brain which of late has been worrying on how this countries leadership , civilian and military seem to not be able to get much right.

The US in hits drive to be the only dog on the block has screwed up every war they have cooked up.  From Viet Nam to Iraq to Afghanistan , Liba, Syria.  Those they have destroyed by wars are added to others where we have been involved  in the overthrow of governments that don't knuckle under to Uncle Sam's wishes.  Most recent of which was another intended coup in Venezuela (I've lost count what number this is), but all have not succeeded. The goal is to open up Latin America to our giant corporations who then are allowed to rape and pillage the country.  When a strong leader takes the reins and Nationalizes the industries using the profits to improve the living standards of the masses , we then start the campaigns to overthrow them.  Venezuela is a prime and most recent example in Latin America.  Chavez was elected by the people and began a campaign of nationalizing industries , particularly big oil.  The proceeds went to the poor and a middle class started to be built.  Deals with Cuba incensed America, but all it could do was rant and rave and try to throw the rascals out.  Cuba in exchange for oil sent doctors, and other professionals to help in Venezuela.  

It is ironic that in about the same day Obama stated he was lifting the embargoes on Cuba , because they didn't work.  Turned right around an put embargoes on Russia for their supposed interference in Ukraine.  Makes sense to me no they don't but yes they do.  Kinda like a new slogan for America.  

On to our latest false flag operation, Ukraine.  We engineered the overthrow of the government of Ukraine and installed our new Nazi friends to rape and pillage and already poor and troubled country.  The idea to paint Russia as the bad guys to  remove them as an obstacle to our Tip To Asia.  But as has become a sure thing our attempts of surrounding Russia with missiles and take away their only war water port in Crimea   has failed.

Not only has the false flag operation failed , our implanted regime has had their collected asses kicked.  Russia understanding what we were trying to do set out on it's own to craft deals with Brazil , India  , China.  Deals which look to stabilize that side of the world against American hegemony.  At the same time set up a new economic system to thwart the IMF and World Bank from raping third world countries. Now instead of the IMF loading up third world countries with debt and forcing them to privatize their enterprises they now can borrow to improve their countries.

Keeping in mind the failed wars mentioned above we now appear to be looking for a new much bigger war to loose and perhaps loose the world in the process. The drums of war are pounding once again with our glorious leaders actually believing they can pull off a first strike nuclear war.  You do understand dear readers that , that idea is total bullshit. Even if Russia was surrounded by antimissile systems they won't take care of Russian missile boats sitting right off our coasts to even the score and destroying the world to boot.        

I worry that the American people won't see thru the propaganda and allow us to enter another winnable war.  Trust we there will be no winners in a nuclear war.  So please wake up folks and see thru the propaganda program to make Russia the bad guys for us to fight.  It's time to pull in our horns and work to make the planet a better place.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

4000 to 1

BIBI needs to do the math and we need to use a little  common sense.  If Iran did develop a bomb and perhaps a intercontinental missile would he have the lack of common sense to launch against the US or Israel, I don't think they would want to bring the destruction of Iran to watch just one of their bomb blow.

The danger here is that a nervous Israel strikes out on their own to destroy Iran.  What then would we do?  I for one say you started it I hope you can finish what you start , but were not going to play.

Monday, March 2, 2015


The networks gave up years ago and now the cable folks are wondering why their ratings are going in the tank.  Of course their solution is to speed up the shows and more heavily edit a shoe to allow them to sneak in a few more commercials.   I guess they don't know we already fast forward thru most of them although I will admit to watching a few that touch my funny bone.  That damn goat in the peanut butter factory for one.

We have been commenting on something being different in the shows we usually watch knowing that something was going on , so now we know.  Great shows like the Vikings is being chopped up so badly this year that it is hard to watch.

Netflix and Amazon and other streaming services are cutting into the purse strings of the networks and the cable guys.  My satellite bill is over 200 a month and I still have to subscribe to Netflix and Amazon to find something to watch.  The MSM  part of tv is getting progressively worse year by year and editing and adding more commercials is not going to help them at all..


This is the prayer of all but one of the republican presidential hopefuls.  Only Rand Paul standing lone is not for putting American boots on the ground.  The other have a very long list of people and places they want to blow off the map..Starting with ISIS, they quickly move on to Iran, Syria, South Africa and of course the big war of all Russia.

The beat of the war drums is so loud in the republican camp it is drowning out any voices of reason in the political arena.  Looking at their war of first choice ISIS mounting a war against them is playing right into their game plan.  They want an end of the world to play out in Syria , us against them.

We are told there are only 20000 or so of these ISIS folks but a look at the territory they control would indicate a much bigger force.  Exactly where one would mount an attack against them is left unclear.  Just who in the hell we could even trust in the middle east is a big question mark.  We left so many bodies and ruins in Iraq and Afghanistan and you can probably throw in Pakistan that  we could end up fighting all hands.

I will add at this point the leading democratic candidate Hillary Clinton talks the same talk as the republicans.  One can only hope that some level headed folks will step forth to give us a sane choice for a president.  But politically that's only a small part of the battle.  A war mongering congress hell bent to sacrifice more American youth to the horrors of war only a complete flushing of the old guard would prevent another loss of American lives, along with several millions others.

I leave you today with just one thought.  Keep your eyes and wallets open for a real anti-war candidate to pop up and if one does do all you can to further our cause.  Any candidate that shows a pro war flag, dump them immediately and continue your search.  If you don't find one , your on your own.  For the first time in  my life I will consider leaving the presidential spot blank.  I will not vote for a pro war candidate , period.  I hope not to be fooled again by another candidate who says one thing and then does the opposite.